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Technologi in Destance Learning



000 Institution – based, formal education where the learning group is separated, and where interactive telecommunications systems are 0:00:17000,0:00:20033 used to connect learners, resources, and instructors 0:00:26066,0:00:31

000 Because it is a teaching method that entails telecommunications based education 0:00:33000,0:00:41000 Distance learning history dates back to the 18th century when technology started to diversify 0:00:41

000,0:00:47066 Several universities and colleges incorporated the teaching method in their education system program 0:00:47000,0:00:56033 From research, this method produced positive feedback that benefited the students and teachers and thus the aspect spread globally 0:00:58

066,0:01:03000 Technology in distance learning is classified into four different categories 0:01:03000,0:01:10033 According to research, this is essential because one technological category cannot work without the other

0:01:10000,0:01:17033 The four categories include Computer, Voice, Print, Video 0:01:19000,0:01:29066 The key computer technologies include various internet services such as e-mails, web based education and online collaborations

0:01:30000,0:01:38066 Online collaborations include internet chat and conferencing and they are asynchronous technologies 0:01:38066,0:01:45

066 Surveys have stated that computer technologies are the best distance learning technologies 0:01:48033,0:01:54000 Also known as the voice technologies enhance distance learning and education courses 0:01:54033,0:02:02

033 The audio technologies utilized include audio conference with speakers, microphones and telephone bridges 0:02:03033,0:02:13066 States that audio technologies are vital in distance learning because of its advantages, which include inexpensive, easy to use, as well 0:02:13066,0:02:23

000 as easy to access According to surveys carried out, these technologies have boosted the distance education learning 0:02:25033,0:02:33033 Print is the foundation of distance education and the basis from which all other delivery systems have evolved

0:02:33033,0:02:43033 The first distance-delivered courses were offered by correspondence study, with print materials sent and returned to students by mail 0:02:43033,0:02:53

066 While technological developments have added to the repertoire of tools available to the distance educator, print continues to be a significant 0:02:53066,0:02:57033 component of all distance education programs 0:02:59066,0:03:04033 Video technologies are taking over the distance learning after computer technologies

0:03:04033,0:03:12033 Several researchers have stated that these technologies are way better than audio and print technologies because it entails more features 0:03:12033,0:03:20033 the two

Distance learning video technologies are characterized by transmission media, which include satellites, computers, 0:03:20033,0:03:24033 videotapes, microwaves and television cables 0:03:27066,0:03:32000 distance learning delivery have divided these technologies into two different groups 0:03:33

000,0:03:42033 Asynchronous learning is a mode of delivery that involves the access of educational course materials at one’s own timing and schedule from 0:03:42033,0:03:46066 any given geographical location 0:03:47

000,0:03:50033 Synchronous learning is the other distance learning mode of technology 0:03:53033,0:04:00066 In conclusion, the advent of the internet and technological devices has widened the education systems

0:04:00066,0:04:06066 These technologies have led to changes in the education systems such as distance education 0:04:06066,0:04:16

000 The preamble of Web-based technology into the field of education has provided a means by which learning is easily provided to diverse 0:04:16000,0:04:19000 people in different geographical places 0:04:19

000,0:04:25000 The technologies have made distance learning possible and easy to administer

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