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Top 10 Tech News – October 2019 – Hyve Managed Hosting


Hello, I'm your host Mariana, and welcome to the Top 10 Tech News of the Month iPhone attacks that lasted two years Sustained hacks and malicious software have been implanted on iPhones over the course of two years, through the use of websites implanting software onto your phone to gather personal information, including contacts, images and GPS location data

Facebook recognition Facebook is to start using facial recognition to send alerts when a user's face is detected in a photo This has raised privacy concerns and negative backlash Is brain to computer communications a possibility? A survey by the Royal Society has urged the UK government to launch a national investigation into brain devices, and their ethical implications, including the big question as to whether these devices could alter what it means to be "human" WiFi 6 Like mobile Internet networks upgraded from 3G to 4G, WiFi is also upgrading from WiFi 5 to WiFi 6 However, it will be a while until it is fully available, as the devices need to be built with the capability to support it

Fake ad blockers used for fraud Two fake browser extensions have been discovered, which mimic the name of two real extensions, AdBlock and uBlock Origin These extension sent out a request to a site which allowed them to receive affiliate links, allowing the creators to make millions of dollars from affiliate commissions when the users purchased from e-commerce sites London's Car Free Day On the 22nd of September, two hundred roads across a 125 mile range in London went car free in an attempt to tackle the air pollution crisis The project follows similar movements from major capitals such as Paris and New York, which have implemented similar schemes to reduce pollution

YouTube channels hijacked Popular YouTube channels were hijacked by cyber criminals through phishing scams, and then reassigned to new users Some channels were recovered, but yet many are still to be found China to launch self driving taxis Plans to launch a self-driving taxi service in Shanghai have been announced The project will deploy self-driving vehicles, but all cars will be staffed with human drivers, so that they can manually take control of the vehicles if necessary Australia to UK hypersonic jet By 2030, you could travel from the UK to Australia in just 4 hours, via hyper-sonic aircraft, utilising a hydrogen powered engine that can propel a plane more than twice the speed of Concorde

National Coding Week September also saw National Coding Week, an event that encourages people to build their coding skills through engaging in digital events and workshops With the current skill shortage in the coding industry, improving digital literacy has never been so important Thank you for watching I will see you again for next month's Top 10 Tech News

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