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Thermal Camera Smartphone- the Blackview BV9900 Pro!


Hey everyone! Today I have a really unique smartphone to look at The Blackview BV9900 Pro

What makes it unique? Well, it has the similar rugged construction as other phones you've seen me review, but it also has something special- a thermal camera Everyone remembers the thermal camera I review last month for fever screening right? Okay that's 99ºF That's a bit of a fever, that's someone you definitely want to check out So aside from fever screening, what are thermal cameras good for? Well, you can use them to save on heating and air-conditioning bills by spotting leaks, or outdoors to find lost pets- or hiding kids, look for intruders, troubleshoot electronics and lots of other things Cellphones have a pretty good sensor package already built-in and a thermal cam adds to that

But, we won't know how much it adds until we take it out of the box and have a look Ok, they have the adapter They have earphones USB cable And it has a screen protector This is our phone

I wonder if they have put the protective sticker on Ah, yeah let's turn it on Okay, we can unlock it with fingerprint too It's on the side here So I am going to enroll my fingerprints now

Fingerprint added, this is pretty quick, this fingerprint reader Alright, let's take a look at their interface Allow my FLIR to access photos, media, and browsers on the device, okay Okay, now I'm filming with the FLIR camera You can see that's my window the bright orange because it's hot outside And on the other hand the air conditioner is dark because of course, it's blowing cool air So it is dark Those are my tools, my plastic bins And my studio light is also is very How do you say this? Super orange? Super orange? It's because it's sending off heat Compare to the AC you can tell Okay, now I have the Uni-T thermal scanner side by side with the Blackview You can see the readings on that, it should be pretty close I don't know if the Blackview can do fever screening I have to do some more test But if I use this the reading probably will be closer It's 978F so it is pretty close You see on the screen it says 978F, right So it's pretty close or so Okay this one is 991F This one is 98F Okay let's use the FLIR camera to take a look at it Okay, this one says 102

7F And this one is 998F Okay, it does not do so well with the absolute number but I am going to scan a bunch of people It can definitely tell the difference between these two temperatures So relatively it can show you the temperature difference but it can't tell you the exact (absolute) number So you have to recalibrate it Please bring two bowls to this table It's OK, I just use the plate Alright then Ok, here's my thoughts The camera and video quality are excellent- but, I saw some difficulties with the auto-focus getting a lock I hope there's a firmware update coming to address that

It's waterproof- which really is mandatory in my opinion, we all need to be cleaning our phones, but the edges and corners are metal so even though it's shock-protected and will survive a fall onto concrete, it's going to get scratched For a rugged phone, I really like to see rubber bumpers on all corners The FLIR camera worked a lot better than I expected and has a ton of features The way the app is configured it's clearly designed for engineering work and I've already used it for troubleshooting several different things, it's very handy But the real killer app would be fever screening like my Uni-T

If a teacher could sweep a classroom, or a nurse a hospital waiting room, even a birthday party full of kids see if anyone is running a high temperature That would sell tons of these Blackview or someone should definitely make a fever screening app with a high-temperature alarm The phone also has a barometer and a humidity sensor- a little unusual and potentially useful depending on what your work or hobbies are It has a 5

84-inch screen, not as large as some rugged phones, but definitely a bit more pocketable Overall I think this is as much a technical tool as it is a phone, and I'm comfortable recommending it over a standard phone if those technical features are important to you Ok, that's it for today Remember YouTube often doesn't notify my subscribers so please check my channel a few times a month to see if you missed anything Sponsorship is great, but really the best thing you can do for me is to post my links and tell your friends

Until next time- if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Source: Youtube

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