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    TOP 10 smartphones up to 10,000 rubles (With subtitles by Andrey Safarov)


    Guys, on the discovery channel starts legendary richard hammond's new show about grand engineering structures and We do not just advise, but recommend you click on the link below and see more one for real cool content Discovery presents big premiere big lead hello, I'm Richard Hammond, this show is about a big gas station 400 meters long station I climb any military equipment inside the engine fits on this plane we dive deeper underground if I make a mistake we will all take off generally yes, big and richard hammond, premiere, Tuesdays at 22:00 pm science and engineered by discovery, right? Show Series – Big and Richard Hammond today at 22 00 Moscow on discovery channel well, also on the youtube discovery channel hammond will leave for Orenburg before largest car factory in the world volkswagen other series on the air of the TV channel discovery on Tuesdays at 22 00 Moscow enjoy viewing the review go Guys, December 31 we made for you top 2019 expensive smartphones a lot cool devices there were such so different samsung again on the first place, but many wrote in the comments, – what expensive devices, what are you guys, money no, not enough money let’s the budget, people, you asked – we done, top review

    Let's go, so 10th place nokia 2720 flip this is the only clamshell smartphone in our top, 5000 rubles per smartphone in 2020 is cool right? nokia 2720 of course everything is a classic – he compact, fits perfectly in your pocket, clear menu and easy navigation, 2 display, notifications can be looked at external screen without opening the clamshell convenient buttons, it can easily be give yourself, grandmother, grandfather, parents, everything is clear to anyone there, by old school, by Nokievsky, right as old as nothing to do iron certainly not so hot there, this smartphone here screen, here is the filling and here we have a camera but on this smartphone smartphone clamshell can install whatsapp well somehow somehow buttons type messages and you can use this is cool as a 4g modem use it as a modem as a second apparatus for here sopa as a spare as just a retro cool phone for 5000 rubles why not and still 10th place nokia 2720 next 9th place is huawei p smart Yes huawei and that's why, firstly the old stock huawei smartphones they are still with play market and according to the guys from huawei, everything will work fine there, no there are no problems at all, and the second due to all this dvizhuha with android, these devices have become noticeably cheaper, it's p smart z not p smart because it's so old that test smartphones no longer, but in stores he is everywhere sells and buys well three main chips on smart decent screen fit and third is double a camera that also makes more less good portraits, of the minuses is micro usb connector, well, basically not critical, you can charge, but this Smartphone p smart has nfc old-school fingerprint scanner back like p smart, by the way here is the same as if it's a chip, like it and I repeat as we were told in the company huawei if these are old ap smartphones p smart z these are old google smartphones services, play market, generally all support everything will work fine you can feel free to buy Next 8th place, let's go in order, this OPPO a 5s, yes, 8 thousand rubles, nice price tag and 2 serious reasons, firstly droplet-sized screens like a drop, just a drop and file, but there are certain claims to this unit, naturally this is hd screen no exit on youtube only 720p and the second is mediatek helio p35 here top games, to say the least just unlikely Nevertheless, we read the reviews of those who bought it, buys, and buy it active and say that 4230 milliamps hour, here is the battery, it’s just fire, yes, with this stuffing enough there, almost people not for three days, not bad, I repeat, iron is not so hot here, but the screen a pretty powerful battery whose light and filling lasts a long time 8 thousand rubles, well, and 8th place OPPO a 5s growth, warranty, and all that jazz Then the seventh place is our best friend OPPO this friend is called him – vivo

    Y91c Do you know how much it costs? 5990 rubles Nevertheless, this smartphone is also officially growth test, warranty, sold in store, so do not install china firmware necessary, got out of the box and it works, it the advantage is compactness perfectly in the hand, even without a case, screen format also a drop, like OPPO a 5c, maximum content, you can see pretty well launch the browser and youtube games, here almost full screen it's lite, 4030 milliamp battery an hour with this filling is also very suitable, however, there are, of course, disadvantages, and significant, this hd screen is also no full hd is a simple filling, but we played it in Offroad Legends, hill climb, it's all bad poor ok works, one camera, but none the less bad, 13 megapixels and artificial intelligence and no fingerprint scanner fingers, here at OPPO a 5s it has a back there is no scanner, well, again, we read reviews it was one of the main selection criteria smartphones to this top and people say what kind of 5,998, that is, they chose there, looked – this suitable device, then we have 6th place and some which is very interesting, forgotten by many, but nevertheless very relevant honor 10 lite, this is honor 10i not lite said that lite so old that test there are no devices left, but nonetheless 2353 people recently bought this smartphone through here is one of our so to speak favorite service, this smartphone is not only where it’s sold a lot, it’s very good bought and that’s why, I repeat, as in case with Huawei smartphones on honor everything works fine, play market, daddy google youtube chrome all officially standing account updated, supported, lite glass and metal case interesting colors of the case it looks very expensive it's a great screen 621 inches, full hd +, and a droplet screen format, perfect for this price stuffing – Kirin 710, micro sd support up to 512 gigs, and also dual main camera and selfie 24 megapixel camera of the minuses, like the minuses, such as nitpicking, micro usb, but many don’t care at all, it is 2 sim cards or 1 micro sd, that is will have to choose, but nonetheless 2 There are SIM cards, as well as a battery 3400 milliamp hours, even OPPO almost 4300 and here the filling is more powerful and 3400 milliamps hour, February 2020 honor 10 lite, worth 8890 rubles, suitable if you throw a couple thousand you can take just this one 10i this is 10i, he has three cameras there are three pieces, but in general, in fact almost everything is the same for the filling and screen and hardware, so see for yourself is it worth spending 2000 in my honor 10 lite, this is a very suitable device, and how huawei told us again play market will be there work fine, keep in mind, in my opinion, this is honor three months have passed remember where what, honor 8s, why? 5790 rubles, play market is worth compact, the framework is certainly healthy, okay, that there already 5790 rubles, this is honor 8s and also honor 8a, here it is a little bigger, so less honor 8s generally where did it come from and why and how, small screen 571 inches, but mega compact, mediatek helio filling p35, just two giga RAM, no top games and no powerful applications hill climb the simulator is there, somehow it’ll go ok, the battery is also minus 3020 milliamps an hour, but again with so rich in screen probably more or less, yes, the camera is only 1, 13 megapixels scanner no, solid so say minus minus but damn it, 5790 rubles and google services work and the smartphone is pretty compact and micro usb and all the usual the case is pretty practical, why not, pay 700 rubles, only seven hundred we threw on top we already have honor 8a, big screen and fingerprint scanner back, 25 thousand people just recently, recently bought here this device in Russia, and did not consider that 5790 rubles and this is a good investment, Well, with pleasure I read yours comments whether we did that put him in fifth place, this always happy to wait for your comments 8a and 8s But it’s straight

    fourth place samsungs, went samsung, galaxy why? Now let’s tell you why, recently read some research this one, right now, from the most best-selling smartphones in the world: India, China, Russia, Europe, even in America it buy a lot, why? For many samsung this is such a standard of quality, there are iPhones, there is samsung, for many long ago, but iphone are expensive, and samsung it seems like not bad, yes, 7089 rubles, and another screen is a bit, not bad color rendering is still samsung, screens, everything is as it should and the eight-core processor, 7884, eight-core exynos 7884, eight-core exynos 7884, that to put it mildly, we didn’t like it, what are the disadvantages with which also come across if you buy, the screen is just hd and pretty decent beard from below, of course it feels, yes, just two giga RAM, asphalt here, I I think it will not be happy to start, the camera everything, he’s just dirty from the back I yes okay, there’s only one camera, but 13 megapixels and Samsung as you know in cameras more or less not bad, their they somehow take off in the dark and not a day removes bad algorithms there are not bad processing, well, perhaps the same minus, this is not a fingerprint scanner, and no not on the case at all Nowhere, it is not there, it is only recognition faces, and as we know droplets, so-so, this most likely only password, 7089 rubles, this is the minimum cost in Moscow, we found it right now in February Rostest, guarantee, in the box, everything is as it should, no left things to roll necessary, people choose, people vote for him ruble so that samsung galaxy a 10 fourth place, 7000 rubles – pretty good, third place right now hardcore went xiaomi xiaomi mi max 3, yes, 10,600 rubles, There are 600 rubles – what to overpay for, and now why – metal body, beauty, 69 inches vs 2160 x 1080 pixels, Perfecto resolution! Everything is as it should, movie, games, social networks, everything is fine, processor snapdragon 636, generally without comments, works like nefig do, 5500 milliampere hour! Great, next, two cameras and recording 4K video and fingerprint scanner behind, too, like, there is a certain nuance, not everything is perfect, video recording this smartphone, even in 4k, in fact That's right, not super, a 2018 smartphone in 18 and still there, half of the nineteenth year, xiaomi had some problems with video recording quality, only now, here, at them in the twentieth year somehow everything became fine, phablet, hefty screen, great filling, good battery, who needs a huge screen of 600 rubles, perhaps there is, what to overpay for, xiaomi mi max 3 is another mi max 2, but it’s straight for 9 with something, but mi max 3 is straight ?, farther second place, for a long time, honestly speaking, thinking, thinking, but again, discovered all sorts of ratings, reviews, statistics, a bunch reviews, re, reread galaxy a30s, people say that, right in general, what they need is excellent they enjoy, they like, write to comments, is it really so, but and in general, this is by the way in my m30s, there a little bit confused, but they are a little bit similar, however, there is something to give 2 place, because, about 10,000 rubles straight, on the edge, on a thin passes, but in our, so to speak, price tag fits, Amoled screen 6

    4 inches, true hd, not full hd but nonetheless a fingerprint scanner straight on screen, beauty, exynos 7904, and 3 GB of RAM, almost all of us are directly reviews everyone read, said that it works without brakes 4000 milliampere hour battery, normal, and the camera immediately three pieces 25 megapixels main, there is wide-angle, somehow somehow you can take a picture frontalochka by the way, too, ok 16 megapixels, I repeat from the minuses is hd screen, as well as a price tag of 10,200 rubles, Rostest, guarantee, sat down and went, you can grandmother send, use how nefig do samsung so often updates these models and constantly release new items that they getting cheaper, just mega fast, so that, even a30s, which is now 10,200, most likely around May in June already will be, well, 9,500, so keep in mind second place well first place, went redmi 7, redmi 8a, redmi note 7, redmi note 8, write down, redmi note 8T, this is handsome, xiaomi mi a3, they are all very cool, they are all super cool reviews, they are all up to 10,000 rubles, even here is xiaomi mi a3, it’s there 9 800 it’s standing somewhere, with such a margin, like this, Xiaomi redmi 8 naturally wins and that's why, just sit down, calmly on sofa and listen: 1 snapdragon 439 and 3 GB of RAM 2 cameras and main this is sony imx 363, battery 5000 milliampere hour and fast charge 18 watts and usb type C, these are two SIM cards and micro sd, this is a 35 millimeter jack, all there is, and this is a fingerprint scanner, 8050 rubles, if you have there, for some reason moments there, a little itches, in a good sense of the word, add only 1700 rubles and you have xiaomi redmi note 8, which has a great screen, here you are iron, which has 4 cameras, which snapdragon 665, and which naturally we have a new one, in a box, naturally we will also play, but if you have other wishes, with We will consider them with pleasure and send you the smartphone that you like Guys, thanks for watching, top, to put it mildly, it was given to us and not just there are in these smartphones, almost all experts, therefore, we are pleased read your comments one detailed commentary on the subject of this video and redmi note 8 yours or anyone another smartphone which, so to speak, you you wish, because, we will read almost all comments, very straight carefully and even on some pleasure in answer, because topic mega interesting, you asked us – we did, top smartphones up to 10,000 rubles, some positions, super super obvious, some very controversial, but waiting for your comments, Good luck in the competition, see you! Subtitles were composed by Andrey Safarov

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