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Test: Honor 20 – gutes Kamera-Smartphone, aber nicht Premium | deutsch


hey is christian and i want my video today i have my test to the Honor 20 after you had it exactly one week in your hands with all the pro and contra show how the Honor 20 in terms of performance battery life but especially the camera has beaten that you see in the following minutes of mine but now I wish you much fun The Honor 20 is one of the few with dimensions of 154 by 74 and 79 mm more compact 63 inch smartphones more specifically, it's actually 62 6 inch with a resolution in 2340 x 1080 pixels resulting in a good pixel density of 412 pd mated with a lcd display offers the 179 gram heavy the white not only very good perspective but also a good white and acceptable black worth also the brightness offers enough power to synonymous with direct on the other hand, the colors are rather strong City of course, who this is nothing but in the settings make slight adjustment I like that it is not everyone's thing the buttons on the right side have a good accessibility and quality so that I have no criticism On top of that comes anna in the power button the fingerprint sensor quickly installs the device in typical huawei style and reliably unlocked although I was a bit confused at first Finally, you build the sensors now yes in the display, I find the step properly rather than in 500 euro talk only very cool sensors to block When unlocking you can choose between two types either is Sensor always in standby and unlocked the smartphone immediately cracked finger hang up alternatively button must be a first time 2d based facial expressions are also pressed unlocking works reliably and fast and could in my test too not by a lot of much to be tricked but I think the Use of a single speaker known to be in the foot of the Honor 20 sets for 500 euros and one may claim to be one of the flagships In the middle of 2019 expect a bit more sound I would call solid I lacked a bit of clarity and the sound gets a little scratchy up there this is one of my criticisms of the Honor 20 what the general processing As well as handling with Honor 20, there is no criticism from me would have an ep certification for a waterproof and dustproof housing smartphone stood well even when talking about the technical component, in addition to the kirin 980 processor, there are 6 gb ram and 108 one gigabyte memory, there is the possibility of the micro sd cards extension or the possibility to use two sim cards at the same time towards computer 53 4 c and read in the displayed bands to the sar value I could not find any confirmed data yet and you will be in the if necessary, submit by comment the performance of the carry 980 is on a level with that of the huawei p30 pro so that apps are not just at the start but also when changing open quickly and I also just after a week could not find any problems so that includes playing the known 3d games like asphalt 19 to repertoire the Honor 20 even after prolonged gaming sessions over 30 to 45 minutes I could not experience any significant heating of the device to determine with 3750 milliamp hours, the battery is the Honor 20 is around six percent among the 20 nonetheless, it is also normal user without problems possible to get through a full day with display display of 5

5 hours he can be quite satisfied in my youtube test with 50 percent brightness and volume, I came up A good value of 125 hours is charged via 22 5W power adapter The battery reaches its full capacity in about 120 minutes By the way, 50 percent has been reached in about 30 minutes, which unfortunately is not has been charging wireless cameras for years at rest a group is one of the most important key features in smartphones not surprising that even with the Honor 20 five cameras for use a front camera in the wood design with 32 megapixels and a f 20 aperture is supposed to bribe four more on the back here there is a 48 megapixel main camera with sony mx 5 86 sensor and a f 18 lays a 16 megapixel ultra wide angle camera with 117 degrees lens and f 22 aperture as well as a 2 megapixel bowie and 2 megapixel macro camera the latter two are with a f 2

4 blender equipped videos are here again as usual once only in 4k and 30 fps are possible only by so software side Instead of realized images of the main camera can especially in daylight with a high level of detail as well as a good one dynamic range convince but also recordings of people and objects will look at appropriate focus with a very nice book eva one goes to low light shots ok here too most recordings convince but do not keep up with those of a vp 30 pro Especially in very dark surroundings you can see the noise which is subjective impression of the picture disturbs top during the day better than many others and still okay as well as from the previous series adapted folder technology from the but big sister does not quite come up with their results the ultra wide-angle camera brings it due to the 117 degree image section much more on the picture especially in architecture and Landscapes extremely great looks dynamic range and details But they are not quite close to the main camera and even at night bring the camera significantly less the 2 megapixel cameras for ok and Unfortunately, macro photography is more sparkle than it is because of the resolution and so that also presentation quality and focusing had their problems In addition, one must first look into the depths of the attitude around the Enable macro photography to watch videos in 4k and 30 fps on the smartphone Although only one electronic stabilizer is available, it is relatively good out and you only see slight motion blur on a monitor on the other hand, it is above all in a large number of objects and in motion So many details are lost, especially on more distant objects Fragments occur on delivery, the Honor 20 runs android 9 and the magic ua 21 even if as a surface another name Basically it is identical to motion 3 from home Huawei here and there, however, there are small design changes now ask yourself again some determines whether the Honor 20 in terms of updates too Future-proof, I personally believe yes because there is currently the situation around the us rail has eased again and china and the usa dependent on each other, the update on android was indeed already confirmed under the dash, the Honor 20 is a smartphone that with a rock solid processing a punchbowl design and a very good Battery life can also score the performance is nothing even though we have shown from space where the new benchmark is unfortunately there on features the wrong and so that Honor 20 does not make a premium smartphone no matter if many ip certification stereo speakers or wireless charging that's what he lacks with the display, most users are more than be satisfied and the cameras at least another ultra wide angle shoot great photos even if you score from the home Huawei in some points According to stand the current problem with Huawei and once left out the Honor 20 thoroughly recommended even if I rather in a price range of 420 to 450 euro you would know but here is the time for you And with that, I'm already at the end of my report in this case from the Honor 200 and thank you for watching me would be very happy if you liked the video you might have a like or comment leave behind and especially main channel subscribed thank you until then it will do well and ciao

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