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Michael Newsham (Bayer AG) – "Tech adoption and opportunity cost" | EWTS 2018 | BrainXchange


The question that we push to our organization to kind of shift towards the digital cultures: "do you have data to support that?" because you're right, often times you'll hear somebody throw out something factual without data to report it and it's based on an observation and there's several ways that that goes wrong, but if there's data or you can go get data, that's the way to do it I think one interesting piece, sorry if you had something else Pete, that that just listening to the discussions today and when we think about all of this technology and where it goes and how do you determine where to start and and what your opportunities are, I think the one piece that I haven't heard talked about a ton is if you don't step in to the space and start to learn about it and start to experiment in it, what's the opportunity you lose? Right, so what's the cost to not staying in tune or not identifying something that you can improve upon and I think that's something we all need to look at as we explore some of these new capabilities is also if we don't step into the space, what will our competition do if they do step into the space? Let's use that as a measure as well

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