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The Tevol speaker can charging smartphone and stream music at the same time


the shift towards wireless charging is gaining momentum with each passing quarter so designers are creating products with this in mind as seen with the conceptual tevol speaker offering a 360-degree audio experience and suitable for any workstation this speaker features an integrated charging pad on the top middle section this allows users to charge their device and stream music at the same time while also angling the screen towards them to easily see notifications as they come through to keep them connected at all times the touch sensitive controls allow you to adjust volume or song selection directly from the device using key standard tech it gives your phone a quick Wireless boost while blasting your playlist the conceptual tevol speaker is the design work of Li Heung se up and has been created a number of color variations to suit individual preferences perfectly the multifunctional design of the unit makes it ideal for users who require dual purpose devices to keep their lifestyle less complicated

Source: Youtube

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