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News Conference: Texas Tech First Round Postgame


THE MODERATOR: Day {vee} {dei} more and {gaiter} cull {veer} will represent the stowed {r} student body for Texas text Coach Beard is the he'd coach

We'll ask him to make a statement on the game and have questions for all three members of Texas Tech up here for 12 minutes Chris, please CHRIS BEARD: I want to congratulate northern Kentucky on a great championship season So much respect for their program In preparation I always like to watch a couple games and get my own kind of views then start calling people and getting people's opinions

The first time I saw them they play really hard and have a identity They guard hat a high level and play really hard on offense and cut {an} move and sure enough when I started talking to people around the country about Northern Kentucky those things came up Any team that has an identity like they do, a championship program, so much respect for mid majors that have championship seasons, didn't have then have to win that one game to get into the tournament We were fortunate enough to do it at Little Rock I've always had a huge respect for them

For our guys, we came here, it's a four team tournament We're trying to win two games in three days The first game of the tournament is always the toughest Just really proud of our guys tonight an our team effort I thought we won this game as a team

THE MODERATOR: Questions for any of the red raiders Q Coach, you were able to hold drew McDonald to five points that Was obviously a key for you {tobies} today CHRIS BEARD: He's a {phac} player

I think he can play in any league in the country He was definitely one of the main focal points of our game plan He has the ability to score inside and out and he's a great pass serve So, I would think from their point ever view he had some good looks today that he didn't make That's basketball

So we were fortunate but I think you give our guys credit We were dialed in We knew how special he was and I just congratulations to him, too, on a {phac} season BY CHRIS BEARD: CHRIS BEARD: Let's do this like the loan star rush Have you got any questions? Q

{Daf} individual {dei}, do you want to talk about what y'all do to keep him from doing as much for N K U? {Mod} for who Q Coach or players, either one {(Mark)} {(Mark)}? JARRETT CULVER: I mean he's a great player He

We just focused in on {hi} we watched a lot of film on him Tried to keep him from being in the lane a lot tonight We focus on defense and we focus on personnel a lot so I just felt like we did a great job on there tonight {(Mark)} {(Mark)} {(Mark)} {(Mark)}

Q For you, coach, seemed like they had a pretty good defensive scheme for your guards, especially in the first half Did you say anything or make any adjustments in the locker room that enabled your {reds} guards to {gelt} freed up a little more in the second half? CHRIS BEARD: Yeah First give them a lot of credit He can really coach

I saw him make adjustments all year in games so you don't win that many games and championships without knowing what you're doing In these turn games with this much time to prepare you kind expect the unexpected Takes both teams a little bit of time to get their feet under them I think in the second half more than any big a {jumplet} we just want to stay aggressive We thought in the first half we played well offensively, we couldn't make a free throw and we had tomorrow turnovers

Really kind of staying consistent with our original game plan with just an emphasis of getting a little bit more aggressive Q {Gaiter}, after the one game stay in Kansas city for the Big 12 what was the point of emphasis with this team leading into the NCAA Tournament? JARRETT CULVER: We just wanted to focus on us Put that behind us, learned and burned We just focused on us, details, how we got so far and how we made a run in the Big 12 and how we got to the March Madness tournament much I felt like we focused on this all weekend

We did a great job on that BY CHRIS BEARD: CHRIS BEARD: I have a question for more recently, I noticed you back there and got a glass of water and didn't get eyes I've always wondered I went to Europe and what's the whole idea of no ice? DAVIDE MORETTI: Well, the water is already cold so I don't need any other ice to get it colder laughter THE MODERATOR: Anything else for Texas Tech? Q Coach, after your {fir} side Chattanooga yesterday the world wants to know did anybody take you up on your offer to stay in coach Adams room last night? CHRIS BEARD: I can't confirm or deny that

I really try to stay away from MAC Adams on the days of games He's kind of intense, borderline moody We're fortunate to win a game in the NCAA Tournament These are so hard to win so that we'll celebrate for 30 minutes and within my 30 minutes I'll ask coach Adams that and get back to you guys the next time we're altogether THE MODERATOR: Anything else?

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