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Shovel Creek Fire: Fire Managers Use High Tech Infrared to Monitor the Strategic Firing Operation


The high-tech tools we use to ensure the success of the strategic firing operation for the Shovel Creek Fire is Colorado's Multi-Mission Aircraft He was ordered up to Alaska and the Incident Commander's used it to make sure that the strategic firing operation stayed north of old Murphy Dome Road

North of that fuel break You're looking at footage from day one of the firing operation a few days ago And look at that white signature is the heat And you can see how it's all staying out in the interior of the fire The Multi-Mission Aircraft provides intelligence real-time it can look down at things like that white dot you're seeing in the middle of your screen that's the bulldozer

The bulldozer has a heat signature as its working around the west side of the fire So the Multi-Mission Aircraft can keep an eye on your resources It can report back through the smoke and allow mission commanders to know that there's no spots out of line and if there are they can address them

Source: Youtube

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