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    Total Access – Total control, directly from your smartphone


    It’s the 21st century but most security companies are still stuck in the middle ages It’s time to leave the equivalent of moats and guards behind

    Total Access is your knight in shining armor! With modern solutions in a straight forward packaging at a monthly cost, our solutions are easy to integrate at whatever scale you operate Johnny’s come a long way since his days of horsing around Now he travels in his trusty automobile By simply pulling up to the gate, the License Plate Recognition does its thing and notifies his phone He enters his personal pin and voila: Open sesame! After parking the Iron Steed in the garage, Johnny can then enter the office by scanning a QR code at the door

    No keys, codes or access card needed! Sarah rushes into her 9am meeting but she realizes that her access card is still at her humble abode By using her mysterious “phone” device, she can scan one of her other personal cards as a way of verifying her credentials instead A quick bleep and she’s in with a sigh of relief! Forget about Pidgeon post These days, Anna uses the wizardry of the Internet to instantly send meeting invitations to her recipients When the guest of honor shows up, they simply present their QR code and access is granted

    There may not be a red carpet rolled out, but the meeting room itself comes to life to welcome them! Dan is weary from his travels and has just one more package to deliver before he can hit the hay When he buzzes the door station a call gets made to the front desk After a quick verification, Dan can enter the building, deliver the package on time and can call it a day! Jousting-season is upon us and Hannah needs to hit the gym and pump some iron Unfortunately, she forgot her access card in her other pants and cannot enter the building Luckily, there is an on-demand gym across the street that she can use! She unlocks the door with her phone, pays the fee and can now prepare to kick some buttocks! A company’s office is its castle as the saying goes

    But in the modern world where multiple companies have office spaces in a shared building, security can be compromised How do you keep track of who goes where? Thanks to our easy-to-use system, every company becomes their own Fort Knox and can keep a watchful eye, only giving access to selected visitors at specific times

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