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Hello everyone, welcome to this new Thursday video Today we will see five methods to escape from a situation a bit dangerous in case of urban pursuit race We will learn to jump, climb, descend heights very effectively is for beginners, for everyone Simple and accessible techniques, it's gone Articular heating is essential in winter must absolutely not skimp on it, well think to warm up is what prevents injuries We start with the first movement which for me is the base of the base we call it the slipped In all these movements we will not go into detail eh, it's not a parkour tutor We'll just show you the techniques to be effective in case of lawsuit To slide it you press on the wall, if you are right-handed you mount your left foot You keep your right hand on the opposite side, and there you will slide your right foot inside It's really this movement once you're there you go down quietly So that's slipped for beginners but the real movement of the slide in fact it must be done in the race, in the following momentum That is to say that you will put the left foot without even putting on the support on the hands And obviously send the right hand and slide in the same movement Sometimes you have a bit of speed so it's not easy to put a foot, a hand and think, so you'll jump straight over We call it a thief but it's a lot more technical so it's really for experienced people So there you will tell me why the slip and why not another move Just because when you do not know what's behind your wall The hand can save your life and make a transition and catch you This is what we will see immediately in demonstration New move a classic, the return The return is very simple, it's a slip the big difference is that the famous right arm we will put it at 180 degrees And we're going to use it as a pillar to pivot on and find ourselves back to empty The advantage of returning in case of prosecution is that already you will run to the void which may surprise your assailant And especially when you turn around you will be able to see what is happening under your feet and to avoid a bad fall Also suspending you drastically reduce all drop distances I am 1m80 with arms outstretched I must be at 2m20, 2m30 It's always less in the legs and it's quite useful when you need to run fast behind Well, you see, full speed And the fact of making a return that allows me to save my life And avoid falling if ever there was ten meters of emptiness Also think about using all the street furniture, it's a bit like a video game must know everything diverted to put it to his advantage Really gutters etc if it's solid to use it saves time Energy, to surprise his aggressor too and to go even faster higher So it's cool The wall-pass movement super efficient but very dangerous, must be careful What is a wall pass must just run to the wall to go get his top The wall-pass very technical movement must be put his strong leg in the alignment of the pelvis, push on it and fetch both hands In real conditions what does it give Once suspended must do the board It's really effective but you have to be very careful in case of pursuit because if you miss it you lose all the benefits you have By cons if you succeed there you are far ahead with much in advance Important point, the reception, we land in parkour on the tip of the feet Not because we are dancers but because that is what makes it possible to amortize When you jump up high really think about flexing your legs in squat mode and let that spike If you arrive with the heels you will run your legs and after five minutes of racing your assailant will catch you Well, I hope these techniques have been useful to you Remember it's not a game of parkour if you really want to work and push a little techniques I let you go on Youtube, there is a billion tutorial for that Also very very very important thing In case of the most important pursuit it is already to run, to run fast But in any case the goal really is to jump, to take height to make detours paths The goal is to blur the slopes and also do not panic it's the most important Remember that if you are sued you have adrenaline you have an advantage over your assailant So do some techniques that you master take your time stay in your comfort zone really no overconfidence And normally it should a priori well that pass On this ben is a filming end so we said to each other next Thursday think to drop a big blue thumb if you liked to tell us in comment if you want to see other tutorials like this And then share the video activate the bell you know the song See you next Thursday is very soon Tchao I did not tell you something very important we launched our Tipeee So if you want to finance a little more, help us to continue the videos I let you donate There is nothing obligatory to really give you if you want And very important thing Tipeee has integrated like on uTip Video views to generate pennies So for those who have time but not necessarily the means it is also a way to support us And that's no obligation we leave you free to give what you want and then we like you anyway Go kisses

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