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The Tech Garage EE6000 Wireless HD Borescope


hello welcome to do-it-yourself with Wayne today we're going to do a tool review on the Wi-Fi enabled borescope by the tech garage it is model number EE 6000 this is not a particularly expensive item and you may have trouble finding it online I don't know if they're still selling this but if you can find one they do work they're not particularly expensive and so I'm going to show you what we got I was a little disappointed in how it came it came in a plain white box the only printing was the shipping label that was on the box came with instructions instructions were decent although instructions for about anything these days could be better but they were decent but the thing that caught my attention is there's nowhere on here that it says so you can call for tech support the manufacturer's name is not on here there's no contact information for the manufacturer so that is a little bit disappointing now like I said it does work I have used it a couple of times I've had this year so and I have used it it did work so I'm not completely unhappy or anything don't get me wrong but it certainly could have been better but the heart of the whole thing is this part right here you can see the image there's lit lit up you got two connectors here one is just a normal USB connector you got cable this one you can plug it in I get it turned right away you can plug it in that way there and then you plug that into the regular USB port on your camera let me excuse me on your PC or you can use the adapter that came with it to plug it in and it charges up a battery that's in this thing which is nice because you don't have to be you know you don't have to have an AC adapter or anything like that you just plug this thing in let it charge up but it gets charged up you're ready to go you can take it anywhere use it ever so you just unplug it batteries charged up and the scope is on this long cable cable free step you can aim it four different directions but you plug it in like so push the button to turn it on and then on your camera your cell phone that's it camera sorry on your cell phone you have to download an app it's called HDC if you can see that you probably can't but the app is right there it's called HDC you can download that from your Apple Store or your the Android version I'm sorry mom mine's a little bit slow today the Android version also has a an app where you can view this thing but you click on the app it comes up like so and you go to your settings on your iPhone and you select the Wi-Fi this thing is putting out it'll start with ypc a bunch of numbers you select that for your telly for your phone to connect Wi-Fi enabled to this device and once it connects you can go back to the device the HDC software it'll connect up and then you can see what the adapter sees ok turn this thing around you can probably see me it's not a great image but it does work like I said I used this a while back looking down the dryer vent and found all kind of crude that I didn't want to see in my dryer vent so I tore that all out cleaned it up replace some lines but it was great for that this thing also comes like I said with the adapter for charging you can also charge it by plugging it into your PC this cable here it's another Wi-Fi cable with a different type of adapter and then you got various lense of the charging cable which is nice like I said the instructions or are fairly decent although not great they're fairly decent and that's about it for this little thing oh and it also does come with this little vial of attachments for the end of the cable where you can you know this you can put on there to hook it to something this one it's kind of neat it has a little angled mirror you probably can't see that which you could hook this onto the end of it and has a little mirror in there at a 45 degree angle if you need to see an angle better and then that one just is a little filter I'm sure then and that thing is just a little cap screw things on but all these parts they seem to function although the quality doesn't seem great they do function so that's about it for this 6000 from the tech garage like I said I've been unable to find it online recently I'm not sure they still sell it but you may be able to find them used somewhere if you have all the parts they do work it's not particularly expensive it's not the best photo quality that you're going to find but it's not terribly expensive so oh and all I'd have to say I'm happy with it and I have used it like I said a couple of different times and it worked so it's all good yeah with stuff like this it's always something that could be better but it does work and that's the bottom line so that kind of wraps this up appreciate you viewing do-it-yourselfer Dwayne for this tool review and if you find this interesting we'd really appreciate it if you click like on the video and subscribe to our Channel we've got a lot more too reviews coming we've got a lot of D Walt I were to these coming up in the not-too-distant future be sort of watch for those and just we wish you have a great day

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