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The Hottest Tech At Challenge Roth | GTN Expo Tour


(electronic music) – I'm here at the Challenge Roth expo and I'll be honest, I thought I'd been to some sizeable expos in my time but this one, it's enormous and it takes it to a whole new level So we're going to get in there and have a look around and see what we can find

(upbeat music) So here we are at the Sporcks stand which is a Spanish socks brand from Valencia actually And they've got quite the collection of colors of socks here, all sorts of different varieties and colorways Can't really miss them actually, we've got some triathlon-specific, run-specific and even bike-specific socks So pretty much everything you could want to choose from and I think I'm going to be having a little look at my favorite pair after this video's done So we've made our way to the apparel company Fe226

So Fe representing the symbol for iron in the periodic table, 226 for the number of kilometers in a full-distance triathlon So quite a funky little name that they've put together Danish brand, very innovative so this material here I'm told is one of the faster that is on the market right now Many watts quicker than a lot of suits tested in the tunnel and/or the track, apparently with their top athletes In fact, Andi Boecherer, who's going to be racing here in Roth this weekend, he will be wearing this suit

Franz Loschke who was third in Frankfurt last weekend wore this suit too and apparently this is an excellent material for really feeling cool in the hot conditions that we're getting in Europe right now This has been treated with something called ColdBlack which can make even a black suit like this feel a lot cooler in hot conditions so that's excellent for long-distance racing The material's got something really funky about it called four-way stretch so it just feel really flexible It is as fast as a swim skin in the water, even though it's not a swim skin, it's just a regular tri suit So there's an awful lot of features in this suit that makes it really appealing to triathletes racing long course

So something a little bit more fun here, we're at the KMC stand and you can see here behind me their collection of different colored chains that they offer And that's what's particularly unique about the KMC chain, it's an extremely durable and lightweight chain, anyway but all these different colors you can see here, they apparently will last for thousands of kilometers, they tell me, which is pretty cool The colors don't wear out and obviously you can choose any color there that might match your particular frame color So that's a pretty exciting thing to have on your bike if you ask me And interestingly too, at Challenge Roth this weekend Andi Dreitz, he's going to be riding, I presume a blue one to match his bike

(upbeat music) Right so we're at the Swiss Side booth now and this is some very exciting kit that we've got here This is F1, Formula One technology brought over to cycling And this here is Swiss Side's pressure measurement rake as they call it So as you can see, it sits here on the back of the seat tube behind the rider when they're riding out on the real world and the whole point of this is that a rider can go into the wind tunnel and get the measurements registered in there in the wind tunnel But as they say here at Swiss Side, they don't want to win the race in the wind tunnel, they want to be effective out in the real world too

So this measurement rake here, you can see all these different data points that come off it, and that allows them to work out the pressure losses out there in the real world so they can mimic, hopefully what's happening in the wind tunnel, take it out onto the road with the riders and they've actually already done this with Patrick Lange and Laura Philipp and they've already been testing to kind of make sure that what they're creating in the wind tunnel is the same out on the road Pretty nifty stuff So we've arrived at the CUBE stand now and they've got another really exciting bit of kit This is brand new, just released yesterday ahead of the Tour de France, the team that's racing on it there This is the new CUBE C:68 Litening SLT which is their brand new aero road bike

Three years in the making, I've been told in their design and R&D, they've been testing that out with the top athletes like Andi Bocherer and others and this is a really stunning bit of kit I mean, it's completely integrated, there's not a cable in sight on that frame To be honest, I wish I could go and take it for a ride myself (upbeat music) Right so now we've moved onto the VELOSOCK stand in the expo and this is a little bit different, I haven't seen one of these before but I think it's a really good idea So this is a cover for your bike, as you can see, covering the drive chain, the wheels, basically everything that gets dirty on the bike and well, stops stuff getting scratched or covered in oil or dirt

I think that's a really cool idea One step further, they've actually got an entire bike cover which means if you're putting it on the bike rack, outside the car, then nothing's going to get dirty or get the rain on it if you're going on a long drive Or even, as I've seen in transitions here already, you can leave your bike racked overnight with this cover on it (upbeat music) So if you hadn't already noticed, I'm in the Quintana Roo stand here and I couldn't possibly walk by without a quick stop because the color schemes in here are absolutely super There's all sorts of bright colors, you got bright blue, bright red, bright pinks and this one here on my right shoulder is probably my favorite

This is an army green with the black decals and it just stands out, for me, really well I'd love to ride a frame like that So we've made our way to the Deboer stand here at the expo and this is the Fjord wetsuit, their brand new suit or one of their two brand new suits and I am luckily going to be able to give this thing a try in the swimming pool So I'm going to pop over there now and see what it feels like (upbeat music) It's got some really exciting features, now the first one I'll talk about is this ribbed neoprene feature you can see here which is something they call WhaleSkin

They've taken seven mil-thick neoprene and squashed it down into five mil which then makes it legal, that's as thick as you can have on any panel in a wetsuit Another really great feature that they've got on this is their arms Now these are only 03 of a mil thick which is the thinnest neoprene that is available on the market, full stop And another really excellent feature on these is, and something I don't really want to try too hard, but I'm told they're completely rip-free

All in all, I can see these being really popular (upbeat music) Right now, although this strictly speaking isn't tech I couldn't really walk past the Clif stand without a quick peek at their vast array of tasty flavors Most notably, their very famous Clif Bar In fact, they've been around since the early 1990s so they're an industry leader on the nutrition front and I must say, this is some of the stuff that I always used to love having in my back pocket when I was training or even having on an Ironman or a long-distance race so I guess I should have a try of one of their flavors (upbeat music) Moving onto helmets and we've stopped here at the Uvex booth and this is their current top-of-the-range TT helmet, the Race 8

And they say this is a very aerodynamic helmet and it certainly looks it and there's some interesting features on the helmet Most notably, the visor Like a lot of TT helmets now, it has some magnetic strips that means when you pop that visor off it will snap on pretty much anywhere on to the top of the helmet so you don't have to worry about losing your visor when you take it off Really useful if it's a changeable type of weather conditions race so I like that Another useful fact about the helmet is it's got a really big ventilation vent right here on the front which is a good thing to have on a TT helmet 'cause often they can get really hot

And finally, an aspect of this helmet that's just good is it's got quite a short back, cut it off quite low there which means if you do pop your head down which we often do when we're racing, you're not going to have a tail poking way up into the air So Uvex don't just make TT helmets of course, they also make a whole range of other helmets So this one here caught my eye, quite literally with the flashing lights Is is their City Light version which is obviously really good for being seen in the dark or just in cities in general so really like that function As you can see, it's got some flashing lights, we've got the blue lights on the front and then red lights on the back just like you had on any normal car so I think that's a really interesting feature to add on to helmet, I haven't seen that on any other helmets and you probably can't fail to notice the vest that I'm also wearing which is another product that Uvex are making for you to be really seen and nice and safe when you're out in the cities at nighttime

So this vest has the flashing lights so you can see me, a bit like a Christmas tree But really safe, you can't really miss me and it's got a charger pack inside there, or power pack, rather, that you can charge up the batteries so that you can always have your flashing lights going You don't have to have the one that comes in here, you could use your own battery pack either just plugs in with a USB So we've got another sock brand here but this is a little bit different 'cause we're now in compression territory This is the CEP booth and they are a German brand but with their roots very much based in the medical profession, which they've taken over into the sports industry with all that technology moved over

So they have all sorts of different socks on offer, everything from short socks, running socks and obviously the more famous long-sleeved compression socks which you can use for training, for racing or indeed as I used to often do, when you're traveling on long-haul flights or even long car journeys, just helps you feel that little bit fresher when you get to the other end (upbeat music) So a quick stop here at the Orca stand 'cause this clearly caught my eye, as you can see it's really bright and that's the whole point in it So this here is a swimrun safety buoy, so specifically for doing swimrun events I'm pretty sure Mark would really like one of these Now this has got some shoulder straps here so that you can wear it for the entirety of the swimrun race, obviously when you're running on land, that's fine and even when you're swimming, apparently that's not a problem either 'cause it's got some chest straps as well

It's also got another feature for training if you want to just use a waistband like a traditional swim buoy so that's pretty useful, you can take that off if you want to for swimrun races So really interesting bit of kit there So I couldn't walk past the Zipp stand without quickly stopping to have a look at this disc behind me because this is their Super-9 Disc, current model but it's an anniversary disc which was from the 1980 original disc wheels So this is the 30th anniversary, last year they brought this out But in 1988 they had four original colorways, they had white, blue, pink and yellow

And obviously this is the white one here but you can buy all colorways on the Zipp website But this is just a really funky disc, you don't see many brightly-colored discs outside of the pro ranks So if you fancy having a little bit of something different on your bike, well this might be for you So that was a fun wander around the expo there, definitely got in amongst it and found some interesting bits and pieces In particular, the swimrun gear caught my eye and if was something of note that you like, please drop it in the comments below, I'd love to hear that

Hopefully you've enjoyed this video so please hit that thumb up like button and find the globe on screen to get all the other videos on our channel And if you want to see another tech tour, well you can find that here

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