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Top 9 Must-Have Holiday Gadgets for Tech Lovers.


top nine must of holiday gadgets for tech lovers in our day and age finding a perfect tech gift can be either extremely hard or super easy as there are hundreds of new gadgets coming out every year new phones new smartwatches constant innovations fine gizmos nobody really needs the choice is yours take a look at these nine must of holiday gadgets for tech lovers prices may be seasonal one Amazon echo plus – $150 just say out loud Alexa add Amazon echo plus to my shopping list oh you don't have one too bad it's a nifty little gadget why do you need one first of all it'll keep you company but it'll also play music make calls set alarms and turn your home into a bet cave – err selfie – flying camera – $200 you have a friend who takes a lot of selfies this flying camera would be an excellent present for them it's tiny HD camera will take astonishing aerial shots with ease three away luggage – $225 big spacious compartments safe locks wills that don't wobble and of course a removable battery charger with this baby you won't get stuck with your phone dying in the middle of nowhere for Nintendo's switch light – $200 with the release of Pokemon sword and shield it's time to roll over to the dark side and get a Nintendo switch this time it's a light version for only $200 you'll never want to play games on other consoles five Apple iPad – three hundred and thirty dollars everyone needs to have an iPad watch a movie listen to music create some fantastic art but whatever you do don't take selfies with it you'll look like an idiot six oculus quest – $400 the only thing any gamer wants these days aside from an even faster PC is a VR set the oculus quest is a perfect tech gizmo to get it is quite pricey however so maybe next year seven Apple watch Series five – $400 how did people live without Apple watches it's so convenient and filled with features that once you try it unwinds you won't be able to get it off eight nikon d 3500 DSLR camera – 500 – 600 dollars one of the best mid-range DSLR cameras on the market there's nothing more to say here it's got all the necessary as well as unnecessary features but all you need to do is say smile and pull the trigger ix Traeger pro 575 Wi-Fi pellet grill – $700 without a shadow of a doubt you've probably never seen a grill like this one it uses bluetooth and has an app where you can set the temperature and timers to get the juiciest steak I'll be honest the price is not right but if you can afford it do it for us plebs

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