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NAMM 2019 – Tech 21 new gear – presentation and sound demo (ENG/SUB-PL)


Hi Top Guitar, how are you I'm John from Tech21 and we're here at NAMM 2019 in Californian Anaheim

I want to show you our new YYZ effect It was created in cooperation with Geddy Lee We've already made a rack-based processor with it, and it's a slimmed-down version that can be put on the pedalboard It is still a two-channel device We have a distorted channel and a clean Deep

We now have a Mix knob to set the proportions between Drive and Deep There is also a 3-band equalizer for a distorted channel This is a complement to the Tight system that influences the bottom of the band and gives more aggressive distortion We have one input and one output, buffered Bypass It works on a 9V battery or power supply

Here we have Fly Rig 5 Version 2 This is an updated version of the Fly Rig 5 model The SansAmp section is still the heart of the device, but we have added modifiers for individual effects The Plexiglas block now has a Cali button to change the sound of the distortion In the case of Boost, we added a button, which we can choose whether it should be before or after the space

For the 1/4 "jack output, we can disable speakerphone emulation if we want to use different impulse responses There is also a loop of effects that allows you to connect our own set of modulation effects We still have Delay here There is a Drift button that adds modulation There is also another button that modifies Tap Tempo to an episode with a dot

Reverb also gained control of its own parameters We can change the size of the room by pressing the Size button, switching between small and large We've added an on-board, chromatic guitar tuner There is also an XLR output How are you, this is RK5 Version 2

This is an update to Fly Riga by Richie Kotzen In this case, the SansAmp section is also the heart One of the important changes here is the use of a button to activate this block We changed it because Richie either has it turned on for specific amplifiers he plays on or turns it off This allowed us to use the foot switch to enable / disable Reverbu

We have OMG, but we've added a button to change it in Fuzz Boost located before the distress can be changed with a button in the compressor We also have Delay with the opportunity to gain momentum, in which we added a new feature – Leslie simulator If you choose this simulation, the Tap Tempo button is used to change the rotation speed (Slow / Fast) There is also a chromatic tuner and an XLR output on board

Here we have a new PL1 Paul Landers Signature Fly Rig He is brutal It's a two-channel Fly Rig with a clean and distorted channel The clean channel is called Wasser which means water in German This is basically the emulation of the Roland Jazz Chorus amplifier with the added compressor

There is also a Bite button that brightens the sound if we use humbuckers To switch the channel, simply press the Feuer button for fire This will take us to the brutal channel that he calls his favorite distraction We have a switch that allows you to change the center frequency limit frequency Boost is located here behind the distraction

It can be used to raise or lower the signal We have added the Punch button that activates the mode in which the midrange is boosted – great for solos We also have DLA – emulation of Tape Echo In this model, we can switch it to Vibrato mode It offers us a Univibe style sound

The speed can be adjusted with the Tap Tempo switch We have headphone mode for 1/4 "jack output and Ground Lift switch for XLR output A chromatic tuner is also available

Source: Youtube

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