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Texas Tech Welcomes Luis Herrera-Estrella As Newest Member Of Faculty


>> Lawrence Schovanec, President: This is a really significant occasion for us >> Bill Brown, Dean: With these hires and the hires to come, we feel that we are unmatched in our strength across the country and the world relative to cotton

>> Lawrence Schovanec: I'm very, very grateful to Governor Abbott for his leadership and his vision in providing that funding, of which we received $5 million, to help bring Dr Estrella here and Dr Arredondo and many other colleagues, researchers and graduate students who will follow them >> Luis Herrera-Estrella, Faculty: I've found here an atmosphere that helps you create things >> Bill Brown: There is an opportunity now for campus-wide and even cross-campus and beyond collaborations in the area of genetics and genomics, bioinformatics and other related areas of science

>> Luis Herrera-Estrella: People in Mexico ask me, "Why do you want to go to Texas Tech?" I got an offer from one of the top ten universities in this country And I said because I like challenges, and the only place where I was really offered a challenge was at Texas Tech >> Lawrence Schovanec: I think it's very significant that we're expanding strategic research that's important to this region, to this state and the nation >> Luis Herrera-Estrella: We come to contribute, to make Texas Tech more visible, to have higher impact, so our task is very important for us I don't want to be known for what I say

I want to be known for what I do

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