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Tesla's Next Big Product Coming Soon: Tesla Smartphone | Tesla's Ecosystem of Products


The smartphone has become an extension of ourselves And it has changed the way we live quite drastically While Apple & Samsung have been dominating the smartphone sector for quite some time now, Tesla is stepping into the game and will rival the existing smartphone companies and perhaps even dominate just like they dominate the Ev market

It may seem ridiculous at first for tesla to enter the market but a deeper look shows that it makes sense In this video i am gonna unveil some major evidence and arguments that point to the upcoming Tesla phone and why this sector will soon be disrupted by Tesla And if you are new to the channel then don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more content like this,with that being said let's dive right in Tesla's Entry in the Smartphone sector Disruptive or Foolish? Hello Everybody and welcome back There is only one Person in the world that can Disrupt Today's Smartphone market and he is none other than Elon Musk

Every industry that Elon Musk touches is in danger of being disrupted and the smartphone segment won't be an exception This can be easily Demonstrated by the massive Success of Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla and With the advantage of Neuralink, Next generation Batteries and satellite internet constellation Starlink, Elon musk and Tesla will be able to create a paradigm shift in the Smartphone Industry Recently an application with the fcc has grabbed some attention as it suggests that tesla is interested in small screen technology but before we look at what the document says let's see some evidence and arguments that points to the upcoming tesla phone Tesla has already made a Tablet which supports YouTube , Netflix and Other Basic functions that a Smartphone has and yes we are Talking about Tesla's Infotainment screen Also, Tesla already has a solid Operating system behind this Touch Screen Whereas Big boys like Volkswagen are struggling & spending billions to figure out the software All Tesla has to do for a smartphone is reduce the Screen Size and tweak this operation system to Android or ios Friendly Environment

(Easier said than done!) On top of that,Tesla's smartphone will  have some major advantages over Tech Giants like Apple and Samsung because of Starlink Once Starlink is up, Tesla's new smartphone with a better operating system will Dominate the Industry Coming back to the fcc, here's what the document says, the explorer technologies as the undersigned hereby authorizes mr boujou wen from shenzhen baylen technology co-limited to act on the behalf of the explorer technologies as solely in matters relating to the application for an fcc equipment authorization including the signing of documents in connection with this application and here's the main part necessary acts carried out by shenzhen baylen technology co-limited in connection with the application shall have the same effect as acts of the tesla motors incorporated so this means that tesla has authorized shenzhen baylon technology to act on its behalf with fcc in regards to what's in the application xplora technologies is a norwegian based company that makes smart watches for kids and Tesla is not interested in these watches because Watches aren’t and never will be phone replacements, not even for kids who 10 years or older Which means that Tesla is Interested in this unique small screen device with phone and GPS functions which also would fit perfectly in Tesla's Ecosystem of products Also Real quick, I would really appreciate a thumbs up as it really helps with the YouTube Algorithm and these Videos do take really long time to make, Thank you and let's continue Leaked documents from the FCC In a recent letter from xplora Technologies, the company worked out the design and specs of an upcoming small screen smartphone further examination of the documents shows that tesla may already have at least a prototype product the documents show they have submitted external and internal photos and a user manual for the smartphone  xplora states that these documents contain detailed system and equipment description and related information about the product which xplora technologies has considers to be confidential proprietary, a custom design and otherwise not releasable to the general public since this design is a basis form which future technological products will evolve tesla motors considers this information would be of benefit to its competitors and that the disclosure of the information in these documents would give competitors an unfair advantage in the market in other words they're keeping the details a secret because it would benefit their competitors like apple and samsung who could easily produce this technology at scale This means that Tesla already has a design and specs for this smartphone and a prototype version is already here

Tesla benefits: Let's have a quick look at what a Smartphone could do and how it would benefit tesla Tesla  already has an app for smartphones that allows you to control your Tesla So It is possible that Tesla is looking to do the same with its own smartphone but take it to another level something like the small version of the infotainment system You could summon the vehicle to come to you with a voice command like "come to daddy" or something like that using your smartphone, You could also enter the vehicle without the need of keyfob, One of the major use of this smartphone would be in robotaxies , With Tesla's over-the-air updates regularly making the cars and the software better vehicles are becoming better and smarter over time  and when Tesla achieves level 5 autonomy a smartphone would make a lot of sense, you see level 5 autonomy would enable you to have your car be part of tesla's robot taxi network With the help of this smartphone you could Monitor what's going on in your vehicle and have total control over your vehicle For example, Imagine that your vehicle is on the Robo Taxi fleet that is set to work for 8 hours and due to some unforeseeable reasons, you are in a urgent need of your car ,So now you could immediately stop and summon your car with the help of This smartphone and oh! Don't worry about the Passenger, Robo Taxi fleet would immediately assign another vehicle for them,so that everybody is happy

Level 5 autonomy in combination with smartphone opens up many doors and many possibilities for this kind of situations that can be Solved  once the technology is ready This could also mean the start of a tesla ecosystem similar to apples both companies have a loyal customer base and both are tech companies although Tesla is mainly in the automotive sector This doesn't Stop them from competing against other technology sectors as well A Smartphone might be a step toward making the user experience more seamless especially once level 5 autonomy is achieved and gets regulatory approval A tesla smartphone could  become a Fundamental product for the tesla in future this could also mean there might be more competition between tesla and apple in the future Tesla Smartphone set to Disrupt Smartphone market? ( Long Term perspective) Let's address the elephant in the room, How will Tesla Disrupt this industry? What makes this smartphone special from the others? The short answer is next generation batteries,starlink and neuralink, 1 Next generation batteries Tesla's next generation of batteries that are made using Maxwell dry electrode manufacturing that gets rid of the binder waste which is present in Today's battery

This technology has the potential to break the limits of faster charging, energy density and other drawbacks of Today's batteries So with better and cheaper batteries Tesla can make Huge profits with a smartphone 2 Starlink Starlink will create the equivalent of a surface cellular structure similar to mobile telephony networks, with satellite antenna beams replacing terrestrial cellular towers This is to be achieved by Starlink’s phased array antennas, which can steer multiple narrow beams electronically

With this, Starlink will disrupt the telecommunication industry and you could make a phone call  Directly from one device to another using Tesla's Smartphone Yes, Other manufacturers will also be able to integrate this technology but Tesla being the pioneers of this technology will have major market share in Smartphone Market 3 Neuralink ( Super speculative) Now, let's Widen the Timeline & scope of our thinking and look at the bigger picture It may Sound unrealistic at first but hear me out

In the next 20 years or so, Tesla smartphones will make every other smartphone Obsolete and this will be the biggest Disruption done by Elon Musk Smartphones are already an important part of our daily life and Disrupting this segment is just mind blowing With the advancements in Brain machine Technology, Elon musk's Neuralink will create an Interface that would allow us to make little tweaks and improvements in the brain from our phones Okay I may be doing some Ultra Supersonic Speculation right now, But with any rate of improvement in Brain machine interface over a longer period of time Future Nanotechnology will be able to achieve such feats which may sound like a science fiction right now

Insane Profits from Tesla's smartphone The smartphone market is one of the biggest markets and was valued at $725 billion dollar in 2019 and it is projected to reach 125trillion by 2025 keep in mind Tesla's revenue in 2019 was $20 billion dollars, Tesla's Disruptive smartphone would definitely increase their overall revenue So what are your thoughts on Tesla's smartphone, would you buy one? or it looks totally irrational, i would love to hear your thoughts in comment section down below, If you are still watching then you are awesome, Have a nice day and I will see you again in the next one Peace!

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