This Folding Phone Is Different…

Does the Motorola Razr 2019 stand …

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  1. It's such a beautiful product I'm here as they released a working prototype I'm now a total fan of Motorola IV got the Motorola G6 and it's time to upgrade so I'm getting the Motorola One 👍👍👍👍

  2. Motorola: The RAZR is back!
    Me: Ooooh!
    Motorola: Smartphone functionality!
    Me: 🤩
    Motorola: Foldable compact design!
    Me: Gimme!
    Motorola: For the low, low price of $1,499
    Me: 🤣 Oh! You nearly had me hooked there!

  3. This phone takes me back to high school days. I had three different color ones that I would use. My fave was hot pink! I just wish it wasn't so $$$$!!! I can not wait for you to review this! I absolutely love all of your reviews! 😍❤️

  4. Yeah it looks cool for sure but I think it’s just one of those things that you have that looks great but then will get annoying after a while. Not just that it’s much more easy to lose and harder to find. I don’t see much success with this.

  5. i have to say this is the best execution of a foldable/flip smartphone. i think people really want to go back to the drug dealer phones like these but the price needs to be accecible. if motorola sold this thng for 400-500 $ this would hit the market like a meteorite and disrupt everything as we know it but 1500$ is a big no for like 95% of the market. So in conclusion, i think in 2020 flip smartphones will be back but they will take the world when they become accessible all the way down to the 150$ range!

  6. They effed up, that's way too much expensive, I literally only see women buying this, since any dude wouldn't just dump that amount of cash when there's literally better androids out there.

  7. how is this anything above 500$ with those specs. I mean I get the Innovation of a folding display but there is no way in hell I'd give anything more than 250$ for a phone like that.

  8. i would buy this version if it was cheaper… but NOT what we got. what we got is a joke. and the specs are shit. for me sd slot and high end cam. i dont care about cpu and ram. they are more then enough. i wont play games on that thing. i have my gaming pc for that. but it looks ugly and bad cam. they could do it sooo much better but they fucked up. i hope the second version will be better. i want a smaler phone so badly…

  9. I'm sorry but in my eyes vertical phones are literally useless the only point I see is to make it more compact when you're not using it. Folding the other way is actually useful because you have a bigger screen

  10. 😂 they could have had something nice BUT old os and low screen resolution. Would be nice on the low like 400-700 but 1500? You can get the rog 2 for 900 specs and everything way at better. Thanks for the review but razr can fuck off with that price tag

  11. I would absolutely love to buy one, but I will not pay anywhere near $1500 for it. This should be sold as more of budget smart phone. Every phone on the market at that pricepoint will be so far ahead under the hood that this phone just can't compete aside from its cool form factor. If I'm gonna spend that kind of money on a phone, I'm gonna buy the overall best one I can get with that money. If this phone is gonna be slow, have a weak battery, and lack the features of other smartphones in this price range, there's no good reason to buy it.

  12. even though the razr has mid range specs there has to be a trade off imo because right now the newer tech is larger and hasn't had the same amount of time to be shrunken, if you **have** to have a folding phone id take the razr because its more compact and is more durable than the samsung fold but i would wait a few years to get one so that the issues can be worked out

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