Tony Martin’s Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc

(whooshing noises) – I'm here with the bike of Tony Martin of Team Katusha-Alpecin Tony Martin himself, a very accomplished rider

Five time stage winner at the Tour de France Four time previous World Time Trial Champion He knows a thing or two about going fast This is his Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc, let's go and take a closer look at it though (relaxed music) Frame size is a medium for Tony Martin and as you can see, it is a fully deckled up team edition bike

So you've got all of the different brands, and sponsors, and partners that are associated with Team Katusha-Alpecin here on the bike Fitted into the medium size frame is a Canyon S27 seat-post We got 15 millimeters of layback on there So just a touch under what really is traditionally a 25 millimeter, but presumably that helps him get just a little bit further forward and into a more aggressive position Then mounted on top of that seat-post is a Selle Italia Team Edition saddle

Now this is really tricked out Not just because of the carbon rails, but actually on top of it you've got, kind of like a, some ridges sewn into the actual fabric of the saddle, because, of course, you can't stick something onto a saddle, but you can sew something onto it to help you stop sliding around on the saddle Now Martin in the past has used grip tape on a saddle, which he infamously used in the Richmond Time Trials back in 2015 So, this presumably is gonna give him a little bit less chafing than what he suffered there Then moving forward to the front end of the bike, well we've got one of the Canyon H36 integrated handlebar and stem combos

He's running a 13 centimeter stem with a 40 centimeter wide bar So he's getting nice and aero there, little bit stretched out too Now fitted onto the handlebars are the Sram Red eTap HRD Disc break stroke gear levers, which are, of course, wirelessly transmitting to the derailleurs The bar drop is pretty shallow, which is, I think, a nice looking handlebar myself Also fitted here is one of the Canyon integrated mounts here for the Wahoo element Bolt device that Martin has fitted onto the front of the bike

And then if we move down actually to the front end of the bike, the actual hydraulic hose enters at the top here, just on the outside of the fork blade, then exits down there neatly on the inside, and of course that's stopping a Sram Red HRD caliper, which is then in turn stopping a 160 millimeter rotor Of course that rotor is fitted with a Zipp 454 NSW tubular wheel, which incorporates that sawtooth profile design Which is been shown in wind tunnels to actually reduce any adverse effects when riding in crosswinds, something which we may well encounter during this year's Tour de France Now fitted onto these wheels are a pair of the ever reliable Continental Competition Pro limited ALX in a 25 millimeter width Then if we move on to the actual rear end of the bike, we've got a Sram Red eTap rear derailleur and that is controlling an 11 to 32 rear cassette

A 32, we don't often see that actually on a race bike, but hey, we have done here on Tony Martin's bike, and why could he be doing that? Well, he uses, get this, a 55 tooth chainring on the front He does like to remain in the big chainring quite a bit when you watch him racing And that's paired up with a 39 inner ring, so that's really gonna give him quite a nice chain line as he moves up through the cassette 'Course those chainrings are fitted to a Sram Red chain set, which incorporates a Quarq D0 power meter there too Incidentally, those cranks are 175 millimeters long so he has got a decent amount of leverage on there too

Pedals are some LOOK Keo Carbon Max Now interestingly too, on this is that Tony Martin's actually got a bit of cotton tape fitted across the central unit of there Now presumably, that's because sometimes when cleats start to wear, you do start to rock a little bit on there when laying down the power, and well yeah, Tony Martin, he lays down plenty of power So that's just gonna help remain a little bit more secure in the pedal and also try and eliminated any slight rocking I love little tips like that

Now just a couple of finishing touches on this bike First up, a pair of Tacx carbon fiber bottle cages 'Course keeping the weight down a little bit there And then, on the seat post here we've got a really nice number mount Now sometimes we see these 3D printed, that kind of thing

This doesn't appear to be one Well it's held in place with, like, a stretchy rubber band, sort of thing you can attach a cadence sensor with to a crank Then of course, the number will be secured in here using this little M3 bolt And then, the final finishing touch, which I absolutely love on this bike, is on the underside of the down tube there, where you can sometimes attach a battery for a electronic gearing group set This one, they've done away with the actual bolts and the rivets inside of the frame and they've covered it instead with a little bit of clear tape

So giving you just a little bit of extra aerodynamic benefit I do like that Now you didn't think I was gonna leave you did you without hearing that free hub? Let's have a listen then to hear what Tony hears when he, occasionally, free wheels (gear clicking rapidly) So let's take a look then at the measurements of Tony Martin's bike He stands at one meter 85 tall

The measurement from the top of the saddle to the center of the bottom bracket, that's 765 centimeters Then the tip of the saddle to center of the handlebars, that's 585 centimeters And get this, the drop from saddle to bars is a nice and big 14 centimeters

Which is certainly gonna be one of the most extreme drops, actually, we are gonna see in the Pro Peleton The weight of it, it comes in at 78 kilograms Right, I hope you've enjoyed looking at Tony Martin's bike It fits me just perfect, so I uh, maybe he will or maybe he won't get it back

I think I'll give it back to him though because it's got that 55 tooth chainring and that's a little bit too big, even for me Alright now, remember to like and share this video with your friends Give it a big thumbs up Share it with someone who you think needs to get a 55 tooth chainring on their bike Now, do remember as well, to check out the GCN Shop at shop

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