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So the inspiration for today's video is [twofold] 1

We wanted to build a PC for Luke at his new job at Floatplane Media Inc that really reflects the values of that company which is fly or float So we obtained this literal actual flow plane, and then source of inspiration number two was actually a video that I did a little while ago Building a PC inside one of [Lee] and [Lee's] cases that looks like a boat the only problem with that case was that when I tried to actually float it, the thing sank and I was like you know what? No no no Linus Media Group can do better than [Lee] and [Lee] Linus Media Group's airplane PC is actually gonna freakin fly! So I tasked Alex here, resident engineering wizard who I never give enough time, money or tools to With coming up with a flyable floatplane PC and that's exactly what he theoretically did

We're about to find out Coño is excited to introduce the Hexgears X-1 keyboard, a low-profile Bluetooth mechanical keyboard with multi device connectivity and a beautifully machined aluminum case check it out at the link below Laszlo – Supernova Inside my beaver you're gonna find my cockpit and then there's actually two passenger seats back there

So we're gonna rip that out and throw in, it's got to be at least probably like a pound worth of heat sink and RAM, M2 SSD I think this is probably a core i7 processor, should be good Before installing the computer in it, we needed to assemble and fly the plane This would allow for us to make sure that there were no issues with the aircraft before we modified it but also meant that Linus would need to take off and land Without destroying it Like it's been years since I've flown a model airplane at all

I have never flown anything this big, and I have never even spent any sim time with a water plane – Do you want to? – That probably wouldn't be a terrible idea But let's let's get, let's get it assembled Given this is a ready to fly kit assembly should be a pretty simple case of following the instructions Although it quickly became clear that there were two problems

1 Bad instructions: is this diagram clear to you how exactly these little wire doodads go in here No, it goes crop up, no, it goes it goes straight to the big hole but then I can't tell how you fasten it and 2 People not reading those bad instructions – You have to go through the wood on this – Okay, it says remove plate so probably not – (Extended) Ohh

– Its very clearly labeled actually All right landing gear wheels on Seems pretty legit Boom Let's see if it'll be able to handle coming down about as hard as it's going to (Laughter) It seems pretty strong

I'm ready for insertion whenever you are – I've got I've got three fingers in it now But it doesn't let me – Hold on, let me get my fingers in too – Okay There we go Perfect Where what do you mean where shown where's the picture of the velcro? – Right there

– Where? As our lack of both RC knowledge and building ability became more clear, so did the realization that this plane may not survive its maiden voyage This is gonna be such a waste of money if we just like plow it into the car We soldiered on though completing the build in what thanks to the beauty of video editing, was record time Maybe we could Lube it up a little bit Cool, so here you push it in

I'll line it up – Okay There we go I'm excited We're getting closer to our first flight – Yeah Before flying though, Linus wanted to try his hand in the flight sim to brush up on his RC skills

Okay, whoa (Laughter) – Nice! That was sketchy – That was, wow! – Okay we're coming in, we're coming in Dennis get the hell out of the way (Laughter and bleeped swearing) No, no, we're not coming in we're not coming in Get that propeller going there No, no, just wait, just wait

It's not gonna stop I got this, I got this! No, we lost a wheel! We sheared off a bolt here, and uh So all we got to do is find a new, a new mount for this wheel Holy crap We lived through it! (Relieved) Ohh Chapter two Before putting the PC in the plane, it needed a good coating of acrylic conformal coating from MG

chemicals This would prevent the PC from getting damaged by small drops of water that might end up on it during water takeoffs and landings With that said, it doesn't make the PC completely waterproof This is like not even, it's more conformal coating than PCB now It's like swimming in it I mean you can't swim in a solid but you get my point

– I said to do three coats, that's three coats Look at these they look so beautiful So shiny – It's like plastic RAM And they still smell like nail-polish Yeah, we got to test it with the system in it

That's what we're doing right now Yeah, we got to get the oh, wait right test the system does the system work testing the system gave me the opportunity I've been waiting for So you can see here my friends the "Test Kart 9000" has a convenient keyboard and mouse right in an ergonomic keyboarding and mousing location It's got a HDMI and VGA monitor, so you cover all your bases there Yeah It's got a mouse pad for your comfort

It's got one of these little uh, Who makes these again? [Moss cable]! It's got one of these little magnetic cable holders See that test cart technology, grab your USBs because they're conveniently, magnetically cable managed – I don't know I thought that from Lewis Rossmann all you need to know is that the fan spins? – No And the fan isn't spinning

So let's go ahead and press the power button there Did you break the [NUC] oh wait no, I think it just lit up Okay, cool Now that we knew that nothing crucial got covered in conformal coating, we were ready to put the PC in the plane How do we get our PC in there? So in the backseat? – Yeah, it's like in the back seat – That's really gonna hurt our center of gravity there

– Yeah, we need to put some like weights or something up in here – Now we're putting weights in the thing! Yeah, this thing was hard enough to fly in the first place Although we were technically able to get the PC in through the front window It was very difficult to access so we needed to create a bigger opening Scalpel Thank you for not putting the blade into my finger

Oh this is much sharper Because the blade is thin it's actually harder to cut in a straight line though I guess when you're cutting bodies, it's less of a concern that you go in a straight line, maybe Oh no problem Oh, oh, it's so beautiful Good news is our system fits, bad news is the IO does not stick out the door

The PC fit in surprisingly well meaning we could skip having any IO extensions and instead just drill some holes in the side of the plane for USB, ethernet and Thunderbolt Oh, not bad not bad at all Ooh Okay, yeah it came out clean Nice Oh crap! So there's the pontoon now

I was trying to widen the hole slowly and just ripped the whole thing out Shoot To keep the PC in one place, we decided that the best option was to put zip ties down through the PCB, attach a washer on the other side, then use another zip tie to tighten it down After installation in its super cool new case, we just needed to make sure that the PC had survived the operation What could we have possibly broken over the last little bit here? Yes, oh Okay Had me freaking out a little bit there

Let's see if the Wi-Fi still works Wi-Fi still working so we managed to not unplug that crap Okay All right Okay All right The first flying computer, other than all the other flying computers

Can you, can you see it in there? Yeah Whoa, it's coming for you! See the computer in there? Well, you can see the i/o output It's kind of hard to see actually Trust me, okay Oh that gust, let's just go for it We're up and away! Oh my god the weight, the weight, the balance is uh, Is [look] way off You wanna fly-by? I'll give you a fly-by! You know what I was actually probably wrong to make those adjustments to the elevator

Nevermind I was right to make those adjustments to the elevator, that just saved us No Oh crap

Okay, well that wasn't what I mean to do, I was trying to bring it over to the road and the wind just "wooshed" me right over This was actually my backup plan in case I lost confidence and I didn't want but I was going to do it on that side where they're kind of taller So, wow Seems totally fine Yeah, I don't think we took any damage coming into the grass there cuz like I said I had already cut the power – A PC that flies – Hell, yeah, brother

They said it couldn't be done Wait, who was the one who said it couldn't be done that with us, wasn't it? Luke seems to be on to us I called him and said we needed to meet tomorrow for a video thing and maybe it was the fact I said it was floatplane related Maybe he put two and two together, but he's like, "oh, is it that plane that's in the office?" So I lied to him I said no, it's not so we're gonna be like, haha Yes It was got you So it's last-minute preparation time

We have finally mounted the pontoons, making it properly a float plane Can I hold it up for a second? Are you guys good can I just hold it up for a sec? and we're doing some last-minute preparations while, Luke waits for us upstairs So we're trying to get a GoPro mounted inside the cockpit which would be super cool Like actually looking out through the cockpit, and then Alex is trying to figure out the the servos and rubber bands and what not that we need to hook up here We lied to you – So I did call it? – "Haha yes it was

" Shut up We made a working floatplane It flies – It does fly? Really – Of course it flies – And theirs a computer in it? – This is Linus Tech Tips and there is a full quad-core machine with M

2 SSD, 32 GBs of RAM and Thunderbolt 3, inside – That's amazing – Functioning computer, functioning plane Want to go fly it? – Yes – Alright, let's go So he went into the warehouse to borrow a speaker for a wedding

Yeah, like a Bluetooth speaker and he saw the plane After all those weeks – And I even stopped at it like "Woah that's cool, I wonder what that's for? Who's working on this?" – And the stupid thing is that I thought I was being so clever telling you it's floatplane related – Yeah, yeah – I know we just gave this to you, but there's a very good chance that it will not survive the day

I have never done a water takeoff or landing and I have only even successfully landed a plane, sort of once Should we just go for it or what the waters really still it's nice that all these trees are around here – Yeah – There's one duck That's kind of in the way Should I kind of wait for him to – Yeah – Maybe – Get out of there? – You could probably turn that way – Yeah, I want to take off directly away from me though just because it's a little easier to control

Actually, hold on hold on Yeah Oh yeah, – He's got it runway – You know what let's just do it Woah okay! Alrighty then Oh wow, this is actually, this is a very small pond

This is a much smaller park than I had last time It is gusty It is gusty today If there was any doubt that it's gusty let me set your mind at ease about that There's some chop, there's some chop in the air! No, no, I'm not that low it's okay The wind just picked me right up there

Did you guys see that? That was not me on the elevator? Oh wow Not the smoothest landing of all time – (incomprehensible) wing with the water Shut up, shut up! The Massdrop X AKG K7XX Red Edition open-backed headphones feature its predecessor's legendary sound and build quality which made it a big hit with the audiophile community, and some improvements so the highs are getting boosted by an innovative "flat wire voice coil," mids are getting brought up to better balance the range and the lows were raised by three decibels for a more immersive sound This was a collaborative design with Massdrop and AKG and includes a custom ruby red color way to help the aesthetic really pop from the competition It features a 10-foot detachable cable and you can check it out now at the link in the video description So there you have it, the world's first floatplane, no no it's yours

The world's first floatplane PC for a COO of Floatplane Now let's make sure the computer still works at some point, but I'm sure it's fine We just we just tested where we came out Yeah No honestly I think so

Yeah, we've got that I'm glad we put the tape on though I'm really glad we put the tape on, so guys if you dislike this video, oh right go subscribe over on Floatplane Go go support Linus tech tips Or actually we've got tech deals and [bit wit] over there as well if you guys dislike this video you can hit that button, if you liked it, hit like get subscribed, maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link in the video description Like a Floatplane membership, one week early access to Linus Media Group content, also those other creators I mentioned Also while you're down there you can check out our merch store, cool shirts like this one on our community forum It's great

You should totally join it Saw it here first folks, flying computer Yeah!

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