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This Smartphone Is Even Cooler Than We Thought


As part of a crusade against bezels, smartphone OEMs this year have been trying unique ideas to achieve the holy grail of a true all-screen smartphone Companies like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi came out with a motorized setup, which comes with some drawbacks like no IP rating and also some durability issues

Meanwhile, another Chinese manufacturer Nubia stunned the market a few weeks ago with yet another new approach – dual displays It's a pretty cool idea to achieve the full screen look and this phone doesn't get the credit that it actually deserves So let's talk about it By the way, this concept of 2nd screen isn't totally new The Motorola Razr had a 2nd color screen that allowed you to take selfies with the phone closed in 2005, before smartphones really took off

Actually that's one reason why it was so popular The Meizu Pro 7 had a second display too but the problem with that was the display was too small This one has a bigger display and it's OLED It's funny when you realise this phone's second display is better than the front display of the iPhone XR Anyway, I guess it's a clever way to have a notchless, no bezel front screen by removing the need for a camera

Another reason why it's cool is that it's a dual-display that is actually aesthetic As you can see the way the picture blends in with the rest of the glass back looks so freaking cool and futuristic Not to mention using the rear camera for selfies is probably higher quality pictures than any other phone out there You might say it's not gonna be convenient to flip the phone everytime you wanna take a selfie Not really, though

I mean It takes less than half a second to flip your phone Plus, how often do you actually take a selfie? I would think for most people it's not more than once a dayI personally don't even take a selfie of my ugly ass face

So I don't think it would be inconvenient at all That being said, Do I think mainstream brands like Samsung, Apple or even Huawei should implement this feature on their phones? Probably, probably not! We have the technology ready to integrate the camera's sensors under the display to achieve that full-screen look They just have to figure out how to implement it properly So I don't think OEM's should think about incorporating a secondary display at the back but it's cool that a company like Nubia is coming with some cool phones which are unique and not just a copy of what Samsung and Apple are putting out there Anyway, let me know what do you think? Is this a good approach to achieve that true bezel-less design, or do you like motorized sliders instead? Let me know in the comments and I'll see you'll tomorrow

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