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The Maritime Industry under-utilizes their Tech Support, Costing Hundreds of Thousands.


Port operators and other logistics companies pay millions in underutilized tech support, cloud fees, and licensing fees Updating digitization in a port, in a warehouse, or a route logistics company is costly, causes delays, and requires retraining of personnel

How many times does someone actually call the helpdesk? If they ask anyone, it's the person next to them The system's being used aren't being used to capacity, and even if they were, they are already outdated Holo Sail Technologies Incorporated's unique state-of-the-art technology and practical approach will enable a seamless transfer of ports, third-party logistics companies, or Steamship Lines current costly software solutions with no costly tech support, cloud usage fees, or maintenance charges There will be no downtime or retrain or go live due to our advanced artificial intelligence that will make the experience user-friendly, and put the right information in front of the right people in real-time Holo Sail Technologies will enable all management, employees, and labor to know what they need to know to be productive and make their jobs easier

Holo Sail Technologies Incorporated's business model is as advanced as our technology We save our customers cost, improve their employees work experience, and provide the tools to generate new revenue While other technology companies business models rely on building profits through fees and charges for helpdesk systems that aren't fully utilized Holo Sail Technologies will help you utilize technology to its full potential, only generating revenue when you do So jump on board, and sail into the future with Holo Sail Technologies Incorporated

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