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Top 6 Games & Apps for Android & iOS 2020 Jan ?Surprise Smartphone Giveaway for my fans?


In this Video letz have a look at 6 apps and games which can be of great Value and that you can enjoy and at the end talk about any interesting smartphone giveaway for my fans 1 Starting things off with a legendary 3D shooting game, Shooting World – Gun Fire 125MB, it has an arsenal of different guns which you can try and sharpen your shooting skills as the rounds get more competitive

It is target based and I felt that the initial stages of this shooting game is specially helpful for beginners or even for advanced players for a warm up practice session before moving onto heavy games It has great 3D Maps where you can shoot targets in different weather conditions, the aim and Target shooting here is very Precise 2 Next up is a popular app called DigiLocker which I think is of utmost importance and a must have for all citizens These days with almost everybody carrying a smartphone, the DigiLocker App comes in handy in situations, eg while driving, when you have to produce your legal documents such as Driving Licence, Aadhaar Card, vehicle registration documents or such

And in such situations you can use the DigiLocker App to Officially show these documents since it is Government approved and launched by the government itself 3 Next up is the slightly bigger PUBG Mobile Lite which is in fact much smaller in size at just 461MB as compared to the bigger and ever Popular PUBG Mobile And the biggest advantage of the Lite version is that it allows you smooth gameplay even in devices with smaller RAM and CPU resources but still will allow you the same exciting gameplay as the rest of the Battle Royale franchise There are a variety of weapons, equipment and vehicles which you can use to fight other players and try to become the 1 player left standing 4 Next up is another very useful App which will be helpful for you on-the-go

You can not only check your yahoo mails on the Yahoo Mail App but also use it set up other mailboxes such as gmail, AOL or Microsoft Outlook With features such as personal customisations and the ability to view attachments, documents or files without any hassles makes this one of the best apps to check your emails under one roof A clean interface and cool features to check all your mails in one place makes this one of the Best email Apps in the market 5 Coming up next we have Sport Racing, a 3D Racing Game for those who are into Racing games like the Asphalt Series! A comprehensive Offline Racing game with 20 Legendary Sports Cars which can be customized along with Racer customizations, and the added bonus of new cars with every update It simulates real racing tracks with real locations and the cars have realistic movements and sound effects

Playing this arcade racer can be pretty challenging for beginners but a very enjoyable experience for advanced players 6 And finally if you are looking for a cool, clean and totally functional weather and Temperature App then you should have a look at Overdrop, a free weather App with Realtime forecasts Not only does it give complete and accurate weather information but also the presentation is pretty neat! You can get complete details about the weather of your City like the Feels like temperature, Humidity, Rain Predictions, Pressure and Wind Speed On top of that you can change the Weather Provider and Units of measurement according to your preference Now coming to the Giveaway, one of you fans of the Channel can win a Smartphone and what makes this Giveaway Special is that the winner may choose between a Redmi Note 8 with Colour Choice or any other device available at that time, in the SAME Price range The Contest is free to join, the winner will be chosen randomly and contacted personally via email and later will be announced on Instagram

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