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The future of the bank, tech and innovation is you |Techweek Societe Generale


There are a multitude of dimensions in which we move forward: scaling up, using data, profound modification of our ways of doing things, these are the major challenges of the coming years Data will allow us to better understand our customers and to be more relevant in the offers we're going to be able to make them

Clearly, artificial intelligence is key to develop value, we can nowadays improve our business processes, and customize with our customers We're going to get some documents on which we will find important keywords, on which we're going to pass compliance checks Open Banking, we're talking about the business model of the platform, Societe Generale's ability to work, to co-create with external actors, with our customers, to build tomorrow's products All this transformation is possible thanks to to the digitalization of our processes, to the servicisation of our IT system through the APIs We do what is called Banking As A Service, we have an e-money license which gives us the right to market payment services

The purpose is to provide value quickly to the customer, and the experience must be the same for the customer, the Societe Generale staff, and the partner We have moved from Green IT to the Sustainable IT Charter, which carries much more dimensions that just what you might call the "Green" There is responsibility in innovation, there is innovation in responsibility, how the two can serve each other for a better world We have a special responsibility in terms of IT and digital It is a major energy consumer, of natural resources, and on the other hand it is a major employer in the sector

How to allow us banks to audit the quality of our data, without revealing our customer relationship? Thanks to the technology called "Confidential Computing", data is audited and an individualized report is sent to each of the banks and "data vendors" telling them if their data are in consensus or not We see a lot of stands, mostly deep learning, and also a lot of virtual reality I discovered that Societe Generale was rather benevolent, very attentive to this changing world We feel that there is really something concrete, that there is sustainability that is achieved humanely, and regarding the tools between the two parts: startups and Societe Generale, and that, honestly, is amazing Last year I wrote an article "Classic banks haven't taken the shift to digital, I was wrong", since last year we talked a lot of artificial intelligence, we talked a lot of Cloud, various and varied things that really made me change drastically my point of view on the closed, monolithic side of the bank, and this year it confirms that feeling right there

Of course it's about AI, but it's widespread, the use of data by artificial intelligence, that's a given The other important point that struck me, it's this notion of openness, it's what they call Open Banking Coming next: the question of ethics of data, which basically means that there is not necessarily any bias in the data processing I am curious to see how it is going to evolve If I could sum up the day in one sentence, I would use 3 words: responsibility, sharing, inspiration

Because through all these different initiatives, we realize the tremendous potential we face on a lot of subjects, whether in terms of user experience, operational efficiency, or even new businesses

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