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– [Camera Man] Yo! Can you help me find the newest and coolest camera technologies? – Yeah I think it's that way

In some direction that way, somewhere – [Camera Man] Alright thanks, man I appreciate it – Yeah, yeah, have fun (upbeat music) – Alright, we are here in Las Vegas for NAB

I don't actually remember NAB stands for (screeching noise) I don't know what it stands for but I'm always excited to see what kind of gear's coming out because it usually make my life as a filmmaker more exciting and easier, in a lot of ways And I can do more things with that technology So first cool piece of new tech, well it's not really that techy but it's cool

I got this right before I left New ND Filters, but not just any ND filters, Peter McKinnon ND filters My best friend literally has his own variable ND filters And they're super high quality which makes it even better I also like that they made a cap for it

I usually just have an ND filter on my camera all the time And it's nice to have a cap for it, so it doesn't get all scratched up in my bag Also, I always, always forget something This time I'm shooting on the Sony A73, just for fun And, of course, their gorilla pod head thing

The mount is on my Cannon Dang it I had to improvise with this box Alright, let's go find out what's the newest and coolest tech Alright, so we're going to go and check out some of the newest and coolest tech

Jin here is going to show me (mumbles) If you guys don't subscribe, you should subscribe We're gonna go check out more stuff at NAB (music) – [Camera Man] Your first year, right? – Yeah This is crazy, just, like, everywhere you look, there's something – – [Camera Man] Are you feeling overwhelmed already? – A little bit, like, there's a guy with a giant steady cam (mumbles) just walking around right there, like it's normal

I guess it's a normal thing that just happens here Okay – I remember when I came here last time, I was so overwhelmed There was just way, way too much stuff, and half the companies I haven't even heard of, so it's, yeah, interesting Okay, so this is actually day three of my NAB trip, and the last day, I'm going home today

I think I'm losing my voice a little bit from talking too much (tries to clear throat) Got that deep voice going on So let's talk about some of the coolest things that I saw at NAB 2019, and first off, we have to talk about the 8K Sharp camera This thing's just, like – did Sharp even make cameras before? I've never even heard of a Sharp camera, and they come out with this 8K camera for under $4,000, which is crazy, and at first I thought it was just, you know, "Oh, in the future, years from now, we'll have this 8K camera, but they were showing the footage on an 8K monitor They were actually gonna let me take it out and film a little bit

I just didn't have time, hoping they can send it to me and let me review it, test it out, but 8K? I don't even film in 4K most of the time! I'm filming 4K right now, but most of the time I don't even film in 4K, so I don't know what I'm gonna do with 8K, but I think I want it anyways And on top of that, look at this freaking LCD screen It's a flip LCD screen It was massive, it was like this big, probably the biggest flip LCD screen I've ever seen, so I'm definitely a fan, very curious to see what is this camera gonna be like Yeah, check it out

– [Camera Man] What do you think, Jin? – I want it – [Camera Man] Do you want it 8K? – Yeah No, not, well, maybe – [Camera Man] Phil, what do you think about 8K? – 8K is the natural progression from 4K – [Camera Man] You would only shoot an 8K, right? – I haven't shot any 8K, this is my first 8K

I did try a few weeks ago with the fran and didn't get a frame, so I'm actually, I'm losing my virginity right now – [Camera Man] Oh, oh gosh – Family friendly on my channel, family friendly Guys, I'm vlogging in 8K What, what is this lens, Phillip? – [Phillip] (mumbles) – It's so wide! This is perfect for vlogging

– [Phillip] It's all you need – You don't need any stabilizer, no gorilla pod, no nothing Perfect Can you send me this footage? – [Phillip] I can, yeah – Okay

Perfect Yeah, I'm hoping I can get my hands on it pretty soon and get some real world experience with it Then Tiffen had this pretty interesing Steadi cam thing called the Steadimate-S, and it's basically built for your Ronan-S so you can have this vest with the arm and then have your Ronan on there, and that way you can film for way longer with a gimble even though the Ronan-S isn't massive, but it still weighs enough with a bigger camera that you're gonna get tired with this because the weight is on your body through that vest You can basically film all day long Plus, with the arm, it cuts down that up and down movement that you get with the gimbles a lot of times, especially the smaller ones, so yeah, I thought this was a really interesting way to mix kind of technology that we've had for a really long time with steady cams with the new technology of gimbles

Aputure never disappoints, they always have some really cool stuff at NAB, and I guess I can just let the man himself tell you guys about that stuff – [Camera Man] Dude! – What?! – [Camera Man] High five – (imitate boom sound effect) – [Camera Man] What do you have new for me this year? – Oh, we got all kinds of new stuff – This guy always has, this guy never disappoints NAB might disappoint sometimes, but Ted doesn't disappoint

– Oh, my voice is dead, so that's disappointing to people, that's a (mumbles) disappointment, number one disappointment, day 2 voice gone – Every year, he loses his voice here – This is very true – What's new, can you tell me now, or do we have to wait tonight? – Yeah, we can walk over There's a couple secret announcements, though, that I can't go over right now, but we'll see those in a little bit

All right, so I know a lot of people are asking about the new RGB light – [Camera Man] This thing is so bright! Turn it down, turn it down! – [Man Off Screen] I'm turning it down I'm trying! – [Camera Man] It's too bright! – Tilt this to the side All right, this is – no! Turn it away, I don't wanna look at it! Okay, anyways, this is our RGB light, it's actually brighter than an S30 It's also a significantly better in terms of card quality than the S30 as well, so this right here is our idea, we're trying to bring RGB lights to Indie film makers, trying to make something robust, durable

This is by far the heaviest Aputure light that we have, it's serious, it's supposed to be able to go into three ton, five ton, (mumbles) trucks Again, color quality, you can also color pick with it too, so I can actually find colors around here, like (mumbles) wears a lot of black, but this green – I don't really wear colors, so I'm not really the best example – But he's got a badge here, so I can grab this green if I wanted to, and my light would actually automatically replicate that color in real time It's supposed to be able to color pick, I've got full hue saturation control, and this is a light that's gonna be priced at we think about $1,500, so this should be a light that's actually affordable for Indie filmmakers

It's not $4,500 like a lot of the higher-end competition This should be something that Indie filmmakers can own and operate, and that studio filmmakers can use and respect as well Coming out pretty soon, this summer 2019 – Can I just take this one? – Uh, you, no Absolutely not

– I'll just take this one – No (laughs) – This right here is the 300 D mark two – [Camera Man] Ooo, mark two – Mark two, 20% brighter than the previous one, 7

5 meter long cable, so now you can leave this thing on the floor, bring it up on a (mumbles), throw it out, not a problem Same build, same yoke, 360 rotation, I can spin this thing all the way around now – [Camera Man] Mm-hmm – Controller box and balance now built into one, Mattie, were you having some problems with your controller box and balance being separate? Yep, he's nodding He's nodding

This is true Absolutely So, controller box is now built into one It's now one quick release plate, so I can snap this thing on and off, take batteries on and off It's actually smaller than the previous controller box, so basically the battery mounts were on opposite sides, they don't stack on top of each other anymore, so it's a lot thinner

It's actually lighter weight There's no fans in this thing, all passive cooling, built in effects, and take a look at that on top Antennaes are built-in and that right there is actually Wifi, so this is an app controlled light as well, so you can control the entire thing from your phone – Oooo Now I have always loved the fact that you guys have the little remote, but that's even better – Yeah

And get ready, get ready for tomorrow, 'cause there's still some secret stuff that's still on its way out – Secret stuff, now I actually didn't bring my camera to the dinner where they unveiled some new stuff, but I'll let you guys know here what they unveiled So basically they have a new version of the M9 which is like their credit card sized light, which I use all the time, I have a whole bunch of them in the background of my studio where I film You wanna have teal or orange or red light, whatever color, there's party effects, so you wanna have a cop car effect or lightening or paparazzi, you can do all of that, so I'm very excited for that

They also made this new, it basically just looks like a normal light bulb, but it's again RGB, so you can do any color you want, and it has an internal battery, so you don't have to plug it in, but you can use these lights for really nice practical effects, so practicals are lights that are in your frame, and again, you can choose any color you want, but the most interesting and exciting thing, I think, that they're coming out with real soon, I've always been a massive fan of the fact that they have a remote to control all of their lights, well they're stepping that up and they've made an app that you can connect to, I think it was some ridiculous amount of lights, like 60,000 lights at once, and control them all from your phone, so there's like this network that's created from your phone and all the lights, they're all talking to each other, and you can control intensity, color, the party effects, all of that stuff straight from your phone, and you can have your own profile, so if you go to your friend's place and they have some Aputure lights, you can just use your profile to control all of those lights I don't even know what to say, really That makes my life way easier and way more fun to work with lights, and they even made a way for it to work with the older lights, all the lights that I have right now Those are also gonna be the ones that are remote controlled Those are also gonna be able to work with this new app, so I'm just really, really excited to try that out

It's gonna be a million times better than having the remote, which was already really great, I really liked having the remote, so yeah, Aputure never disappoints at NAB Then I got to see the Nikon Raw, some sample footage, that was really interesting, and they said that I might be able to get my hands on that in the near future, but they couldn't make any promises, but I hope so They also released their fastest lens ever It's the Noct 58mm F/095

That's how fast it is This lens was insane, even when a subject was way farther out, you were still getting crazy shallow depth of field Yeah, they were saying basically because of the bigger mount on the Z6 and Z7, they could make lenses like this, so that was really interesting But by far the coolest tech at NAB was, well, this Am I doing it, Jin? – [Jin] You're doing it! You're, I'm impressed

– Best tech at NAB 2019, right here Pretty cool, right? Jokes aside, Atomos had some really cool stuff coming out Probably though, the most interesting for me was the new Shogun 7, so the Shogun is kinda like the big brother to the Ninja 5 that I've shown on my channel, a lot of the same things at the Ninja 5, but the monitor on this one is crazy It's hard to even explain, this new 360 backlight zone system, it's just stuff that I don't fully understand, but when you see the monitor, yeah the quality is crazy, like it's like the most HDR that I've seen on a monitor And, also, you can input four different HD sources, so you could have four different cameras, bringing in their signals into this Shogun, and be switching between the cameras, and recording all of those sources at the same time

I'm definitely gonna be using this for our podcast Then I saw the most giant LED light I've ever seen in my life, it was a 20K Mull Richardson LED light If you're wondering, why would you ever need a light like this? Well, basically, they're used to simulate the sun They're so strong that it looks like sunlight, so you know, for commercials, for TV shows, for movies, a lot of times, they're putting in a fake sun using these insanely powerful lights, and this one's really interesting because you can actually run it just off of two household circuits, so you don't need a crazy amount of power to power this light, so that was pretty interesting – [Camera Man] Do you think it's overkill for your studio, though? – No, no, man

I mean, maybe for a small YouTube channel, but I'm like, like have a lot of YouTubes – Jin's pretty big time Needs a big time light And then we have the Z Cam So I first saw the Z Cam when Phillip Bloom posted a little video from it

They've had the E2, which is a Micro4 third sensor, does 120 frames per second, in 4K, pro res, a very interesting camera, for under $2,000 Well now they're doing a Super 35 6k for $4,000 And this camera is like, tiny It doesn't have an LCD screen, but it's small, it's like a little bit bigger than a GoPro, it's like this little cube, and it's gonna do 6K 6K! Not only that, they're doing a full frame version that's gonna do 8K for $6,000

And they're apparently gonna do raw and pro res, like I don't even understand I really wanna try them out just because it almost seems too good to be true There has to be some sort of drawback or something that doesn't work exactly like they're saying I've talked about specs versus reality, but yeah, I'm very curious, it's really interesting to see all these 8K cameras and all this stuff, I guess that's where we're going, I mean, logical progression But for me, I think, the coolest part about NAB was just hanging out with people, meeting you guys, a lot of you guys I met, and then just meeting other creators, there's like a whole bunch of really cool people I met

Ryan Connelly, from Film Right I've been watching his stuff for, like, ever I've learned so much I met some of the Corridor Digital guys, just a lot of really interesting people, and that has been my favorite part about NAB I mean, tech is cool, too, but I think the people are a little bit cooler

Anyways, I have to pack now, I gotta get on an airplane, and I gotta get home, see my kid and wife That makes me very excited Okay, see you guys (music) – I want, I need this I need this

– [Camera Man] Is this a want or a need? – This is a need – [Camera Man] Oh, this is a need – Yes This is, yeah

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