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The Best Aero Upgrades For Your Money? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 64


– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show, and we're bringing it to you from Majorca As Chris, Oli and I, are here for the GCN event

And its the first one ever – I'm quite excited by it, but, this video is nothing to do with that, it's all about tech – Yes it is – Yep, and this week we've got Catherine's footage from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, where she chatted away to an award winner Not to mention some new wide wheels, and apparently one of the biggest changes in cycling in the last 30 years has been revealed

(upbeat music) It's been announced, and according to Trek, it's one of the biggest revelations in cycling in the last 30 years, WaveCel A collapsible liner which is going to be fitted inside of selected Bontrager helmets The reason for this is that when you have a crash you tend to move around with lots of twists and turns, and WaveCel actually absorbs that energy in multiple directions, as apposed to standard EPS foam helmets that absorbs it in just one specific point But according to Trek, the actual layers of material move independently They flex, they crumple and then they glide in that order

And get this, they've even done some research too that shows that this WaveCel structure actually prevents concussion 99 times out of 100 with common cycling accidents That's absolutely great to hear, that they're reducing concussion Now, we're going to head over though to Catherine at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, where she's got some information on plasma treatment on frames – It's a brand new technology that's come out of the University of Dublin, in collaboration with PlasmaBound, and the guys at FiftyOne in Dublin are lucky enough to be using it on their bicycles Although its been designed with the aerospace and automotive industries in mind, FiftyOne are using it here on their bikes to remove this top layer of resin from the carbon fiber tubes before joining

So it produces a really precise and reliable result, and I'm sure saves them some time, too And you can really tell the difference just from feeling it or even just looking at it – Sounds like interesting stuff that Now, more tech, and while 3T have announced they will shortly be releasing some new wheels to match up with their Strada and Exploro frame sets, they're going to be called the Discus C45 wide The 45 stands for the depth of them, 45 millimeters, but what is the stand out part of these wheels? Certainly has to be the width

So, measuring externally, 32 millimeters, and internally, 25 millimeters Now this wider internal stance means that if you were to fit say a 28 millimeter tire onto them, they can actually be inflated up to about 33 millimeters wide, which is great for those of you who want the increase in comfort But apparently, they've even done some testing, too And they've been shown to not actually have any detriment to aerodynamics And in fact, they're just as aerodynamic as some 60 millimeter carbon wheels

So there we are, if you're looking to go, well, a little bit more comfortable, and also a little bit faster, maybe that's your thing Don't have a release date as of yet, but keep your eyes peeled because they will be hitting shops any day soon More tech later – It's time now for our main talking point Now, earlier in the week I was able to chat to Dr

Xavier Disley of AeroCoach Now, AeroCoach is a company that helps athletes improve their aerodynamic performance and get optimized Now, Xavier has actually helped over 750 cyclists become more slippery through the air So I figured he'd be a great person to speak to about what's the best bang for your buck things you can do to get faster So, here's what he had to say

– Thanks for joining us, Xav – No problem – Always a pleasure So, something we get asked a lot is, what should I upgrade in order to get faster? What's the most, sort of, bang for my buck upgrade? And also, what's the priority list, in terms of what should I be upgrading, before I upgrade other things? So, you work with a lot of athletes to make them faster I figured you'd be a good person to ask

– So the most important thing that we find consistently, is that your position on the bike is absolutely crucial in terms of your aerodynamic drag and, by extension, the performance that you're going to have in races, in sport teams The rider makes up around 80% of the drag, so making sure that you're holding a good position is gonna make you a hell of a lot faster We know that holding a higher position, so if you've got your hands on the tops and sitting up or you've got your hands on your hoods and you're sitting up straight, it's going to be a lot slower than if you're a bit more crouched down and you keep your torso angle a bit lower So the next thing is still related to the rider, again, you know, the rider's the majority of the drag And it's your clothing

So if you have very flappy clothing, it's gonna slow you down No matter what speed you're riding, as long as you're not going uphill really slow, aerodynamics are a big factor in cycling So have tight fitting clothing So make sure that you don't have baggy bits flapping around, or if you have a jacket on or something, that you keep it zipped up so it's a bit tighter That's going to be really, really important

So the new bling bike and the nice set of wheels comes, pretty much straight away after those two things So after the rider and their clothing, upgrading the frame of your bike, so aero frames are getting really good these days, and wheels as well There's certainly things with the bike that you can feel You don't really feel the effects of having a slightly, you know, flappy jersey on necessarily, but you can certainly feel the effects of having nicer wheels or deep section wheels – [Interviewer] You've put bike and wheels after clothing and after position, but, what kind of proportion, is the bike and the wheels? – So, you're looking around 20 to 25% of the drag coming from the bike rather then the rider, which is more like sort of 80%, sometimes 75%

Interestingly, a smaller rider is gonna need to take more care over making sure their bikes set up is more important than a larger rider, because a larger rider is gonna be causing a lot more drag from their body and the bike is gonna be a relatively less proportion of that Making sure that the frame fits you I think is crucial So you can get an aero frame but slow yourself down by getting a frame that's the wrong size or the wrong geometry, or doesn't handle the way that you like it and you can't, you know, make it go down the road as fast as you used to Wheels, aero wheels compared with non aero wheels are always gonna be faster It's pretty much, I'd say even, but it's an instant boost with the aero wheels

But you have to be a bit more careful with choosing the right frame for you to make sure you get the right geometry to allow you to hold the position that you need The next one on the list would be tires And I think that tires– – [Interviewer] But that's not an aero upgrade – It's not an aero upgrade but it makes so much importance to your overall speed If you go from a very slow training tire to a faster tire, then at 30K an hour you could be looking at five, six, seven, eight watts per tire at the top end

So if you do the numbers and the physics of it, if you're traveling at less than, lets say 25km an hour, for a very long extended period of time, then, you're not gonna be seeing any improvement from upgrading the aerodynamics of you or your bike, and lightness will win But when you do these long rides, they don't finish at the top of a mountain and then you just ride from the bottom to the top and stop You're having to go down, you're having to ride on the flats at some point And the aero, the penalty from having slightly heavier but more aero componentry, is gonna far outweigh just having lightweight kit – Right, more new tech now

And some of you may well remember that back at the Tour Down Under I got my grubby little hands on a pair of Rapha prototype shoes Good news, they have announced the release of two new pairs of shoes; the classic and explore So the classic shoe, that's basically the shoe I took a look at on the feet of Lachlan Morton So it's very much a traditional road-race style shoe So it's got some laces on there, and then a single Velcro strap at the bottom, and a carbon sheet on the inside of the thermoplastic sole

Whereas the explore shoe, it looks very, very similar to it Other than the fact its got a rugged, rubber tread pattern on the bottom there So, it's ideal for those of you who like to venture off-road and I guess they're hoping that it fits somewhere on that gravel spectrum Now, we're gonna go back to Catherine at the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show, where she's been chatting away to an award winning frame builder, as well as an engineer behind a pretty cool product – Thanks, John

So number two on our hot tech list is here at CeramicSpeed, and I'm joined by Alex, who is one of six students who were at university tasked by CeramicSpeed to come up with a more efficient drive chain system – Yeah, so we thought we had a really exciting concept We had some really good testing numbers, and we thought there was a lot of potential for this But we wanted to make sure that the world thought it was as cool as we thought it was, and we wanted to make sure that there was an open arms of reception to moving forward with this concept So we built this concept bike to show what we're working on, and show it to the world at Eurobike

– [Catherine] Great, and now you've had that huge response, is the aim to put it into production? What comes next? – Yeah, so, we're taking that one step at a time Before we can talk about production we need to solve some fundamental issues first Especially with regards to shifting and durability So we have a team working on that right now We have a team of six people moving forwards with this project

And as we develop and solve those problems, then we can look towards the future of production – That's fantastic So, how exactly does this compare to a conventional chain system? What is the difference? – Yeah, so a fully optimized chain system can reach a level of about 98 to 985% efficiency at its best And testing of this shows that we can reach efficiency of about 99

2% at its best – [Catherine] That's a pretty big difference, really, on that scale, isn't it? – Yeah, it's a big difference, especially when you're talking about marginal gains and small seconds in racing Any difference that we can find is what we're going for, and as it becomes harder and harder to improve a chain, you have to look in other ways to make a faster bike – That's certainly what you've done here, thank you very much, that's really exciting And now for something totally different, number three on our hottest tech list, is this

It's Winged Victory, from Porter Cycles, or Tom, the builder that we have here Now, when we last looked at the bike it was whilst it was being judged, so we didn't actually see that Tom has won best new builder award How does that feel? – I honestly can't say how exciting it is to have a group of peers, like, look at my work and think that I'm doing something of value, that is like worthy of being called best of the new builders – So I understand that you haven't been making bicycles for that long, but you're a professional metal worker by trade, is that right? – That is true – So, how does making bikes differ to other projects that you've had in the past? – I think that the stuff that I do for fabrication work is very much based on somebody having a need, and me being able to fill it

And they have a design, they have a budget, and um, it might be going in a restaurant, it might be to display art work or a prototype And when it comes to the bicycles, it's really more my own vision and what I want to do and putting something that I consider completely just a beautiful object into the world that's functional for somebody else's life So in a sense, the difference is that somebody else is asking me to make something in one case, and somebody else is asking me to share something that I want to put out in the world with them, in the other – This is an incredible piece of art, as well as a functional bicycle What would be your top two, top three parts of it, if you could narrow it down that much? – It's tough to say, but I think the obvious answer would be the lugs

They're all fabricated from scratch, out of straight gauge 41-30 steel tubing, they're smoothed out and then drawn over and then cut out to be these winged patterns The lugs are really important to me on this bike I think the rack has gotten an amazing amount of reactions It's an art-deco design, sort of fountain motif that I sort of stumbled upon and realized actually in the end how art-deco inspired it really was to begin with And then the chain guard became sort of a focal point

I spent three days basically drawing different art-deco designs and trying to come up with something that would work as a chain guard, which is a detail I'd never done before And, I sort of, after a few days of drawing them, my brain just sort of broke, and I found this pattern And then I spent another day drawing this pattern, and to me it's one of the stand out elements of the bike – So it's taken you two months to build this bike What's next? – I dedicated two months to this bike, and that was this past summer

And since then it has been an effort to make a series of new bikes for a group of different clients, and develop a touring bike for myself so that I can basically bike home from here in Sacramento, California, to Brooklyn, New York after the show – Fantastic, well enjoy your ride home – Thank you so much, thanks for having me – Since we are in Majorca, we've chosen to make it easy for ourselves We're gonna do our favorite bits of the show, which means we're going to start with screw riding upgrades, buy upgrades

If you want to be in with a chance of winning the amazing apron that Oli bangs on about every single week – Oh he does – In the office, then don't forget to use the uploader tool and log them into the screw riding upgrades, buy upgrades – But first Chris, we need to announce last week's winner And it was between Johnny's custom physique, first, and then it was against Chris's bargain bike, from Australia

And with 55% of the votes, it was Chris', and look at that – Right then, this week we have Ken from San Francisco, with his light speed classic Ken always wanted a light speed when he was younger, but he couldn't afford one I know that feeling Fast forward to three years ago, and Ken bought his frame off Ebay, it had Cam-P10 speed, but terrible components, otherwise, Ken wanted to have a faux vintage bike, and the upgrade got out of hand, oh blimey

Keeping it retro, Ken got some Campag Record 10 speed ti carbon, nice – Ooh, lovely Including a full ti cassette, blimey Down tube shifters are index, using the internals from a Cam-PTT shifter, clever Break levers are hard to find carbon ones, yep

Campy ti seat post, they're rare And look at the quill stem, ooh my goodness – And lets see it – Yes That does look good, doesn't it? – And there it is, now

– Blimey, I like the paint scheme on that – Oh, lovely, what are those wheels? – Campagnolo's, yeah Toe straps as well, I see it – 10 times better bars To be fair, fantastic job

– That's gonna be hard, isn't it? – That's gonna be hard to beat But Ken is up against Robert, from Poole in Dorset, in the UK, which is actually a really nice part of the world Robert bought a single speed to use as a commuter It was on one with deep rims, on spongy breaks and bulled bars, and Robert thought it was a prime candidate for an upgrade First thing was the paint, stripped back, rubbed down and resprayed in Robert's garage

A deep red base coat was applied first That was followed by a few hours of masking and then several coats of metallic silver paint Robert decided to rebrand it with Trek logos, as their other bikes are, an Emonda and a Domane So, it had to match The old chain was replaced with a Sturmey-Archer one

– Archer – The old chain was replaced with a Sturmey-Archer one, the bars and stems swapped for custom items, and a single break replaced with a pair of old 105s Robert had kicking about in a box A set of EC94 carbon forks were added to shave over a kilo And then, to finish off, were a set of hand made wheels – Ooh, Robert that does look cool

I like the paint job – Look at that – Its a transformation, isn't it? – He's done well there with that red and silver paint job – Which one do you reckon you'd choose? – Well that's a difficult one, and to be honest, it's not up to us, it's up to you And you can vote in the poll, which is just up in the top left of our screen

Top left for you, top right Yeah – Your top right, our top left

– You get the idea – Time now for bike of the week But first off, we need to go through last weeks contenders – Yes we do – It was between Annami from Flowtone and her Scott Foil, and Nika Roach's Cervelo R5

It was quite close actually, in the end, 57% of you went for Annami from Flowtown's Scott Foil – Good choice to be fair, good choice I did like the look of that bike, its cool But this week it's between the new Giant Propel of Greg Van Avermaet Gold, of course, to celebrate his victory in the Rio Olympics

Shimano Dura-Ace group set including disc brakes and a pair of Overachieve wheels, and Vittoria tires – [Chris] Nice – [James] It's up against another Olympic champ's bike This one, a Pinarello track bike, belonging to Elia Viviani A pair of Dura-Ace 9000 road cranks on there too, with a single

I love how it's been made to suit him as well because yeah it does look good But who's it gonna be, Greg or Elia? – Ooh, they're interesting choices – Yeah, they're good I don't know – I'm torn

Yeah I don't know what I'm– – They're quite different bikes Anyway, you know what to do Top right of your screen right now – Right, now it is time for your bike vault – It is

– But we've got a bit of a problem – Yeah we do, we have no bell here in Majorca, so instead we're gonna raise a glass and have a sip – But we're not allowed to chime it until we give a super nice – I like that rule, it's good Right then, let's get stuck in

Daniel from Cape Town, South Africa Ooh, a prototype Volk, made from engineered ash and beech, Dura-Ace piece to group set and a Brooks saddle My goodness – [James] I have to say, that is a work of art and deserves to be in a museum – It does, doesn't it? Or an art gallery

That is insane – That's definitely a super nice – I don't think I've ever seen anything like that – There you go – Right, next up is Dave from Rochester, New York

– [James] With a Wilier Cento1 SL While out on a ride Dave was passing these Belgian horses and rushed to set up the bike to take a pic with them in the background, and when he turned around they had all lined up there at the fence Either they loved the bike, they thought he had food, or they were photo-bombing him – I love how one's mooning him Hey come on, we're in Majorca

– Super nice? – Super nice – Super nice – It's a good drinking game this, I like it Right, next up we have Arno from Berlin, with his Benotto Modello 5000 – [James] Very nice

– [Chris] Yeah – [James] I love the tan wall tires – Yeah I love the classic lines of the frame I love the chromed fork and seat post

But I love the modern groove set as well That's quite a good spin on a retro classic This ticks quite a few boxes for me, James – You – Yeah

– Alright, let's give it a super nice – Oh yeah Right then, moving on to Andrew in Cap de Formentor – Yeah, in Majorca, which is not far away from us, is it? We actually went there not long ago – I have a feeling how this one's gonna go

– [James] Oh! And it's Celeste – [Chris] It's sunnier there than it was here – [James] Bianchi, Zipp wheels, look at that Vision aero cockpit – [Chris] Ultegra group set

– [James] Nice – [Chris] A light on the back, Vision handle bars – [James] And that backdrop is just insane – Well framed isn't it? – [Chris] Are you feeling it? I'm feeling it – I'm feeling it

– Now we've got one from Todd in Boulder, Colorado Amazing place, to be fair Have you been there? – I've not, but I nearly did Is that the same? Don't think it counts does it? – [James] No Look at that! Look at that paint job

– [Chris] Yeah – [James] What is that? Is it Olivetti? – [Chris] Well, it's um, the green rocket Olivetti – [James] It's 195 centimeters tall The gravel traveler – [Chris] Yeah

– [James] And it's called the green rocket And I can see why, look at that – [Chris] 50 mil tires on it Full length mud guards, which means you're not gonna get dirty Stem and seat post match

– [James] And he's obviously taken that with a good camera 'cause– – Todd, you know what, that is a cool bike, and it's super nice from us – And we've finished that off well, haven't we? We haven't finished our glass but we're getting there Thanks to all of you who have sent in some really amazing bikes, and yeah look, we've given super nice to every bike there – It's a good bike vault this week – It's a good bike vault

– If you want to have your bike featured in the bike vault, don't forget to use the uploader tool, which is in the description below – So there you have it, we have come to the end of this week's Tech Show, and Chris and I have very much enjoyed bringing it to you – It's been a good one hasn't it? – From Majorca, yeah It's been lovely – What a place

– I've enjoyed it – And if you did enjoy this video as much as we did, then give it a big thumbs up – Maybe raise a glass? – Yeah raise a glass, yeah And if you wanna watch another tech video, why don't you check that one down there – Oh I like that one

– Shall we go for a swim? – Nah it looks too cold – Yeah it does look pretty cold That's why I'm wearing my hat to be honest

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