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Tech Up Women – How far we've come!


Hi I'm Luz del Alma, my name Nuzhat, hi I'm Nina, it's Annie here from the HeroWorks Institute, I'm Aysha Islam, my name is Edna and this is my baby girl, I'm 39, proud gay parent I have three children, two grandchildren

I've been deaf since the age of four I really want to join the program because I'm on a mission to help women future-proof their careers I've been very busy looking after my family I've been unemployed and isolated also somehow I've always had a hidden aspiration for working in computing The modules sounds like just what I need, practical and theoretical aspects to get me into this field I've really always wanted to know what big data is, all about cybersecurity I have to develop my skills to move my career forward I want to do this not just for me but for other girls and women I want to be a change maker and it sounds like a lot will be expected off us which I love so bring on I say! Fingers crossed I hope you consider me, it would be an honour to be selected for the inaugural techup intake, thanks for this opportunity I hope you choose me This has been nine months in the making 200 women applying for a hundred places

What we want is women with potential and I think that's what we've got We've ended up with a cohort of people who absolutely are ready for this opportunity and might not have been given it otherwise Hi everyone and welcome to TechUP Women!!! Doing this is not without its sacrifices you are already amazing women for having taken this opportunity We really want to change the way that people see women in tech It's also about developing this community and helping each other

Meet like-minded people, being able to network Speakers have been so passionate they're really inspiring, really motivational We've had coaching activities that I'd never have dreamed of We've just been blown away by the diversity of the group We look different but we have the same aim A hundred women who have all of these incredible skills and backgrounds it's truly inspiring TechUP was the perfect opportunity It's incredible to just be a part of the journey that they're on All of us are trying to encourage them to find their voice, to use their voice

Now I have opportunity to improve myself, to showcase what I can do It has given me the hope that it can happen A whole hundred of them are our ambassadors for the future A more capable group of women than I have ever met in my life You know I'd love to do this for thousands of women not just a hundred women We're looking at a big impact

So bring it on!

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