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Tech vote – Fabio Rua (English subtitles)


I count on your vote Tech vote Hi, guys! In my last video, I talked about the importance of planning our votes for these elections Since these are complicated elections, with candidates running for congress, senate, state governments and presidency, I did a research and selected some online tools, websites and apps created recently to help us to choose the candidates in a conscious and responsible way

The first initiative that worths investing some minutes is “#Tem meu Voto” (Has my vote) It is a platform that can help you find the candidates for the legislative more aligned to your ideas when chosing the ones to vote Visit wwwtemmeuvotocom and find the ones that have the closest ideas to what you want for Brazil

or to your state Thinking about the presidential elections, Veja Magazine recently published a test called “Que presidenciável sou eu?” (Which presidential candidate am I?) that can also help you to choose your candidate Depending on what you think about issues such as privatization, reforms, gun ownership, social programs, external trade, etc, the test presents you the probabilities to get identified with the proposals of one or another candidate Another interesting initiative that in times of fake news is an obligatory stop for anyone interested in knowing if your candidate is speaking the truth is the “Lupa Agency” (Magnifying Glass Agency)

With focus on presidential candidates, the Agency website checks all the candidates' main statements, almost in real time If you are one of those who disagree with the way the campaigns are addressed and the lack of criteria and respect shown in online campaigns, it is worth to visit the "Não Vale Tudo“ website (Not Everything is Allowed), that is a letter signed by a group of civil society organizations that flags what is worth or not worth in the use of technologies for electoral purposes And if you're connected to education, don’t lose the chance to check the serious and complete work developed by the “Todos pela Educação” (All for Education) initiative, that helps the candidates to propose solutions to the main problems that Brazil faces in this specific area Or, if you're committed to elect and support the candidacy of Women, the “Appartidárias” (Nonpartisans) website maps and disseminates the candidacies of women to the Congress For those who would like to give visibility to pro-LGBT candidacies and encourage the inclusion of sexual and gender diversity discussions, follow #VOTELGBT on social media and find out which candidates raise this flag

Finally, if the idea is to truly engage in a nonpartisan political action movement, which proposes to build and debate proposals for the main issues of the country, regardless of the upcoming elections, I recommend you to follow the “Movimento Agora” (Agora Movement) in the social networks Guys, the elections are coming, and it is our duty to be informed and plan our vote very carefully Each vote counts, and yours will certainly make the difference Thank you and have a good vote! Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs – IBM Brazil

Source: Youtube

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