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THE END OF IT ALL!! TerraTech #17


So dudes I have got a lot to show you this episode I have been playing this game for like two days straight I have no life

So check this out first things first Look at the bottom center of the screen We have 19 million block bucks When we left off last episode remember we had like 500,000? Now I got 19 million So what I'm gonna do let me head back I've also relocated our base Remember our base was over that way? I've relocated our base check this out

This is sick dudes, and I've also upgraded The Hawkeye to level 3 which I want to make something with this I have an end goal for this video I want to show you guys something if I can spawn this thing in from what I've seen it looks si- Ok so here's my new base check this out way and also dudes uhh Mmm Terra Tech, hit that like button Did I convince you hopefully you hit the like button for me Anyway, so check this out, I've moved bases remember I showed you this like three episodes ago There was a bunch of farms right here of the green crap, right? Look at this Look how much green crap spawns here We have a 19 million block bucks right now look at thi- And also in between episodes I found this I don't know if it- I don't know what I found this but I have this Hawkeye Fabrication thingy right here, right? I've been crafting a bunch of stuff in between episodes You guys want to see Grussel? actually first up I'm gonna I'm gonna Bring Russell or Grussell back in So I've updated you guys Remember Harussell the the harvesting Russell

I gave him a giant upgrade too look at this, Look at this He's got he still got the same Uh harvesters where you can pick stuff up like all the resources like I go to this tree Break this and I get all the stuff right there But I've also gave him better wheel and also look in the center here You see this block right here Check this out You know how these these turrets right that are around my base destroy stuff Check this out whenever I want to go around and collect all these blocks All I do is go up to it, in the bottom left You see this little anchor button watch this whenever I hit this hold on, I got to find even ground Hold on

Hold on Hold on Here we go The SCU the Soul Stealer is attached to the harussell So I can I have a mobile soul sucker Hah, look at this Tell me that's not awesome (It is) So not only do I get endless amounts of resources with harussell All I have to do is hit the anchor button And then I suck souls that sounds terrible, why do I say things Whoa, whoa get away get away big bubbles and here goes Big Bertha Good job big bertha So what I do now just go over here hit the anchor button and now we're sucking Souls Okay, so those are the upgrades to her rustle next upgrades check this out I probably showed it in the intro but check this out Grussell has gotten so many changes check this out Hold on Let's find him Where is he? Yeah, Russell Rocket

Check this out lo- Look at him Look at all these changes This right here This is called a Hawkeye hold on, I can't see it So many too many numbers a Hawkeye mk3 battleship cannon Watch this just watch the destruction Just watch how far her Russell flies backwards whenever I shoot once ready look at that! And I've also upgraded all of the heat-seeking missiles with these Hawkeye cruise missiles These things are insane Get ready for this ready fist You ready for this? Look at this little ah, look at this little ship over here

See this little guy Hey little guy Whatchu doing? Just you ready for you ready for explosion ready for this? Goodbye little guy, you will be missed ;( Okay, let's go find some of us I want to test out these cannons now the Mk threes Let me see if I can find like a bigger a bigger tank actually before I go do that Let's uh, let's go get a charge I really need to get some battery charge That could have been bad We this this Grussell is worth a lot of money Okay, so let's get a charge up Let's suck Harussell back in there you go

Come to me Harussell, okay Let's charge our batteries Let's go find a big tech I want to test out these giant cannons also, like I said I need to craft something and then I'm gonna be spawning Something in with this load that with this load tech thing if I can get this to work it is gonna be sick Oh, yeah, and also check this out on the front of this I put like a billion of these rail guns Hawkeye rail guns and look look at this Look how far these things shoot Oh, Wait, there's a check over there

Oh, I'll be over there in a second Just just hold on check what watch the rail gunshot watch how far they go Look at that you see it off in the distance? let's see if I can shoot that tree way over there Hold on Did I hit it I can't tell, hold on, hold on, Wow look at the rails Okay, how big is this tech Oh this tech is decent-sized Alright, let's see if I can I want I want to get to where these cannons hit it first ready Big big bertha Can you not kill everything Iwant to kill? jerk, let's go find another one Oh, look at, actually this one right behind it Here we go I wanna see if I can get my Hawkeye cannons on this thing Here we go

Here we go Russell do like a tire should show that tick again It had like shields all over it It just got obliterated By these Mk3 cannons Oh my gosh That is insane This is what's left of him This Is It this is all you get this is it Okay so those are the upgrades to uh Grussel

So what I'm gonna do now, I want to go back to that ah that crafting station that I set up I want to craft something I think it's there I think okay Hold on Let's kill this guy Hello

Hello a small guy This is my mountain You are not allowed to be here No intruders Where did all those missiles go? Oh another one Hey, hey Hey

Hey Hey, this is my my mountain This is my Mountain This is my mountain Hey, hey, stop lagging This is my Mountain you get out of here Get out Oh my gosh, that is devastating

Okay, here we go let's go back I'm flying Okay, let's go over here to the crafting station So what I want to look for to craft, so you guys remember whenever my Geo Corp in the top left hit level three I was able to craft this terminal right to where I can buy any of the Geo Court blocks, right? I'm trying to see hold on Hold on Let's click on Hawkeye So this is these are all the blocks that Hawkeye I can craft with Hawkeye right? Here's all the guns Like I can craft another one of these Hawkeye cruise missiles right now I want to see if I can craft a payload terminal to buy anything I want well, let's see What is this? Hawkeye payload terminal craft It's crafting it's Auto crafting I was unsure if it was level 3 I had to be level 3 or level 5 Dudes, we just broke the game we are 100% Gonna be crafting or spawning in what I wanted to spawn in over here

This is gonna be sick Here we go Hold on Hold on let's back up Get outta here Grussel, Get outta here Grussel, you're bothering me Get outta here, get outta here I want to see what this payload terminal looks like Oh, this is this is sick

This is truly endgame stuff right here Oh crap Hold on I need more blue stuff, but I need more Celestial shards Okay Okay

So I've made all of this what I do over here on this payload terminal click this Scroll down, Ineed blue stuff and since I put it right there it auto drops on the scrapper Check this out because of the how it's all laid out Check this out it auto drops on the scrapper And then they get to auto scrapped, okay, we also need ignite Drop that that auto scraps and then gets thrown into the system Is that everything? Wait, do I have everything I need now? I Can tell okay things are still moving now, we're just waiting on the PAC's in MO dark, okay, which is auto craft Oh, here we go Oh Here it comes here goes approximate dark and crafting And there it is look at this That is the Hawkeye payload terminal, so if I click on this I Can buy anything with in the Hawkeye quest line Look at this It said Hawkeye cruise missiles

We need some Hawkeye cruise missiles Actually I think that's what that's what we do need Okay, let's go ahead and add let's just you know, let's buy a few of these I have almost 2 billion block bucks There we go Why not? I Just spent three hundred thousand dollars well worth it now, I'll take it So I'm trying to see what else I could buy

Is there anything else good? Oh, I can buy a bunch of the flight blocks This wrote all rotor fan Do this is sick This is truly endgame stuff here I think we have officially broke in this game not to mention We have 17 million block Baku Look at this big tank over here

Okay Okay, hold on I'm gonna test my can is real quick before I spawn in this thingy ready ready? It's cat and time boy At its finest here we go ready Russell it's just so open Nothing can stop the gossip All right So now it's the moment of truth Can I actually spawn this thing in hard? Let me kill this little guy Hello little guy

Hi, how you doing? How's life? How's the kids? Sorry about your luck okay, so I got on I forgot what website it was people like upload their text like I could upload crustle and you Guys could download it I Downloaded a tech that I want to test out I was just missing some blocks So, let's see if we can do this It's all the way at the top I called it attack horrible I got all the blocks I could spawn it in

Here we go Over the truth Remember? I think it was last episode I asked you guys if you wanted me to make or look for a better aircraft Don't let me know it hit the like button It's time Here we go Come on look at this look at that It is an actual attack helicopter Look at this thing It has missiles all underneath it I kind of want to add more missile since I bought a bunch what I must add some more missiles Okay, let's put some more of these Hawkeye missiles

Let's put one there Let's put one Let's put one there where elsewhere else Can we put some of these? Oh, maybe I can put more of these Oh Dude, this is so sick Oh, no, but super I could put more missiles on this thing I want to test out this helicopter Oh what if I put some on the side here? Oh, This looks so sick These we are gonna destroy everything from the sky, okay, we got more can I put more anywhere else? Well, let's keep looking at this

Yeah, I got these Hawkeye Autocannons, hold on Let's put these there and there oh, look at this what I want to shoot this shoots like Oh, Hold on Here we go I'm gonna hold space Well now let me get rid of the missiles, let me get rid of the missiles I want to listen those mini guns That sounded sick I am over the truth

Will this thing fly? Okay, here we go so if I press the button the shift button The propellers up top should start to spin We have liftoff, oh No, I might not be able to use the mini guns Dagger, you have to take the mini guns off All those mini guns are so signal Alright, I removed their mini guns Let's try this You ready? We looked off ah Look at this thing It is an actual helicopter Okay, I need to go forward, I need to go forward, I think I messed up the balancing by putting all these missiles Oh gosh

Oh gosh Nosedive Oh Here we go Alright let's go see if we could find a tack that we can dive bomb Oh, there's one right there There's one right there Here we go Wow, let me get some more ground totally fine for me Let me get a good angle on this thing dudes This helicopter is so sick

Oh, there's a tech spotting right there Wow, here we go drive-by time Wow, okay Let's all return fire turn around a panic I've Russell do a radio effect on my voice Come in Apache can't come in a packing attack the big yellow thing with the face Sorry I make you do things Russell Okay Here we go cue bat attack Oh I love this I love it

Okay, let's try to take over one dude This is awesome What I wouldn't see if I can find another tech like these missiles Look at this Imagine once they add multiplayer like multiplayer Uh, uh, Survival mode having air-to-air combat dudes This is gonna be sick

Hold on Hold on Let's see here any more text anymore text Apache This is gonna be so sick here we go eradicate enemy Tech's eradicate Enemy Tech's fire and fire at will New gown, alright, let's see how I can land this thing Let's see

Let's see if I can land this thing properly Like you should land Eh, oh, no No land it better no Well, that didn't go well I Have the awareness helicopter pilot in the world I Even lost one of my missiles Dang, hey little guy what you got going on? Nothing Oh I freaking love this game I deuce for now

Listen, I'm gonna end this video here I'm thinking about making this the finale of this series just because I've essentially beaten the game I don't know what else to do at least until they come up with multiplayer So you guys want me to continue this series? Let me know hit the like button down below But if not, I'm just gonna end it here I think We're not flying a helicopter We have 12 million block bucks I think we did pretty good so yeah again, hope you guys enjoyed the series hit the like button down below hit the subscribe button if you're new around here and Yes This was sick, dude We'll see you next time

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