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Italian Tech Week 2019 – Technology to improve our future


making the impossible possible is one thing we have always believed in in Italy Turning the light on, listening to the radio, answering the phone, sending emails have all become part of our daily life thanks to some of the most incredible Italian minds who have designed and created something that did not exist before

For centuries we have improved everyone's life using scientific knowledge and creativity and even today we set ambitious goals to imagine the future Right now somebody in Italy is trying to replicate the perfection of the human being by pushing the boundaries of robotics engineers are using cutting-edge technologies to redefine the concept of mobility through emotions meanwhile others are designing every aspect of our new home outside planet Earth Italian minds are working on something that doesn't have a name yet but will change our world the Italian tech week is conceived for them to support and empower all those who embrace technology to improve our future you

Source: Youtube

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