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    – What's up guys? Welcome to my new video and welcome to Hawaii (relaxing music) Now I actually partnered with Qualcomm on this video and I am here attending the Snapdragon Summit 2019 and we are gonna be talking about some super exciting things

    They actually announced two 5G mobile platforms We have the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, as well as the 765 and 765G mobile platforms Now the flagship 865 is actually the world's most advanced 5G mobile platform This means that there's gonna be unmatched performance as well as connectivity for the flagship devices in 2020 What does this mean for your or me and the average consumer, and how is it going to affect our daily life? Let's talk about one of my favorites which is cameras

    I feel like I was trying to not geek out about how excited I was about the camera quality, but what they announced was insane So now with the 865, it also allows for capturing Dolby Vision What this means is you can capture video featuring over a billion shades of color, 8K video capture, 4K video capture at 120 frames per second I also got a preview of the 960 frames per second capture which there is actually no time limit on You can capture indefinitely

    We also now have simultaneous 4K HDR video capture and 64 megapixel photo captures as well as 200 Megapixel photo captures The camera I'm shooting on right now can take I think a 40 Megapixel photo and it's heavy, it's expensive, it's massive Now that I can take a 200 Megapixel photo, that's insane And I know some people who are also pretty excited about the camera – Hey

    – We've got Saf, from SuperSaf TV – How you doing? – I'm good, how are you? – Good, good – So out of the announcements, what are you most excited about? – I'm excited about the 865 I mean, it's gonna be the flagship chip set in like most major smartphones next year Capable of 8K video capture, which is insane

    – It's crazy – Simultaneous 4K HDR video capture with 64 Megapixel image capture at the same time There's a lot of stuff that's very exciting There's also the 765 which is integrated 5G and that basically means you're gonna be able to get 5G on many more devices because it's a lot more affordable, so lots of exciting stuff – So many exciting things

    – I mean, I'm just excited about 5G Think about it, think about how fast everything's gonna be – It's gonna be amazing This year it's just been kinda starting out, so I think next year we're gonna see the real next level in the next age of 5G and it's gonna be in many more places – For sure

    I'm excited, yay The future is here, but it's almost really here It's 2020, it's gonna be a good year – And this is where it's starting up – Now the Qualcomm Spectra 480 ISP boasts a breakthrough camera processing speed of two Gigapixels per second, four pixels per clock cycle

    Also now with semantic segmentation it will be able to identify different objects or people and customize them accordingly Personally, I'm excited because it'll give my skin a little smoother look, it'll keep my hair nice and crispy and it will be able to adjust super intelligently without Photoshop I'm down And for the world's first, we have Dolby Vision 4K HDR video capture at 120 frames per second We also have 8K video capture at 33 Megapixels

    Another thing that I personally am always excited about is gaming Let's talk about gaming All right, guys I found another friend here in Maui This is Jon

    – Hello, Jenna – This is not your first year, correct? – This is not This is my, I'm a third year veteran – So I just saw Saf and I was like he's basically Mr Qualcomm but so are you

    You guys are tied – It's the only time of year that like this see through compelxion different shade of color – Okay, so what are you pretty excited about from all these announcements? – So I'm pretty stoked about the adrenal side of Snapdragon 865 It is amazing with a little bit of magic thrown in So more power efficient, it's huge, so I can game throughout the day, but also it is crazy more powerful too

    Like a third more powerful, so more power, and it also gonna last longer Those are wins – It's insane I actually already did a demo when I was like gaming on the device – Oh, look at me, I already did a demo

    – The device was actually plugged into a monitor It was just crazy There was like no lag in between It was so quick, it looked incredible and it was really fun I'm excited

    The future is cool It's also the first mobile platform on Android to support desktop forward rendering, which means that the game developers are able to bring desktop quality lighting and processing to mobile games to achieve a whole new level of realism So let's talk about AI At the heart of the AI engine, it's an improved Qualcomm hexagon tensor accelerator that has more than four times the TOPS performance of the previous, while operating with 35% more efficiency It also features the new Qualcomm Sensing Hub, which enables your device to be contextually aware of its surroundings at all time while using extremely low power

    Now the 865 also enables real time translation using AI Now I travel a lot and go to a lot of third world countries and I can only speak English Then I have to do this demo where it basically was taking what I was saying and translating it immediately into a different language Okay so right now I'm mic'd up, obviously, and what I am saying is being translated on this device I say a lot of things and it's able to keep up with me

    This is insane It is so quick and it's honestly happening instantly I don't speak Chinese, so I'm gonna have to just assume that this is pretty accurate – [Man] It's accurate – It's accurate

    All right, there we go Confirmed And all of this is possible with the AI engine as well as the 865 chip And the next thing we're gonna talk about today is connectivity If you're wondering why I'm wearing this sweater, it's gonna rain, and it's a little chilly today

    I'm not that crazy A little crazy Something that I actually can't wrap my head around is 75 Gigabits per second download speed and a 3 Gigabits per second upload speed What? Now I'm gonna go talk to some of my friends

    I'm gonna go see if I can find some more and ask them what they're most excited about I have found another friend This is David So let's talk about 5G Are you excited for 5G? – Yes

    I'm excited for first off the speeds, which everybody is excited about, right, it's the first thing we all think about oh, so much speed, but also there's like things like the low latency that I don't think anyone talks about – Right? – Which, not to get too nerdy, but that's gonna enable things like, if you have less than one millisecond latency, you can do things like not have storage on your devices anymore That storage can all be in the cloud because the time it takes for it to get from the cloud to you is gonna be faster than the storage in the device Same thing for like processing power and RAM and like it's just gonna make things really, really interesting – It's gonna be incredible

    The things that we're gonna be able to do in the future And the future's, it's basically here now I know 2020 is gonna be a really incredible year, so I'm very excited – Oh yeah, same, clearly – This is great

    Well David, thank you so much – Thank you for having me – You're not gonna believe it Mrwhosetheboss is behind me right now I wonder if he'll wanna be in my video

    Excuse me Look who it is, can you believe it? Actually, we were just in the demo together – It was very rigged – It was, I know, I'm not a good actress So what was your favorite demo that we just saw? – Cameras

    Like this whole chip is geared around cameras and I'm obsessed with it Like 8K video at 30 frames a second, super slow motion, continuous as long as you want literally until your storage runs out is what it said – It's insane Like we are both carrying around these big cameras filming these videos but like this is the future – It's not gonna be long, is it? I give it five years before I ditch my main camera

    – It's crazy, the quality of these tiny little cameras in just these phones It's crazy – The Dolby Vision as well You saw that, right? – Yes But, thank you

    Are you having fun in Hawaii? – It's all right, it's not bad There are worse places to have a tech rally – Yeah, for sure I have run into another friend here in Maui I hear that you are a little bit of a fingerprint expert

    – Well I actually made a whole video about the new 3D Sonic Max Fingerprint they've unveiled here How many times do you actually unlock your phone a day? – It's insane, way too many – Hundreds of times So, with this new sensor, it's 17 times larger, up to 20 times more accurate and more reliable, also you can use two fingers at once, it can actually measure your heart rate And so this is like building on, you know that ultrasonic sensor you got last time, just like the new version of that, so we'll start seeing this in some phones 2020

    Fingerprinting is not that exciting, but it's actually a big upgrade – But it is, because it's something that you literally use every single day – Yeah, we talk about gaming and cameras all day long, but unlocking your phone is such an important thing – So important Thank you so much and enjoy the rest of your time – Thank you

    – and I'll see you around Well guys, that's gonna wrap up this video Thank you so much for watching and thank you so much to Qualcomm for sending me out here to cover this event I have had the absolute best time I have to go get ready because we are going to a LuWOW

    There is more information in the description if you want to know about all the things I just talked about and I'll see you guys again soon for a new video (relaxing music)

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