This Will CHANGE Your TECH LIFE: Royal Kludge RK61 Keyboard Review!

Today we are going to take a look at Royal Kludge RK61, which is a 60% Bluetooth capable RGB Mechanical Keyboard, and the versatility of this keyboard is so much, that I genuinely think that having a keyboard like this can change how you use your smartphones, PCs, laptops, and even TVs significantly Hey guys, I am Siddharth, and let’s explore how awesome a keyboard like this can be

Banggood is having their amazing Summer Prime sale in India with some really awesome deals I’ll have a link in the video description to an article on my website where I have the details on the sale so you can check that out Having a small keyboard that is bluetooth capable changes so much, if your work involves typing a lot, you can do it while sitting in your bed, or you can chat with your friends on Whatsapp for hours comfortably, and unlike the heavy full sized mechanical keyboards, you can just put this keyboard on your lap while working on PC, and even gaming on this is really great, and I didn’t feel any latency that affected my gaming performance in FPS games You can also use it with your laptop as most of them don’t have a mechanical keyboard The build of this keyboard is really good, the outer plastic casing is very strong and doesn’t have any flex in it

The keyboard also has a metal plate to which the key switches are inserted to and that makes the keyboard feel very sturdy while typing and also makes it feel reassuringly strong The keyboard doesn’t have any adjustable feet, but it is already at a very comfortable angle, and the rubber feet at bottom keep it stable, and here you also have a button to switch Bluetooth on and off The key caps are double shot ABS, and they have a very grippy texture on them that feels really great to touch The font on the keys does look a little cheap because of how the two separate plastic pieces are moulded, but getting actual double shot keys in this price range is really amazing, even some of the most expensive keyboards don’t come with double shot keys Coming to the lighting, the keyboard has very good, smooth and consistent RGB lighting, you can control it using the keys on the keyboard, and the controls are very simple and effective, and even some big keyboard brands could learn some things from this

You have an effect selector button which cycles between different effects, including reactive effects, and then you have a color switching button which will cycle between different colors including the Rainbow effect It does include a very ugly combination of random colors, but you don’t have to use that You can also control the brightness of the lighting, and the speed of the effects The caps lock key is its own indicator, and it will light up white to indicate that its on, and while charging, the spacebar will also light up red, so this will kind of mess up your color setup, but I rarely turn caps lock on so I didn’t mind it Along with a keycap remover, you also get a Micro USB cable in the box which you can use it to charge or connect it to a PC in wired mode

You can connect three upto three different devices to this keyboard, and press Function + Q, W, or E to switch between them, and it switches between devices very quickly Since this is a 60% Keyboard, you have to switch between different layers to access different functions So for example to access the function keys, or other keys like Home and End, you have to press them with Fn key But pressing Fn + Control will switch to second layer mode where you can use the secondary functions with a single touch, and then if you press Fn + Control again, you'll go to the 3rd Layer mode where F1 to F12 keys work as the primary keys (If you need to access the function keys while using it on PC), but the alphabet keys work normally, and then Pressing Fn + control again will return to the normal mode So there are 3 modes for using different secondary functions by default

The arrow keys are also integrated with these 4 keys and they are controlled separately You can press Function + Shift to switch between the arrow keys, and other functions, and then to type question mark, you have to first press and hold Shift key, then function key, and then the question mark key, which is much easier than it sounds like Now I know that all of this might sound very complicated, but you'll need only 10 to 15 minutes to figure out everything, and once you get familiar with it, it actually works pretty efficiently, I actually used this keyboard for around 3 weeks on my PC and I was really surprised by how usable it is as a full sized keyboard replacement Since I am using this wirelessly with multiple devices, it has really become a necessary device for the kind of work I do I chose the red switch version of this keyboard, and the key switches used here are Royal Kludges own

RK switches, and I was surprised at how comparable they are to Cherry MX Red Switch The smoothness, sturdiness, and consistency in actuation force, everything is there, and they also say that the durability is rated to 50 million taps They keys can sometimes feel a little sticky when bouncing back from bottom, if you press them at the corners, so Cherry switches do feel slightly nicer, but this doesn’t affect the experience of using this keyboard while typing or gaming, and I made my friends try out this and a Cherry keyboard, and they couldn’t notice a difference I also found the wireless connection to be really good, and I didn’t notice any latency at all on my PC and on my phone, and I also really enjoyed gaming on this keyboard, as at least for my non competitive gaming, there wasn’t any latency, and you even have a Windows Key lock feature on the keyboard The advertised battery life in wireless mode is around 10 hours of active use, but if you keep the lights turned off or at lower levels, the battery is of course going to last a lot longer

This does have battery saving features, so it will turn the lighting off after a minute, and will go into deep sleep mode after 10 minutes, so if you don’t press anything for more than 10 minutes you’ll have to tap it once and it’ll connect in 2 seconds, which is pretty fast so it didn’t feel like an issue I used it on my PC wirelessly as my primary keyboard, I didn’t turn it off while not using it, and had the RGB on the brightest, and it lasted for around 4 days which is pretty impressive So overall, I do think that this is an amazing keyboard that will allow you to do many things you wouldn't have been able to do, and all of my expectations have been exceeded, it is just mind blowing how feature packed and high quality this keyboard is for the price The small form factor, mechanical keys, and wireless functionality can really change how you use your smartphone, and if you are okay with its limitations, this will also work really well with a PC Its easy to get used to the layout, and the keyboard is full of features that work really well, and at a price of around 3,700 Rs

I don’t think that you can get more bang for your buck, and you can check out the links in the video description if you want to buy this So that was it for this video, do give it a thumbs up if you liked it Subscribe with notification bell icon for more videos like this, and I will see you, in the next one

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