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What the Tech: App of the Day—Hooked


(–DARRELL–)IF YOU'VE BEEN MEANING TO PICK UP A GOOD BOOK FOR SOME SUMMER READING BUT JUST HAVEN'T FOUND THE TIME, JAMEY TUCKER HAS THE SOLUTION IN TONIGHT'S WHAT THE TECH ((–JAMEY TUCKER REPORTING–)) We may not have time to sit down to read a book, but we've all got time for a text message That's the idea behind a creative app called "Hooked"

Stories are told by characters who are sending to texts to one another Like this one, where a young woman gets a mysterious text from an unknown person As the mystery plays out, the young woman receiving the cryptic messages admits to being unloved by her parents and the stranger wants to helpif the woman is willing to give up something important in her life It's a story told a few words at a time, and it's hard to put down Hooked has dozens of similar stories Mystery, horror, romance and comedy to choose from Some of the stories ou hear the texts being read

And there are other stories in a movie format Highly produced with good actors and special effects Mysteries and horror stories seem to be the best and there are many to choose from This story is told through even newer technology, FaceTime video calls "Hooked" has gotten mixed reviews in both app stores but I've found all of the stories entertaining and well done

And the fact I can pick up where I left off when I have just a few minutes, makes the Hooked app an easy way for me to enjoy a good story And if you're the creative type, you can write for "Hooked" yourself and earn a royalty on your story I'm Jamey Tucker and "Hooked" is the app of the day 3

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