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Advice to Entrepreneurs in the Tech Sector


[TEXT: Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 United States | The Netherlands] [TEXT: What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs in the technology sector?] Entrepreneurship is everywhere around the world It’s not just in Silicon Valley anymore

[TEXT: Johanna Shelton, Director of Public Policy, Google] The world is more connected than ever before There are more resources at the disposal for entrepreneurs, wherever they happen to be [TEXT: World is more connected] I think the key is to really tell your story, tell your value proposition, and listen to others [TEXT: tell your story, listen to others] So I think that’s what makes the global entrepreneurship summit so valuable, is that you can both listen and learn, as well as share your story and really network with — whether it’s investors, [TEXT: listen and learn, network] whether it’s other creators that have really interesting ways in which they’re telling their story around the world, and learn from that and listen to that So it’s really a terrific networking experience for people to come away and be able to grow their business even further

[TEXT: Kendall Jenkins, Director of EcoSystems Summit and Operations Manager, Launch Pad] I would encourage budding entrepreneurs and innovators to find a community that provides ample [TEXT: Find a community] amount of support to them and can work with them on collaboration and other areas of their business Persevere, work hard, know what problem [TEXT: Kerri Thurston, Chief Financial Officer, C2FO] you’re trying to solve, and continue on [TEXT: The road to GES: Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 United States | The Netherlands] 17 00:01:06,667 –> 00:00:00,000 [TEXT: wwwges2019org #GES2019]

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