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The RSC Diaries: 'Measure for Measure' Tech Week!


AMY: She's vlogging! V/O: Tom is walking on the RST stage in front of a mirror TOM: Oh my gaaaawd

TOM: Here we are Here's a mirror! Do you like what I've done with the place? Mmm V/O: Cut to a montage (Bright instrumental music) The RST stage with mirrors George, our stage manager, pointing in the direction of some seats

Hannah and Amy dancing Alice in the auditorium waving to the camera Graham and Ayse in the canteen Hannah and Amy dancing again More of the auditorium

The RSC logo Hannah and Amy dancing! Alexander standing on the stage People dancing in the canteen Oooh, prison bars! Hannah and Amy dancing again, they laugh Tom walks into the wings

Oooh, mysterious Where's he going? No one knows The prop table marked out for props Oh, there's an old wheelchair with three wheels The back wheel is massive, it's very old

There's a sign that says 'lecher' There's James Cooney dancing on his balcony And a pink box that says 'Measure for Measure Amy Trigg' And here's some costumes on a rail A white box is marked 'Amy labour makeup'

Amy looks into the camera She has a pregnant belly and is smiling Measure for Measure – tech week (Music stops) People are gathered around a small hatch in the stage with a grill over it Graeme looks at it

GRAEME: Don't think I can fit in that V/O: Cut to Amy in her dressing room AMY: Tech has just started and I got myself ready – really quickly, I was very proud of myself – and then um, I got told that my dress was on backwards So, that's a good start, isn't it? It is Monday 24th of June and today is our first day of tech on 'Measure for Measure'! This evening is our first tech session and we're working through the opening sequence and the first two scenes This afternoon we had an understudy line run and it was the first time that all the understudies have been together in the same room doing their understudy parts because we've been rehearsing in the evenings so the 'Shrew' lot have been rehearsing separately to the 'As You' lot because obviously when we're rehearsing 'As You' have got a show and vice versa

So, that was really nice to actually all be in the same room and do the play! THEN Hannah, Sophie Khan Levy – not Stanton cos Stanton isn't in this one Oh, Stanton where are you? Wherefore art thou Stanton? Shakespeare We had to go and do a band call because we do a little bit of singing in the show For the nun song, the three of us are side of stage in front of a couple of mics and they've marked out where we have to stand so we're the perfect distance away from the mic every single time and we have headphones on so we can hear piano which you can't hear Is that cheating? Maybe

Do we care? No And we have a little screen so we can see Gareth the MD – or Lindsey who will be MD-ing as well – so we can see Gareth telling us when to come off notes V/O: Amy swishes with her hand AMY: This isn't what – I don't know what this is I'm not a musical director Maybe one day

Definitely not I can't play instruments I triedfailed And now here we are! We're all in costume This is my first Juliet costume Juliet is heavily pregnant I haven't just had a big lunch – or have I? V/O: Mel and Patrick are in the wings in costume

Patrick has two little silver drum sticky things attached to his army suit – I'm not really sure where they are Mel starts to drum with them on Patrick's chest PATRICK: See, Cozy Powell! MICK (of camera): She's got a real good rhythm AMY (off camera): Mel! MICK: That's actually good drumming, like AMY: It's really good MICK: You're a surprise drummer V/O: Amy has a sign saying 'Fornicatress' around her neck She looks at the camera and shrugs

Tom is filming Amy in the canteen He pretends to tickle Amy's nose She pretends to feel it They laugh Day Two

Cut to Tom TOM: (slurred) Hello, this is Froth, checking in here at the RSC V/O: Tom has a crazy bow tie on TOM: Here we have erm V/O: Pan to Lucy, who's dressed like a nun TOM: LOO-SEA, playing the role of erm, cross bearer Hmm, mmm AMY: Okay we're going into labour This is before

V/O: Amy is in standard makeup AMY: And after! V/O: Amy is pale, sweaty with red eyes Amy leans on her hand AMY: Urgh, glycerin So they put glycerin on me to make me all sweaty – I don't know if you can see it

V/O: You can't AMY: in the light, maybe not And I've just got it all over my hand Fantastic V/O: The auditorium is partially lit

Day three Cut to Amy in her dressing room AMY: Today we're blocking from the top of part two, so my first outfit is this kind of Tiny Tim inspired Gavroche-esque ensemble I make it work Single and ready to mingle

V/O: Amy points at the camera Tom is side of stage You can just about see some actors performing on stage in the background Tom walks out on stage Picks up a chair, as the lights dim

He walks off stage, back into the wings, places the chair down and looks at the camera TOM: Three years at drama school V/O: Cut to David side of stage in blood splattered clothes AMY: How's tech going David? DAVID: It's going very well, thank you As you can see I'm – they've got me in the finest of clobber

AMY: What's great about you though is you can just pull off anything DAVID: Thank you so much AMY: Look at you DAVID: Stop flirting Okay? Cause you'll have me

AMY: I know V/O Cut to Alexander who has an ice pack over his eye AMY: So Alexander? (laughter) Alexander: Yeah (laughter) ALEXANDER: I just want to explain to everyone who sees the production photos (laughs) that there was an accident in which I – yeah, I fell! (laughter) AMY: Is it bad? ALEXANDER: Yeah, you wanna see? AMY: Go on V/O: He removes the ice pack – it's a little bit swollen! (Laughter) AMY: It doesn't actually look that bad on camera

Alexander: Okay! V/O: Cut to Amy outside AMY: That's me done for the day They haven't finished teching but I'm not in the final scene until quite near the end so I've been released V/O: Amy wheels around quickly AMY: Busy day tomorrow, quite a long day

So I'm gonna go home and sleep – did that make you go dizzy? Sorry Um, go home and sleep (Bright instrumental music) V/O: Hannah and Sophie are in a recording studio Gareth and Lindsey wave from the recording booth There is sheet music on the floor

This is day four Cut to Amy in her labour makeup (Music stops) AMY: We finished our technical rehearsals this afternoon and this evening we are having a dress rehearsal so we're in the middle of that right now We weren't expecting to have a dress rehearsal today Our main one is tomorrow so this is a lovely bonus! V/O: A sunny view of the river and trees

Day five Cut to Amy AMY: What a lovely day to be in a dark theatre V/O: Amy is in her dressing room AMY: We are almost at the interval of our Friday dress rehearsal

Look at that curl V/O: Close up on Amy's curl AMY: Perfect! Grew it myself! (laughs) I feel like I should probably tidy up V/O: Amy pans down to show her dressing room table is a little bit of a mess AMY: Oh deary me V/O: Sophie looks like she's going to a Disney princess ball

Lucy holds up a can of deodorant to her mouth SOPHE: I'm very excited LUCY: Cause you're going to a ball tonight? SOPHIE: Cause I'm going to a ball tonight but I can't stay past midnight LUCY: What's your name? SOPHIE: Cinderelly LUCY: Elly – ella

BOTH: A LUCY: A SOPHIE: A LUCY: Under my SOPHIE: Umbrella LUCY: I've also not – SOPHIE: Isabella

A BOTH: A, A LUCY: Under His umbrella, ella SOPHIE: Ella LUCY: A, A, A Cindy and Isabella

BOTH: Ella, Ella A, A, A, A, A, A! V/O: Amy and Graeme look into the camera Post first previous celebrations! Amy starts to laugh Tom, Leigh, Michael and James sat round a table Michael is singing

MICK: (sung in style of Adele) Been wondering if after all this time you'd like to meet JAMES: Now in the style of Cher MICK (sung in louder, higher pitch): Time you'd like to meet! (Laughter) MICK: I don't know what Cher sounds like! V/O: David and Tom talk directly to the camera

DAVID: Hey Amy from the future This is me and Tom You can put this in the – OFF CAMERA: Are you vlogging? DAVID: What? OFF CAMERA: Are you vlogging yourself? DAVID: Do you mind? Oh my days You're RUINING it! TOM: We've been rehearsing this for, like, the last half hour V/O: Chairs with people's names on them Day six

Cut to Amy in her dressing room AMY: Today we've just been – well we came in for notes and then we worked some things on the stage, changed some bits in the afternoon and we're in the middle of our second preview but I feel likethis is a good place to end the vlog

So, hope you've enjoyed this insight into tech week It's been the happiest, smoothest calmest tech that I've ever experienced so I'm very happy this week and I'll see you next week! V/O: Amy gives a a thumbs up and cut to black James is in front of the theatre on his own at night JAMES (sung): Lonely I'm mister lonely(laughing) I have nobody (laughter) (spoken) GO HOME! V/O: Cut to black

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