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Tech Tuesday: Best option for Facebook live audio


Are you looking to get the biggest bang for your buck? Do you want to make your time count? Do you want your marketing to explode with the least amount of effort and money possible? Look, the reality is interviewing people with microphones like this or other options is the fastest way to jumpstart your social media marketing So today, I'm bringing you the top audio options and I'm going to walk you through what you need to consider so that you can select the best option for your needs

Good news is 80% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound So even if you don't have the right audio and you're in a loud environment still go live and go live often But if you are interviewing people which is the number one hack to be able to jumpstart your social media marketing campaign and break through your fear video If you're interviewing you need to have good audio you also can repurpose it So let's go ahead and get started and I'm going to show you what your options are

All right, so first of all we'll just kick this off by saying, you do not have to spend a ton, you absolutely do not have to spend a ton Now you'll see in this video today, that there's options ranging from basic headphones right, all the way into more advanced options like the IRA Now what does that mean and why should you use it? First let me say, I have something special planned for you this Thursday This Thursday on my Live strategy seminar on YouTube, I'm teaching you exactly what you should do to harness the power of interviewing Once you're able to interview somebody you get in front of their audience, you're able to break through your fear of being alone and you're able to integrate comments and ask them questions, position yourself as the expert, demonstrate your expertise but I'll get into all that this Thursday and so much more including the power of active listening but in honor of this Thursday's broadcast

Today is all about the best audio options for your Facebook live Now again, I talked about Facebook live because that's the one that everybody knows but I want you to know that these options also apply to Twitter Live or if you're going to go on insta live or YouTube live, you got to have good audio So again not everybody is going to watch your video with sound but if they are, you want to deliver amazing content and if you're repurposing it to YouTube, which I encourage or putting out in your email marketing to repurpose to them which I encourage, you absolutely need to have your audio on point So if you're watching this a replay, I want to say a very special thank you and if you're watching it live go ahead and comment below, so I can give you your shoutout So, who knows who I am? Do I know who I am? Yes! I do, I'm Crystal Lindsey with 333 Social Media and I'm committed to going live and helping you get the top tips, apps and software that's going to allow you to generate leads using live video

I'm a social media strategist, entrepreneur and college professor and I want to get you these tips that matter for your business Now you have kind of seven options with the bonus thing that you can choose from, I'm going to run through and kind of demonstrate your seven options and then I'm going to allow you to be able to see which ones are best for you We'll go ahead and talk about how to select the best audio option I've got five questions to go ahead and allow you to think critically and make the right choice because, can I give you a secret? Can I tell you something important? Are you listening? Listen, I've got good news the Good news is, if you go and you spend several hundred dollars on a studio mic, you are going to waste your money

If you spend $700 on a wireless mic, you're wasting your money Okay, I'm still in my Thunder, I'm getting into my seven But look, I want you to know right up front, the cost-effective options are actually in this case not just the best option because they're cost-effective, they're the best option because they don't give you feedback and there's no white noise in the background So if you're ready for clear audio get ready because we're kicking it off First one up iRig

You like this? You like it? This is my little iRig dance, we call it the iRig dance Okay, no we don't You just want to know about the audio You don't want to see the iRig dance Look, I'm going to give it to you simple

This right here is important as duct tape for my social media firm I have been using the iRig mic for years and it allows you to have a couple of things, one it's a cool prop How many times have you seen me go, start off the video and go I'm Crystal Lindsey and I want to know, have you gone live? So you can use it and point it into the screen as a prop, okay Captain Obvious basic option here But what it really does is allow you to be able to interview people in a way, in a group format that is second to none Now half you are going to stop listening stick with me I've got other options for you, okay

But the number one I'm going to recommend is for iOS only So that's Mac Android users, I'm sorry okay So what this is? It is a hand held mic and it plugs right into your cell phone, so you are still tethered But let me tell you, how powerful this was I actually use this to interview seven people in a concert like environment

It was a we work event Music and lights it was so loud, you almost felt like you had to yell just to get hurt but I had to tell people do not talk like that on the mic So even if you can't hear yourself they can still hear you The other benefit of the mic is you don't have to point like this, you don't have to talk into it and move it with you as you're going around That's not the name of the game

You can hold it right here and I can actually interview somebody like this and my intern Jacobs here and if he said something it would capture him as well and he's about three to four feet away So again this is great in a group environment In that we work environment when I did the interview they were all lined up, all seven of them the one at the end, cracked a joke and it caught it on the mic but it was silent in the background It was eerie, how quiet it was on video because in person it was loud It was louder than any Metallica concert or whatever type of concert you can imagine, it was so loud

So again kills the background noise and captures all of your subjects So multiple people on camera this is a great option It's about 120 bucks and this is the HD mic, that is the option one And the one we're using today in fact is the HD 2 – Mike and this is the one that is tagged to my website So just go to 176 00:07:09,510 –> 00:07:13,440 333socialmedia

com and click on products and it will take you right there So we'll drop the link down in the comments as well So that's option one, so Apple users, iRig is your best friend If you have multiple people on camera or if it's just you or if you're in a loud environment or you want a prop, you could even put the little lanyard around at the square box that has your logo on it So it's a really cool option regardless of your use, so I list that first

Now second to that, is if you have multiple people on camera you can actually use is a dual lapel mic So what does that mean, a dual lapel mic? How many people have already used a lapel mic like this that you simply clip on to your shirt? Anybody? Are you listening? This is my serious voice I need to know, have you done this? Comment below and let me know, if you are comfortable with a basic lav mic? Lavalier mic? L A V as in Victor You clip it on and then it has a cord and it plugs right into your phone Now you will notice a couple of things here alright, if you have a lav mic already right, maybe it's a single, which is your next option right

So option number three, is a single lapel mic This again clips on to your shirt you have it on camera and it plugs right into your phone Now you'll notice two differences here, you will see one has three lines and one has two lines, that is when the TRSS adaptor comes into play This thing's just a couple bucks, okay So this one, with the four prongs is designed to go right into your cell phone

However, this one, with the two prongs does not go directly into your cell phone You can't plug it in So you would have to have something like this that you then put on the end and put it into your your cell phone So if you already have a lav mic for some type of DSLR camera or a camera quarter of sorts, you just need to buy this and it will work on your cell phone Again very inexpensive option here

If you're also using these lapel mics like this for example, I'm going to encourage you to get these road extension cables Wait a minute you said we're talking about audio and you're talking about extension cable? Yes because, if you are tethered to your phone even the iRig one of his downfalls is that only has a two to three feet window, where you can – maybe it's like three to four, you could be about this far away from your phone, but if you want for example when I shot my commercial and I actually was down at the the kissing statue in San Diego by the USS Midway and I wanted to walk up on the camera for a dramatic effect but have crystal-clear audio outdoors in a windy environment, I used a lapel mic that was pinned to me like this and then I took this piece and went ahead and put it into the actual extender cables Now these are 20 feet, I also have them listed on my website they're about 20 bucks just gets plugged in right there and now you have over 20 feet to be able to have move around, so it untethered you from your camera, ok So that's really important, if you want to pop and prop or you have multiple people on camera or you're doing something really cool either way, spin the 20 bucks and give yourself options Ok

And the TRRS adaptor would work with this as well So you can see, this has the three lines so it is designed for your cell phone, so you would actually put this into this side and then grab the one that has the two lines and put it into that one That is how you would get the non cell phone mic to work with your extender cables Is this making sense? this is my questioning face You don't want to see my serious face, this is going to get serious, okay

Alright so you want some serious stuff, you're sitting here saying look, I just want to interview people you're telling me that's the biggest hack, I just need to know the basic audio Well today I interviewed somebody using the BeLive software special shout out to Katrina, she rocked it And now we both had basic earbuds on and that's because I broadcast it from my laptop You can see that most of my actual Apple headphones have the basic iPhone 7 adapter here, why Apple? Why would you do this to me and make me carry two sets of headphones? Okay so these clearly are not plugging into my computer but this my friends will work and it does of course have the lapel mic built-in So you want to use some type of earbuds that have a mic built-in and you can even do it with you like a mono like this with one in your ear and kind of look cool and then have it like this where it's kind of dangling and it would be your mono mic so to speak, if you don't want to wear both headphones for the broadcast, okay

So that's option number four and option number five is going to be your studio mic Your studio mic is the one that sits like this and it has a big screen and you see like the big youtubers, who have that when they first log in it always looks really impressive and cool and you think wow! I wish I had that then I'd be a real youtuber, okay Let me tell you the truth here, these are mic you can get as cheap as about fifty bucks But let me tell you I don't even have one to show you because I don't use one because there's background mic, you need to have an audio box that you plug it in and then you do formatting and you remove the background noise and then yes you have great audio

But what I'm coaching you on is, how to take your phone turn it sideways and for pennies start generating leads using line video We don't got time for that editing stuff Look, you've want editing? You go buy that mic I'm telling you, you don't need the expensive stuff and that's your studio mic The next option you have here would be your osmo

Now, I have a full carrying case for my Osmo You'll see here, so it's a hard case to protect it These were at about three hundred dollars and it actually is a gimballed selfie stick and you can now get it for about one hundred and seventy nine dollars So what it is, it's is a gimballed selfie stick, where when you're using it you walk around and you could be outside, you can cross the street and it is amazing, no Blair Witch Project? I mean you're trying to hold it, it's like please just stabilize your arm, starts going to sleep and the sweat starts dripping down your ears cuz you're trying to stabilize it, anybody been there or is it just me? All right, maybe it's just me

But the idea is you have a gimbal selfie stick so as you walk it absorbs that motion because it's gimballed meaning it moves with you and the other benefit here is the audio is built-in Now I did some shots downtown walking around the incredible pier of the USS Midway and let me tell you, it was windy and I was afraid the footage was going to be crap, it worked out purpose perfectly So I don't know what kind of audio they have built-in, I know that they do take nine photos at any given second or a millisecond and they integrate it into your footage, so it's a panoramic effect and it has excellent audio So in this case, you actually where you put the base of your phone, it would go sideways here is blocked by this, you can't put the traditional lapel mic I'm talking about, into your headphone jack So again your first thought is, it's not going to work, I can't do audio but again this absolutely work

You can interview someone and walk with them outside, how cool is that? Especially, if you're in the beautiful downtown San Diego and just walk with it and let the audio that's built in capture Last but not least I've got one more that I'm not recommending Why am i recommending, what I'm not recommending? Because somebody out there is going to say but you didn't mention this and it's important to me, Okay So if it's important to you for your wireless folks let me drop it for you First of all you cannot use a wireless mic with Facebook currently, I had a coaching client that went and bought hundreds of dollars on the you know behind the ear and had the Box on his hip that connected with the phone, it does not work, there's feedback

So as his coach, I did extensive research to try to find out how to get the feedback to go away And the best option I told him was to go buy an iRig, okay So in that case he was an Android user so I told him to use a lapel mic and his audio came out crystal-clear All puns intended So that's your seven, let's run down and real quick here

So one, we've got the iRig first version or HD two, which again this is a little bit more but highly recommended both versions I actually like the HD 2 because it has an audio volume and you can plug your headphones in The second option is going to be the dual lapel mic, so you can have two people on camera, this has a splitter built-in The third option is the single lapel mic and that my friends may require a TR to TRSS adapter, that's right here And I would also encourage you to get the 20 all our road extender cables, okay

So it gives you 20 feet of freedom and trust me, it helps make it more dynamic The last couple here we talked about were your basic earbuds, we talked about the difference of the different types you have and really making sure that it has the audio option built-in You could do the mono mic, if you want to have it in one year and look very svelte or you can put both up which is how I had today and on my broadcast interviewed Katrina and plug it right in your computer And then you can also go ahead and have your studio mic So again, that's the one that you hold and it has the little block on it, it looks so cool but again that requires a digital editing that I'm not recommending for live video

And then I have the Osmo here which has audio built-in And then you have the wireless solution that I say is not a good fit for Facebook live Anybody overwhelmed? Anybody thinking but I didn't answer any of my questions you just told me what my options are I'm glad you asked because I'm here to help you figure out what's right for your needs So what you need to do is answer a couple of questions

Five questions in particular One, are you an Android user? If you're an Android user that's going to rule out the iRig Now you can also find a handheld mic and then that would plug into something but you would probably 99% need to get the TR to TRRS adapter, so again there are other handheld options like this This is the one we recommend for Apple users So if you're an Android user I'm sorry, but if you're an Apple user you should just get the iRig

This is going to be your most versatile piece of equipment It runs about 130 bucks, worth every penny of it Alright, And the next thing you have to ask yourself is am I going to be the only person on camera? Why does that matter? Well, clearly if you want either the single or the double you that would matter Now I'm all about having options, so I would highly encourage you to get the dual lapel mic, even if you're not going to be interviewing somebody every single time But you want the option to be able to interview somebody because that's where you can really create your biggest bang for your bucks, so I would encourage you to get the dual lapel mic, if you're thinking you're going to have more than one person on camera or of course be iRig

Alright the next question is, are you streaming to Facebook? If you're streaming to Facebook the only consideration that comes into play is, you're not going to want a wireless I have seen wireless mics work for YouTube live but at this point I do not have one that recommends for Facebook So I would encourage if you're streaming to Facebook make sure you're using either lapel mic or the iRig, these are going be your main go twos, all right And then the last thing is are you streaming from your computer or are you going to be walking around If you're streaming from your computer, you're probably going to need a TR to TRRS adapter, so you can connect your lapels into your computer

Or, just go ahead and use the basic monopod style, I think I'm going to call in that term, it's a monopod, it's like this and I look ever so brilliant Maybe I should have one of those like, you know those things like this What do you think? Anybody? No? ok! Maybe that's not required but this is an option and you want to clearly make sure the one with the side of the mic is the part you put in your hair, ok And then the last question you need to ask yourself and this is what I ask myself every time I do a broadcast, is my iRig charged? If it's charged, it's golden If it's not charged, it can cause a lot of technical problems and especially starting out you'll want to charge it overnight and you want to charge it for several hours before you use it

So again as you're using it here you can see this is with the new HD 2 there's actually the color green coming out, which means green is "go" right? As it starts coming into being either too loud or low battery that turns to 'orange' and 'blue' is charging So this one- the HD one, does not have those color codes It just tells you blue when you're charging, so this is far superior It's a couple bucks more, maybe thirty bucks but I think that HD 2 is by far superior Ok so, those are the questions you need to ask yourself and if you are going to be mobile, if you want to be out and about and maybe you know, take somebody your gratitude walk, like coach people on getting out and get your blood pumping and showing you know your environment or maybe you want to interview the local, you know coffee shop or you're going to walk around with your favorite business coach or whatever you're going to be doing, this is the granddaddy of a live video, okay

It's only about 179 bucks It was on my Christmas list for like three years at 300, 179 seems much more affordable So get that and then the cases like another 30 bucks Okay so, now that you've selected your audio option, you can go into setting up for your broadcast This is as simple as one two three, once you've selected your audio option then you just simply set up your camera angle and on this case, I have a multi camera angle one right in front of me and then the one we shot with on the side

For you, you just need a basic tripod, stabilize your phone, plug in your audio that's it, okay Then you go to your camera, now why would you go to your camera, if I'm telling you to go alive? I'm going to wait Okay maybe, I'm not But the reality is you have to test your audio Shame on me today, I was so caught up in conversation that, one I was late and two I didn't test my audio

So I'm grateful that it's working This is a bad practice, especially on the audio broadcast but a hundred percent of the time, if not at least nine out of ten, you need to go into your camera plug in your audio and just make sure that either your iRig is charged completely or that that little Pell mic works with that phone or that you don't have it you know too high up and it sounds really loud and then your guest volume is really low because they have it pinned to the side or something, so just take that trial route and go to the camera and test your audio Now some of the my favorite bloopers, is my audio checks because I usually go I talk really loud and then I just talk really slow, so you should try both levels, so that when you're on your broadcast you'll know if you need to keep it within a certain range And then lastly you just go live with confidence because you know your audio is working So this is for everybody, if you're a real estate agent and entrepreneur, fortune 500 it doesn't matter you need to get the right audio and start harnessing the power of live video and specifically start interviewing

Yeah! I'm bringing the intensity, I want you to take action that's why because you don't actually need a ton of gadgets and that's why get ready for this, this is our last Tech Tuesday Anybody sad? Anybody? Comment below we love to hear it But the reality is we're moving away from featuring all these gadgets because you don't need that many gadgets to be successful So instead, what we're doing is, we're focusing on live stream marketers and telling their journey So I'm launching my video podcast of how to leverage live video

Go live marketer presents which is the live video journey So how have people overcome their journey or their struggles And how does it benefit their business? I've already done several interviews on top of this, I did one earlier today I did one yesterday, so we're just going to replace the Tech Tuesday with those interviews So if you want more texts and gadgets, if you have questions about it comment below, send us a message and I will personally make you a video and send it out, but we won't commit to the weekly schedule

If you want more tips on top of this, you want to know how to actually do this stuff? You want to actually go live with confidence then stop making excuses and join us every Thursday for a my 'how do i livestream' seminar That's right, live video mastery workshops every single week And if you're in the San Diego area come on down, this is a hands-on, in-person event So right now, we're being held at Emerald Plaza but there is another location that will be announced soon and it allow us to host even more people But right now it is limited to five, so if you want to come for a go live workshop where you can see how we've set up and apply this to your business then comment below and I'll send you my complimentary VIP tickets

So thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to give you this knowledge, to give you these tips to join me and for every single comment I thank you, I thank you The future of video is live streaming but the future of communication is video So again, I'm going to leave you with this compelling statistic but think about it, I really want you to think about it, the studies have shown coming into this New Year 2019, 80 percent, four out of five people who click on a link will be because they watched a video Yeah! So if you're me still making you know, images of 50 percent offer, buy now or join me here, people are not going to listen You have to do video and live video gets 10 times the engagement as a pre-recorded video

So if you're not using live video, you're simply paying too much for your social media And you're not getting the results you deserve So join me every week and I'm going to show you how to do this, so remember go live and go live often, that's right

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