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The foldable Samsung Galaxy F of your dreams ● Tech News ● #TECH


We’ve heard all sorts of great things about several of the new smartphones Samsung plans to release in 2019, and it all starts with the Galaxy S10 Samsung is supposedly working on a big overhaul to its Galaxy S line that includes a better all-screen design, a triple-lens rear camera, an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor embedded right in the display, and plenty more

But there’s another exciting new Samsung phone we want to focus on today — and if it ends up looking anything like the renders you’re about to see, you’ll want to focus on it too It’s called the “Galaxy F,” as rumor has it, and it’s going to be Samsung’s first ever foldable Galaxy phone No, we’re not talking about an old school flip phone from the 2000s We’re talking about an Android-powered smartphone with a display that actually folds in half Why would anyone want a foldable phone, you ask? It actually makes perfect sense

Bigger is better when it comes to smartphone displays, but we’ve already gotten to a point where phablets are too large to use comfortably Some recent smartphones don’t even fit in your pants pocket without poking out the top All-screen designs are helping, but a foldable phone could be the best of both worlds It could have a screen that’s even larger than any phablet out there now, but it would still be compact enough to carry easily when folded Samsung has openly discussed the fact that it’s working on a foldable Galaxy phone for years, but we still only have a few rumors to go by when it comes to figuring out the phone’s design

That didn’t stop Dutch blog Nieuwemobielnl from imagining Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy F in a series of renders, and the result might just be the folding Samsung phone of your dreams

Source: Youtube

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