The Human Eye Smartphone Camera Changes EVERYTHING

Xiaomi Mi Mix with LIQUID LENS TECHNOLOGY, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Galaxy A82 Camera, Snapdragon 780G OFFICIAL & More news!

Mi Mix Concept by –
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73 thoughts on “The Human Eye Smartphone Camera Changes EVERYTHING

  1. But reducing the size is not actually great news, still be the amount of light a lens can capture, and small lens can't let much light get in, so they need to take both things as considerations, humans eyes are not small and we have two, so if they are going after human eyes they need to get it right.

  2. It's a revolutionary sensor.
    But everyone are talking about The Xiaomi Mi Mix but they forgot wich company brought this idea on the table. Huawei had plans to put that sensor in P40 sereis and Mate40 Series but the delayed to P50 series wich is being rumored that gonna be announced this month. If the sensor doesn't appear now, it may appear in Mate50 Series. So, it may not be the first one. Kkksks you could be surprised

  3. Samsung camera on phones are not realistic nowadays, it automatically edit the skin of any person in the photo to brown, like when you capture it in camera it looks white but whe you look it inside the image gallery it became brown.

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