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The Hottest Tech At Ironman Frankfurt | GTN Tech Tour


– Right, so we're here at the expo in Frankfurt – Yeah, this is the Ironman European Championships

I'm not sure I've seen an expo quite this big before – No, it's pretty big, isn't, Mark? It stretches out both sides of the street down here behind us so I think there's a lot of good stuff in there – Yeah, well we thought we'd have a bit of fun today actually, kind of a bit of a battle, a tech tour battle We're going to split sides and come back with the best stuff I'm going to come back with best stuff

– I think I'm going to come back with it – Right, let's do it, let's go – Let's go (upbeat music) Right, so we're here to start things off at the Hoka stand And this is their brand-new shoe, the Carbon X

It's got carbon plate right through the sole Super stiff, I can't get any bend in that sole at all and what that does is, it really promotes a midfoot-forefoot landing point when you're running There's a much larger surface area there to just give you much better toe-off and better energy to return too So, all in all this is a pretty cool bit of kit – Well, this is a brand-new release from Koo, which is kind of a branch to the Kask brand, who are a partner at the channel here

So we already chat about this a little bit on the channel before, this is the Koo billy Now, this is quite a small product, just goes on the stem of your handlebars and attaches your sunglasses to it So mid-ride you can just take your sunglasses off, pop them onto the Koo billy Nice and easy like that Store 'em away safely, and wack 'em back on when you need

Pretty smart – Right, so I've moved along the expo here and we've found the Skinfit stand Now, Skinfit's an Austrian brand, but hugely popular here in Europe, you see it at all the big races So, here we are in Frankfurt and there's going to be Skinfit everywhere on race day Now, this is their brand-new fully-sleeved skin suit, which they tell me they're really pleased with because fully sublimated, everything is woven into the fabric

But also, on their sleeveless model which I've got here, you can see some of their features they got in here that they're really pleased with They've got a brand-new double layer Shami that they say is super comfy, and on the back, a nice pocket system that keeps everything snug and not falling out, so gels or whatever you want to put in there, apparently they say is really, really good, updated So, yeah, nice to see some new stuff from Skinfit – Oh, hey, we're at DT Swiss stand now Now, DT Swiss are not only well known for their great wheels, but also for their hubs

Now, their patent actually recently expired which happens with most patents over time, but this has really opened up the doors for DT Swiss So this is their new Ratchet EXP, where they've basically redeveloped and redesigned their already great hubs So what they've done on this, is they've managed to include the bearing system and the ratchet system in the thread ring So not only is that reducing the number of parts within the hub, which obviously reduces the weight of the whole hub, also means that the bearings have greater distance between the two, which you can see, using this very strong spring here, pushes all those parts apart That in turn increases the stiffness of the hub by, what'd they say, 15%

So yeah, very exciting Only released about six weeks ago, too – Right So we've moved on in the expo again, and we've made it to the Canyon tent Now, although they've got a really interesting thing sitting over there, Patrick Lange's current replica race bike, or even his current race bike, I'm not sure, he might be on it tomorrow, but either way, that's busy with lots of people

So I'm having a look at this thing, which I also think is really interesting, because this is their most up-to-date Aeroad frame, the Aeroad CF SL And I really am interested in this color wave, silver and black Canyon always do some eye-catching colors and as you guys know, I love my paint jobs So yeah, I think Mark's going to be hard-pushed to beat this one – I'm just swinging by the Ryzon stand, which seems to be a popular brand with a lot of people out there

We're seeing Jan Frodeno, obviously, racing in their suits Now, this is the new Ryzon x Canyon suit Not much really to report here, it's not essentially new tech, but it's a very nice design It's definitely caught my eye I got a couple of good bits already

I wonder how Fraser's getting on To be honest, I feel like I'm just warming up, and I can see some great stuff on my side over here – Well, actually Mark, I think you're wrong, because I'm here at Selle Italia, and I find their new saddle, the Iron Evo This is actually going to be on Patrick Lange's bike tomorrow This is their brand-new model, it's an evolution of their previous saddle model, and they've got a slightly wider nose here, but what's really interesting with this saddle is, they've got dual density foam in here

So there's two types of these saddles, one that has a softer density of padding and another one that has got a slightly firmer, so you can make that choice Also got a nice set of carbon rails on this model, there's also one that hums with aluminum rails, so these carbon rails make this saddle really pretty light, just about 240 grams or so So this is a really, really interesting bit of kit, Selle Italia's new triathlon model – Right, well I've just some across Swim Powerplates Now this is a product I've not really seen before, I've seen swim benches and whatnot before, been chatting to the CEO of the company, Peter

This is something he's developed for himself and his own training in his own home He's bodged together a few parts, but now he is producing this product, Swim Powerplates Essentially, two paddles that you can connect from the ceiling of your room and practice your swimming within your own home, or your form Or check out your sweat marks, as I am right now Or you could do a bit of butterfly, if you wanted

There, really nice, simple product How about that, Fraser? – Right, I think I can match you there, Mark, because here we are at Castelli Long been a huge fan of Castelli clothing, really functional, super comfy And this was their top-of-the-range trisuit, the all-out speedsuit Really nice long, figure-hugging sleeves there

Full zips so you can open up if you need to go to the toilet Really comfy Shami, all that good stuff But it's the color that really drew me to this It's a really bright, eye-catching color Not going to miss anybody out on course wearing that

And talking about colors, here's some of the really nice bits of kit for the girl stuff So this is two different versions of the same undervest that they're making You can also wear it out on the bike on a nice hot day like today So, some really cool stuff coming from Castelli – Right, how about this then, Fraser? These are the new Defenders by Rudy Project

Check them out! Now, few things on this product They've actually increased the lens height, and that in turn means they're not blocking the field of vision across the top So there's no frame in the way, so works with all sorts of bike positions, both on road bike, but also TT bikes When you're getting down super-aero, you want to be able to look out the top of your eye vision And with a lot of sunglasses, that would be blocked by the top of the frames

So here, I can see really perfectly straight ahead of me Another thing that's also, really cool, is you can actually just bend the frame and adjust it for your face So, ear height, eyes, everything like that Really comfortable glasses – Right, made it to the heart of the expo here, and getting into the meat and the bones of the tech at the CeramicSpeed stand

Some very exciting bits of kit here in front of me, most notably their chains, their UFO-coated chain, which is very well-known, especially amongst the pro ranks Possibly the most recognizable bit of CeramicSpeed kit is this This is their oversized pulleys, which you see all over the place now Really friction-free stuff with these, and even further, we've got the bottom bracket in here which is CeramicSpeed too So, I promise you, Mark, this is going to be hard to beat

– Oh, sorry, right Okay, copy that I am at the EMCOOLS stand, and it is extremely hot here in Frankfurt, so this is pretty apt for right now This is essentially an ice pack, but really it's a little bit more than that, because in these pockets, not just water There's also carbon which has a higher conductivity of heat, meaning it's not going to melt quite as quickly as you would with water

Now I've actually, right now, got one of these packs on here Now interestingly, this has come from medical development for cardiac arrest, and has now come into sport So the idea being, this is for recovery, you can slip these packs into a number of pockets on this little sleeve or house I've got here You put this on different parts of the body, at the moment they're on my calf, and it is really nice and cold But, really interesting thing is, whereas normally you get an ice pack, whack that on the skin and it almost feels like burning, this actually feels really quite pleasant

Really quite enjoying this now, as you caught me doing before, and apparently it lasts a very long time Even once I remove it, I'm still going to feel that cooling effect for quite a while after But yeah, I think I might just stay here a little bit longer, actually – Right, I've definitely beat you here, Mark, because this is actually Patrick Lange's race bike getting tuned up here in the CeramicSpeed workshop before race day tomorrow So what we've got here is his custom oversized pull

Only Patrick has this particular color wave, but what's really exciting and completely unique to Patrick is, if you can just see in here, engraved on the oversized pulley is the time that Patrick did at Kona last year, and his hashtag #betherecordbreaker, which is his own little personal slogan Really exciting to see that – So, you might be wondering why I'm vibrating right now, and that's 'cause I've got this, the BLACKROLL Booster You might be wondering why I've got something like this here, but this is for massage for pre, post exercise This being released a couple of months ago

Nice and easy to activate, switch on and off, increase the intensity or what not So, you can use it here This light section here you can obviously use down the thigh, but also this bit can really pinpoint, almost like trigger point therapy, I guess Also, this little tool on the side here, almost fascia release and whatnot, so you can use that down on the muscles down through There, quite a cool product! Bet you didn't find anything like this, Fraser

Just walked past it, Fraser in a straightjacket What a numpty – Right, so this is a really exciting Bev kit that you can see me wearing here This is a professional sports recovery that I've made my way along to here in the expo Now this is some fully German-engineered, medically-approved kit that is not long moved into the sports market

Now I used to have compression-type boots when I was racing, but this is something I've never worn before for the upper body So as I'm chatting to you, I'm being compressed in my arms, my shoulders, even my torso and my lower back is starting to feel compressed So, really good recovery system for anything that you're doing on the upper body, whether you've been in the gym or if you've got some injuries, or if you've been swimming So definitely applicable to triathletes, but whole host of other sports too are using this professional sports recovery system So I can definitely give you a big thumbs up if I could get my thumbs out of these arms

– Well, it doesn't always have to be big, fancy products This is a magnet Now, this is BIBup, and as the name suggests this is for your race bibs, your numbers These are just two magnets on either side that you basically can connect on the inside of your suit or your vest, your jersey, whatever you're wearing, and then the other side of the magnet, on the other side is to hold that bib in place without you having to use safety pins, going through your nice kit, ruining your kit or anything like that But the really cool thing is, they all come in slightly different designs

So I've got the German flag here because obviously we are in Germany We've got the French flag down here We've got some Swiss flags, American flags, all sorts So it seems like, well every country I guess Some other just really cool designs

Nice, simple I like it – Right, so we've made our way along to the Stages stand in the expo Now they're very well-known, famous for their parameters that you can see behind me there on the poster But this is the new addition to the Stages family

So this is their head units So these are the Dash members of the family We've got L for large and M for medium, basically means they've got more options for profile fields or data fields There's up to 16 can be held on this screen, 12 on this screen as well, so still loads of options for seeing all your data But some really cool functions, really excellent cycling-specific maps inside here, where they can show you the cycle paths that are close by or even coffee chops or bike shops, which is really fun

And another really good feature, you can see here on this screen, is a color wheel that you can load in your parazones and things like your FTP, and that'll actually show you how hard you're working in a ride So loads of really excellent functions that Stages have thought about to make these head units really good bits of kit – Well, I don't know about you, Fras, but I think I absolutely smashed that – You didn't see what was on my side of the expo, Mark I have got you floored

– Well, we'll have to throw it to you guys You guys can decide So we've got a poll that's popped up on screen right now Did Mark win it, or did Fraser win it? – Now, if you have enjoyed this video, please hit that thumb up/like button Find the globe on screen to get all the other videos that we have here on GTN

And if you want to see a video that I did of the tech tour down in Oceanside, well you can find that here – Yeah, and if you'd like to see a Transition tour, we had some quite cool tech there That's from Samorin at the championship event The age group ranks, you see that by clicking just down here

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