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Tips and Tricks || ‘Google Chrome New Update’ || in Telugu | Tech in Telugu


Intro Hi Friends In this video i will show you one trick in google Chrome In your Mobiles So many People were use Youtube Some people send comments and Send emoji's In that way in system also we will use youtube and sending Comments But there is no option to send emojis Generally we will do?? Right Click on TaskBar and Click on Show touch keyboard button And click on Keyboard button and we will send emojis It is Old Process Now i will tell the new method First of all you will update your Google Chrome After update, Select any video for sending the emojis For Suppose In this i will selected my intro video on youtube In this video i will send emojis Now i entered super any one you will type Before sending emojis you will defenetly updated your google Chrome Now you can Right Click on that and select the emoji option And Select any Emojis See that iam sending the emojis In this way you can add emojis You can use any where this emoji option Not only in comment section Here you can see on Search bar also it will work It will work on youtube search bar also Don't worry in Facebook There is an option for emojis In this way you can use emojis option Friends If you enjoy this video Please Drop a like If any new visitor watching this video Subscribe to my Channel In down of this video Click on TECH IN TELUGU name If you like my content Subscribe to my Channel So Bye Friends See you all in Next Video Outro

Source: Youtube

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