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The Innovation Metropolis: Chicago's Smart Tech District


A Century Ago, Chicago's African-American Business Pioneers had restricted access to goods, products and services So They Built Bronzeville – City within-a-city it became a thriving Mecca with its own economy it was studied, documented and and know as … The Black Metropolis Over decades, Business Enclaves like Bronzeville have experienced steep decline

Today a new breed of talented civic entrepreneurs has emerged They have preserved the best of the Black Belt It’s rich cultural heritage the historic built environment plus have taken the intellectual capital and acumen of the legendary business pioneers Together they are working with industry and institutions and have identified a viable community economic development engine It is a Renewable Energy Platform that will connect the Bronzeville/South Lakefront region with Smart City infrastructure and IoT These dedicated developers have found adaptive re-uses for existing real estate assets Their plans incubate new enterprises that will create sustainable solutions Bronzeville is again inventing and educating a new workforce a tech talent pipeline that will move the community from Blue Collar to Green Collar Jobs This 20/20 Vision has switched on the resilience of Human Capital that has been stored far too long

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