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Transforme seu smartphone ou tablet Android em uma webcam [Dicas e Matérias]


Has your webcam crashed or do you simply not have one? A smartphone or tablet with the Android system can replace this gadget very well It is very simple and easy

The first thing to do is install the free app called IP Webcam on your device Next, we will need a program that will know how to interpret the images generated by the app For this, we will use the IP Camera Adapter (for Windows) We will also need a 3G network or WiFi Preferentially use WiFi, but as it also supports 3G, it even gives to use the system as a security camera when leaving home

In the Android app, access your settings and set the resolution and video quality in addition to camera orientation Be sure to also enable the function that determines a username and password It is not mandatory, but it is the ideal to prevent others from watching what is happening on the webcam After setting everything up, it's time to start the server which will stream the camera images from your smartphone or tablet Once started, we will configure the program on the computer to receive the streaming

Note that the IP Webcam will display an address like this on your screen We will insert it into the IP Camera Adapter settings including the suffix "/ videofeed" and set the username and password we set on Android Click the Auto Detect button so that the resolution you set is detected and set automatically Finally, start the program you want to use with the webcam (like Skype) and position your smartphone or tablet to take advantage of the conversation If the transmission is slow, set the IP Webcam to reduce the image size

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Source: Youtube

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