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Tech Tutorial: How to Access AcornTV


Hey everybody My name is Ernie

I'm the web technologies librarian at Paul Sawyier Public Library and today I'm going to show you how to access a service that we provide using your library card called Acorn TV It's a collection of British TV shows that you can either watch on a phone on a on the desktop laptop or you can stream it using a chromecast or something like that So the only thing is that it's a little bit different in the way that it works because you're gonna actually access it through another service that we provide called RBdigital So the first thing you're going to want to do is get access to RBdigital through Paul Sawyier Public Library You can either do that by downloading the app or you can go through the link on the website here under ebooks and more from the main front page

That's gonna actually take you to a list of all the ebook electronic material specific services that we provide and RBdigital is the third one on the list Now when you first sign up for an RBdigital account you want to go through that link That's from our website because it takes you to a specific Paul Sawyier KY RB Digital site which you'll need to go to in order to initially sign up You can't just go to the main RB Digital website and do that Once you have gone to RBdigital, set up an account using your library card, this is the page that you'll see once you log in

Now this is just all of the RB digital titles audiobooks that you could check out if you wanted to but for acorn TV the easiest way is up here in the hamburger menu When you pop that down actually the very first thing you're gonna see is Acorn TV It also has the other options for you here but if you click on AcornTV it's gonna take you to another page here Now it's going to show you some different shows that are available through acorn TV but really at this point you can choose any of them it doesn't really matter what you're doing here For instance if I just go to Agatha Raisin and check it out

What that check out does is give you a 7-day pass to Acorn TV the service itself So it didn't really matter that I checked out Agatha Raisin, all that did was give me full access to the Acorn TV collection Once I hit OK and after I've checked it out it will actually take me to acorn TV which is a separate side to look through their catalogue I'll click access acorn TV if I hadn't already set up an acorn TV account I would do that right now so there's actually two different accounts that you're gonna have set up which is your RBdigital account and then your Acorn TV account so there's two different accounts that you are going to create but the RB digital account is what gives you access to acorn TV then once I hit access acorn TV now I have a 7-day pass basically to the entire collection of acorn TV Under the menu here I can go to browse, it'll let me browse all of the different categories that they have

All of these shows you'll have full access to and just sort of like a Netflix or Hulu it's as easy as choosing which one looks good Let's go to Murdoch mysteries and from there you can see the different seasons spread out and once you see an episode you want to watch you just hit it at the play button and this all kind of works the same on the app as well So this works generally the same on a mobile device You'll just have to download two separate apps the RB digital app and the acorn TV app in order to have full access to both so it's a little bit different than other services that we provide in that acorn TV is entirely dependent on your RB digital account so that's the very first step that you need to do is make sure that you have an RBdigital account that you've signed up for through the library then from there you can use that to access Acorn TV If there are any other questions or concerns you have feel free to ask us in the comments or send a question to the library using our comment box on the website

This one is a little bit weird just in the way it works so if you are running into any problems just let us know But they have a very large collection of shows and it's definitely something to check out so thanks again and just let us know if you need any help

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