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The Smartphone Toolkit


Did you know there's a toolbox right in your smartphone You can't use it to hammer in nails of course, but here are 5 really cool things that you can do with your smartphone right now

At number 5 we have a flashlight app but don't mistake this for the simple torch app on your old Nokia This app has loads of bells and whistles from making your screen bright in any colour, to flashing the light, and even sending morse code messages This is so cool, I wish I knew how to read Morse At number 4, the next time you need to read the really fine print in an instruction manual you won't need to borrow a magnifying glass from Mr Holmes next door

Just download this magnifier app, and your're good to go At number 3, Ever need to measure something small errrrr Like a coin or a screw? The smart ruler app is a must have Just place the item on your screen and pinch your fingers for an accurate measurement

At number 2, If you are ever hanging a frame, or assembling furniture, you have to be sure that it is level Carpenters always carry a spirit leveler for the same reason This spirit level app uses your phone gyroscope sensors and provides you with a 2 axis leveler Keep the bubbles in the center and you can be sure that you have assembled the table just right Number 1

You can't always carry a measuring tape can you? Well actually you can Most modern phones including iPhones and Android support Augmented Reality (AR) Check the link for the article to know if your phone supports this really handy feature Next time you go furniture shopping you don't have to wonder if that cupboard will fit in your kitchen Of course we wont leave you hanging without a bonus

Next time you are hunting for the lost screw, nail, or coin on the floor consider using the metal detector app Yes! This app uses the compass in your phone to convert it into a very useful metal detector It's not very powerful, but can be very useful Remember it won't work with all metals, just magnetic ones like steel, iron, and nickel

Source: Youtube

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