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This Swiss Age-Tech startup+non-profit collaboration has an innovative way to help family carers


Hi again from Zurich, I'm on my way to get an exclusive interview with Patrick Hofer Co-founder and CEO of We+Care, an Age-Tech startup that's emerging out of stealth today Check it out! (Upbeat music) I'm here with Patrick Hofer, the co-founder of We+Care and Pro Aidants one startup and one nonprofit who are working in collaboration

Patrick, tell us more I was a caregiver and I saw the opportunities of digital technology to help carers So I founded, co-founded the We+Care application that helps coordinate care with non-profit organizations such as medical care, social support or doctors and hospitals So I went out and built that platform and went to the carers, and they said: awesome! Finally we have some help at hand, and if I knew what you were doing I would have done it differently, so really great feedback from the market from the carers that can help them solve the problems So great, let's invest in the product and then I went to the organizations In Switzerland 80% are non-profit funded partially by the government but they said no, with a startup we can't work, sorry Wait wait wait, I want to pause on that You went to non-profits to sell your product, and they told you they can't work with you because you were a business entity and not a non-profit? Yeah because I am a startup, we don't really have the startup culture there, collaborate with startups, embrace technology at all So, yeah I was disappointed because the solution, it's needed So what's the solution there? If we can't work together, we need to change our organizational structure, to be one of them

And so, we came to the idea that, in Switzerland, there no organization that takes the voice of the carers the informal family carers, so we decided to set up an advocacy organization for carers in Switzerland, so we are one of them now too (Laugh) So, how does that work? Is the non-profit a share-holder in the startup? The main concern that we have here, I mean this is a general problem embracing technology, it's about privacy it's about security in platform business, it's about who is entitled to go on the platform and so the non-profit organization the Pro Aidants organization is deciding how to do that so the non-profit organization is controlling or taking care of the interests of the carer and the organization that the technology is fit for them and together we do a joint venture, the non-profit and the startup, make a joint venture to provide the technology to the carer if you look at Libra, the new currency of facebook, that's a similar structure Patrick is also the chapter ambassador for Aging20 Zurich, so can you tell people watching this, a little bit about the Swiss tech ecosystem and Age-Tech ecosystem? Yeah, we started here in last September with the chapter and we had great response, 30 startups coming out, I didn't know they existed It's great we have now a community, a startup community We are here today, actually in the Zurich chapter event that is focused on Age-Tech and we had a lot of really interesting startups here with us today and some stakeholders from the aging ecosystem and people even came all the way from Germany to attend this event

So it was a really interesting day Thank you Patrick for inviting me over Thanks for joining Keren, it was a pleasure! Is there anything else you would like to add? Yeah, it was great that we saw how Israel is doing and it was really exciting learning how Israeli Age-Tech companies are addressing the challenge for example we saw that Israeli Age-Tech (companies) go global immediately, that's a thing we can learn here in Switzerland, so thanks a lot for sharing your insights Thank you for inviting me

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