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Q&A – Tech Recorder (April 2019)


Hello guys and welcome back to another video! Today I'm going to do the Q&A I promised, so let's get right in to the video! Crash asks: ,,How is it like living in Romania? What's the best and what's the worst?'' Well the worst is that, consider you waking up in the morning and hearing this (MANELELE LA MAXIM) TÂCÂRACAȚÂCÂȚA!!!!! Yeah, I wouldn't like that either but yeah Umm Some nice things are the food (Sarmale & Mici) Umm the fact that is home to the world's heaviest building (Palace of the Parliament) and the most beautiful road (Transfăgărășan) Also, one other worst thing

Finding one of these guys Rom/Țigan (Gypsy) (no racism, it's the Romanian word for them) singing Wiggle iMacintosh (ME) asks: ,,How much do you think Fortnite will stay relevant'' ZDÂȘ!! Tech subbed to me (yey) IRRELEVANT! Dude, you can not predict when Fortnite dies honestly It's a game that has been unstable since like season 5, It's been unstable, they keep changing s**t! I'm Macintosh (ALSO ME) asks: ,,Barry or Larry'' Larry BubuJMK says: ,,Din ce sezon joci fornai?'' Which means, since what season are you playing Fortnite I have played Fortnite since season 2 I believe, yeah XgeniusXM 29 commented: ,,What is your favorite game?'' My favorite game is currently Fortnite This isn't even a question but, KpopLover BTS says: ,,Hey maaaaan!'' Sup! lego world asks: ,,Do you have an animal?'' You probably mean a pet, but yeah I did have a pet His name was Snow and he was a Siberian Husky And the last question is

,,Tu ești din România?'' Umm that means "Are you from Romania?" Well as you probably may know, yeah i'm from Romania (Same) Alright, so now we're getting into the spicy questions So let's start! JasonGamer asks: ,, What did you always want to try but never found the courage to do?'' So, since I was a kid in Kindergarden, I always saw these cool kids who did backflips and I always wanted do do them as well but I was never as cool as them so I never gained the courage to do it so yeah SUNT OCTAV asks: ,,Have you ever had a girlfriend? If so, say her name If not, do you have a crush?'' Well I suppose you should fix your grammar and my answer is NEITHER Congratulations – PewDiePie w/Roomie & Boyinaband 9D version (Subtitles by I'm Macintosh)

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