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Tech's Training Journey- ITOM & ITIL


– I'm Dean Mortimer, I'm Director of Professional Services at FlyForm I'm Gareth Price, I'm a Technical Consultant at FlyForm

So from ITOM perspective, Gareth, I'm not too sure on your technical level of understanding outside of ServiceNow, but, what is your understanding of the training that's involved with ITOM in the different areas that ITOM touches? – I know Service now offer a very detailed course on ITOM, well there's two actually, there's a fundamentals course and then there's the implementation specialist course, and that's the one that carries the certification And that's the one you'd need then to get certified and get the partner points up, you know? – Yeah, I mean, there are many, ITOM's such a broad area of the platform with discovery and event management and service mapping and orchestration For me, it's really important that people have a basic grasp of what it means when you talk about ITOM in terms of the technical areas Because, I think, you can learn so much from ServiceNow as a platform, but because, as an area of people's organisations, of business' organisations, it's so broad It's not like ITSM where you're very focused on IT

With ITOM, you know, you could be talking to people who work down in a dusty basement about their- – It's like the engine room of any business, – Exactly – Isn't it, you know? – About IP addresses, and then you could be talking to senior incident managers who want to talk about events that are raised from different sources With the course in ServiceNow, I know it certainly covers all the bases, but it's actually really important that we get an outside understanding of what ITOM means to businesses, we like to make sure that our people aren't just necessarily trained in just ServiceNow, we'd also look to support people with getting a basic understanding of what that means outside of ServiceNow as well So we're very much a ServiceNow organisation, as you know, – Yeah definitely – But we also want to make sure our people are trained wider than that

We don't actually just focus on ServiceNow, though, as you know, I think one of the core principles of ServiceNow and one of the heartbeats of how it was founded was around ITSM – Yeah, yeah – And a lot of that is within the ITIL courses – True, yeah – Have you got any experience with ITIL yourself, Gareth? – Yeah, I did the foundation ITIL course, which again, was around the same time I did the ServiceNow training

Very beneficial, I found it You know, to give an understanding of how IT systems and services work together, you know, in that sort of, the core of ITIL runs, you see it running throughout ServiceNow and in the ITSM modules – Yeah, and it's really important at FlyForm as well, we see that as a gap If you don't have that, we're willing to throw people straight into the foundation course We're currently looking at a programme now to make sure that our junior TCs and our grads actually have that ITIL awareness, so we're certainly gearing up to move those guys into as many ITIL courses as we can

All of the grads that I've spoken to have shown a real interest, and I think they appreciate that it supplements ServiceNow really well So, it's another area that we're looking to really heavily invest in and, you know, if people want to go on the ITIL journey, it's certainly something that we would consider, certainly on foundation into intermediate courses and see where that takes us – Good It's definitely something that if you've, somebody's invested that training into you, you kind of want to give something back, you know? And if somebody's giving you that much training and bringing you, sort of growing your confidence and your skill set that much, it makes you want to stay with that company and give something back to the customers of that company because you've received quite a lot from them, you know – It's a great point, Gareth, because it's a two-sided thing

We at FlyForm invest heavily in training, and we do that as a show of faith to people, such as yourself and, as I've said, such as our graduates Just to demonstrate that we're willing to give you all of the tools that you need to do your job, just to make sure that you can deliver the best for the customer, but also so you can give yourself a great platform for the rest of your career, whatever it is that you decide to do We hope that is spending as much time with FlyForm as possible, of course (whooshing effect)

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