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Cognism – James Isilay – Quick Fire Insights – Tech Innovation – #SAASGROWTH2019


(mechanical whirring) – Hi everybody, hi, my name's James Isilay, I'm the CEO and founder of Cognism Cognism, we provide a full service

We provide the data, the tools, and the service to really help you build and grow new revenue The big difference of our platforms to the platforms out there is we really bring the event dimension in So in our platform you can say give me all the heads of marketing in London, New York, Hong Kong, whose companies are hiring SDRs right now or are hiring technology staff and other kinds of questions like that so you can really find the hottest growing companies and really find the best prospects And then we provide the contact data, the email addresses and the direct dial phone numbers, all GDPR compliant so that you can outreach and build new revenue, that's it, thanks (mechanical whirring)

Source: Youtube

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