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    Touch on Tech Season 2 ep. 15 – Game of Drone-ologist


    Hi, I'm Matt The in-house game of drone-ologist here at redpepper and welcome to another edition of Touch on Tech

    Where we report on the latest emerging technologies Do I look like a dragon? So augmented reality is showing up everywhere It's even showing up on shoes now So what would you do with augmented reality on your shoes anyway? Well you can pull up a little filter and you can catch your shoes on fire And then you could touch them because it's really not fire

    So why is this so cool? Because you can upgrade things now with augmented reality You can upgrade clothes, you can upgrade objects, you can probably even upgrade yourself with augmented reality Version 20 So they're bringing to life all types of things, like Jack Daniels bottles

    They're putting dragons on top of the Flatiron Building in New York Augmented reality is just making this world crazy awesome So imagine in the future when one day you can put on glasses that have augmented reality built into them And you can put whatever clothes you want on anything or any person you want – then life becomes a game So are you like me and draw like a preschooler but really want to be your own Picasso? Well the Invidia labs have released some technology using deep learning that turn any preschooler drawing into a work of art, that you could probably put in a gallery and somebody would probably buy

    So soon computers are going to be able to create content that seems like it's actually coming from you – it's just been upgraded a little bit So imagine Twitter prompting you with "Hey Matt, you want to post this really clever, interesting tweet? Sounds like it's from you" Uh yeah "Aren't I just cool?" So finding bot 3000 is a little project that was put together by a DIYer that uses Alexa to actually help you find things physically You just ask Alexa, "Hey where's that washer I needed?" Oh it's right there

    That was very helpful, Alexa Could you help me find my kids? So the LED light system that's been installed on all the drawers it communicates with Alexa through a little microcontroller So when you invoke this skill on the Alexa, it talks to that controller and then it knows where these things are so it lights it up for you! So you know when you're on Spotify (free) and you're getting these audio commercials given to you because you're refusing to pay for the upgrade to premium? Well, currently whenever you hear one of those the advertiser has no idea if you actually heard it or not So there's no way for them to find that out So Pandora thinks it's got the solution to this, it's going to be rolling out audio ads that you can actually talk back to and then they find out that you were interacting with it and *boom* Advertisers are happy

    So if it is true that Instagram ads are actually listening to you, maybe it's time to listen back So in this week in Skynet, Amazon has a mothership that's just roaming around cities So this may or may not be a real thing, but the implications are kind of interesting So imagine one of these blimps just showing up over Bonnaroo dropping out drones, delivering waters, and all types of fun goodies that people like at music festivals So that's it for another edition of Touch on Tech! Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with us and we hope to see you next time on another edition of Touch on Tech

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