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    Top 6 Cheapest Smartphones That Look Like iPhone


    are you looking for Android smartphones I look exactly like iPhone yet cheaper? Well, you have landed on the right place! In this video we'll be speaking about 6 amazing yet super affordable Android smartphones that you can actually buy today Stay with us! Number 6: Vivo v9 is actually designed for those who are seeking a combination of classic design innovative and creative features

    It comes with a full HD screen of 63-inch that offers long hours of pure viewing pleasure with crisp colors and clarity of the stunning full view display Number 5: One plus 6 It comes with some unique and extra features that make it stand out smartphone despite its super affordable price! One plus 6 offers you a pretty darn camera, giant display, amazing performance and design of the best flagships on the market without having to pay a fortune Number 4: Oppo F7 are you really into mobile photography or do you simply like taking awesome pictures and selfies? Well, Oppo F7 is definitely the one for you with this premium mid-range smartphone twenty five megapixel camera you will take your selfie game to the next level you can say that this phone can awe you by selfies that not only come alive but portray you at your flawless best! Number 3: Asus Zenfone 5Z Another attractive phone with a very attractive price the Asus Zenfone 5Z features all the elements of a flagship phone! This flagship killer features a gorgeous design, decent camera, good-looking display, expandable storage good battery life, fast charging and dual speaker setup, all this offer you a blazing fast performance that will make your whole experience quite unforgettable [Music] [Music] Number 2: Honor Play Are you an avid gamer? Honor Play is among the best gaming Phones of 2019 that will not disappoint you! Honor Play even takes a few design cues from other Apple devices specifically the iPhone 6 and comes with some unique and quality features that make it stand out! Number 1: Huawei Nova 3i

    This is an absolutely gorgeous looking phone at an amazing price! Featuring a promising camera, a delicate yet premium design, a decent processor and an amazing display Huawei Nova 3i, is undoubtedly a perfect device for the young! [Music] So did you enjoy the video? Are there any other phones you think we should have mentioned but didn't? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below And as always don't forget to Like share and subscribe to stay on the Smart Side! See you next time!

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